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Sajda Tera Karu Lakh Vaara (Episode 4)

Episode starts with Riddhima going to Nimisha.
Nimisha: Dii I am sad.How will you reside here ,didn’t you see how that Kabir’s bro,Vansh..he was blaming you di.
You should break this alliance off.
Riddhima: and what if marriage would have done.?
Nimisha: Its still not done.
Riddhima:: Nimisha I am not saying that we girls have to bear blames and have to reside as culprits all life.I am still here after Vansh’s blame doesn’t mean that I don’t have self respect,I do have Nimo.Staying here proves that I am not the culprit.Staying here proof that I am not the one who is going to rush due to false blames.Rushing and breaking this alliance due to false blames will just proof that I was at the fault.
Nimisha nodes.
Riddhima: Nimo,you know mom had told us to be strong.To face everything not rush.I am not the culprit so why should i move?
Nimisha smiles and get understood.
Riddhima: Now I have to go to kitchen ,its my first day here ,Kabir’s mom want to see my cookery talent.
Nimisha: Then you are going to break every record of every master chef in this house today.
Riddhima smiles.

Scene shifts to Riddhima making food in kitche.
The aroma of her food is filled all around the house.Vansh is coming downstairs and suddenly stop,he feels the aroma of her food.He feels blessedand smiles.His eyes got wet for a moment as he was remembering something.
Ishani: Bhai,why have you stopped?Come.
Vansh gets out of his thoughts and look around.he see Riddhima cooking in the kitchen.
His thoughts start caging him.He starts to move out of house .
Sia stops him.
Sia: Bhai,Riddhima bhabhi..I mean ..bhai she is making so much delicious food.Please wait for sometime and go after eating.
Vansh: No Sia.
He decides to move out but couldnt that’s why on just a small demand by sia he stopped and moved inside.
Riddhima bring the food and serves on the table.
She gets shocked seeing that Vansh too is sitting for having food as she had thought that he will move out even after sensing the aroma.
She remember something,
Flashback shows Vansh going out of house in full anger.Riddhima is trying to stop him that please Vansh,why are you pouring out my anger on food.
vansh at a moment stops.Then they have food.
Riddhima: I just thought that you wont have food and would go out all hungry.Thanks for stopping.
Vansh looks at her and then kisses her hand.
Vansh: My life,even I get full angry on you,the aroma of your food,the tastee of your food ,that is unresistable.I just can return from seven world apart for that.
Riddhima: Then I will always make it ,you will always keep up your promise na.
Vansh again kisses her hand and nodes.
Flashback ends .Riddhima gets back to reality.Her eyes get teary.But she looks at the clock and smiles.She then moves to Vansh.Everyone is busy having food and talking.Vansh is having full taste of food.It seems that he had eaten after lives!
Riddhima: Atleast,you kept a single promise.
Vansh looks at her and then at food.He again get teary eyed.
Anurpiya: Riddhima really,I have to say,your dadi says correct.You are ‘Annpurna’.
Riddhima shies,
Anupriya: But no need of this formality.Sit here please and have food with us.
Anupriya makes Riddhima sit in front of Vansh,on the other side of the table.
Vansh looks at her.
He feels weak towards her.He doesn’t want her to see any emotions in him.He eats food fast and then moves out with full speed.
Riddhima says let me bring some more things from kitchen.
Vansh sits in car and starts it.
Riddhima calls someone and says 3,2,1…
VAnsh’s car tyre burst and car at a moment swirls and collindes another car at the gate.
Everyone hear the sound and gets shocked.
Riddhima feels satisfied.

Precap: Vansh shows Riddhima a locket.She takes it from his hand and breaks it.Vansh sees her shockingly.

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