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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd March 2021 Written Episode Update: Sirat defends Gayu

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kartik rushing after Gayu’s car. Rhea makes Surekha and Dadi worried. She says Gayu’s mental condition is such, I know what Dadi is thinking. Surekha says you think of anything. Dadi asks why is Gayu allowed to drive the car. They all worry. Rhea smiles. Kartik asks Gayu to stop the car. Sirat sees Kairav shouting out to take help. Sirat runs after the car by taking a short cut. She comes in front of the car. Gayu stops the car.

Manish says Gayu won’t behave like this, something would trigger her. Surekha says maybe Sirat has said or done something. Suwarna wishes everything gets fine. Gayu says Naira… and gets down the car. Kartik runs to take the kids out of Gayu’s car. Sirat hugs Gayu and asks are you fine. Gayu asks where were you going us, you know kids need you, don’t go anywhere. Kartik scolds them. He asks what if any accident happened, then, did you take responsibility or not, kids are here. Sirat says don’t teach at this time. Kartik says you don’t have any sense.

Sirat says I did what I found right. Kartik says you have crossed limits today. Gayu scolds Kartik for fighting with Naira. She cries. She says forgive me Naira and hugs Sirat. She requests Sirat. She says Kairav needs you, come and handle Akshu, listen to me, punish me, don’t leave the house. Sirat sees Kartik. They come home. Everyone is waiting at the gate. Manish asks why did you take the car, driving is dangerous. Gayu says I went because of Rhea, she scared me. Rhea says no, I didn’t do anything. Gayu says she is lying, she said Naira is dead, she will never come back. Kartik asks Rhea did she say it. Rhea says I swear I didn’t say. Gayu says she is lying. Rhea says no, Gayu has a problem with me, she snatched Akshu from me, she always compares me with Naira. Gayu argues with Rhea. She says she is lying, I didn’t push her. Rhea says she needs help, she has become mentally weak, she took a risk with kids today, I think we should start her treatment. Surekha says yes, I also think so. Gayu says I m fine. Surekha says every affected person says the same.

Sirat says she isn’t ill, she is fine, she doesn’t need any doctor, she is in trauma over her sister’s loss, she is absolutely fine. Suwarna says yes. Sirat says she would be fine if anyone doesn’t trigger her, we have to be careful, Rhea would have said something. She scolds Rhea and asks her not to say anything in front of her, she is Babbar Sherni. Rhea asks Kartik to see how she is talking. She asks can I do this, who do you trust, me or this duplicate. He says I don’t need to blindly trust anyone, I have my own mind to think. He holds Gayu’s hand and says Gayu is my friend, she won’t go anywhere, I will keep the friendship till the end, no one would say anything to Gayu. Gayu thanks him. She asks why aren’t you supporting Sirat, why is she staying in the outhouse. Sirat says I m staying there by my wish. Gayu asks why, you have to come home. Sirat says I have boxing practice. Gayu says fine, you should come to stay with us after the practice.

Sirat says we shall see it later, you just agree to me now, Di… Gayu says you called me Di, it means Naira has forgiven me. She hugs Sirat and thanks. Kairav and Vansh hug Sirat. Vansh says Naira also supported everyone like this. Kairav signs him. Vansh says I mean your nature didn’t change after going on a secret mission. Sirat says sorry, I didn’t mean to say it. Kartik says its okay, you didn’t say anything wrong, Gayu is happy since you came. He asks Rhea to use her words carefully, words are powerful to affect someone. He asks everyone to be careful in front of Gayu, they shouldn’t hurt her heart. He goes. Manish says Kartik and Gayu are supporting Sirat, they don’t know the problems. Suwarna says its holika dahan tomorrow, the evil will burn in the fire, make your mood better. Manish asks how, there is always a drama here. Sirat gets coach’s call. He asks are you ready, come to Ashok garage, not the training complex. She asks why garage. He says I m a busy person, do you have two years to wait and learn. She says no. He says then we have to do extra hardwork, I m sending the location, come soon. She says fine. Nani asks her to take Kartik along.

Sirat says he is busy, you go and watch your serial, I will start my training. Kartik gets hurt and asks what are you doing Sirat. Gayu says you miss her and then don’t say it. Kartik says its nothing like that, what’s this. Gayu says I have made dress for Naira and you, you both will do twinning and look the best. He says I try to get away from this thing and its still the same. Gayu gifts the dress to Sirat and says I have made this at night for you. Sirat gets delighted and hugs her to thank. Gayu says don’t leave me again, tell me, you won’t go. Sirat thinks to explain her that she isn’t Naira. She asks Gayu to see her date of birth on the ID. Gayu says I know everything about you. She says we will practice dance today in the evening when you come back, its been a long time. She thanks Lord for returning her sister. Sirat thinks how to explain that I m not Naira, but Sirat. Kartik looks on.

Sirat is getting the training. Coach asks her to have the protein shake. She drinks it and gets dizzy. Kartik asks where is Sirat. Nani says coach called her to some garage. Kartik asks why did he call her at the garage.

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