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RadhaKrishn 22nd March 2021 Written Episode Update: Sam Plots Against Radha

RadhaKrishn 22nd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Radha tries to get Krishna’s shawl while he is in sleep. He holds her dupatta in sleep. She thinks she should enjoy the moment and falls asleep next to him while staring at him. In the morning, she wakes and runs away taking his shawl. Krishna opens eyes and thinks he was playing hide and seek with her whole night and knew what she wanted from him. Mahadev sees Devi Gowri happy and asks reason. Gowri says if he doesn’t feel happy seeing Krishna letting Radha near him and couldn’t escape from Radha’s beauty. Mahadev says Radha did wrong without knowing the end result and even Gauri did wrong by supporting Rada, so she should stop Radha from completing her task. Gowri says she cannot. Mahadev says when gods of all 3 worlds are worried for something, then its a serious issue; even Krishna loves Radha and wants to see her happy. Gowri says Krishna is worried about Radha, let her see what will he do.

Radah mixes Krishna and her 2 items each and they start emitting light. Radha thinks like Gowri told, these items are working and she needs to mix 3 items each more. Sam notices her hiding and thinks he will mix Krishna’s 5 items and create a disaster. He explains his plan to Jamvati and Laxmana and sends them. Radha thinks if she applies her prepared color to Krishna, his smile will return. She with friends fills colors and walks to Krishna. Krishna says he told her many times not to apply color on him. She insists. He says it won’t be good if she does so. Balram with his team throws colors on Radha and her friends. Radha noticing beforehand runs aside. Color falls on Revati and others. Balram rejoices and tells Radha that they troubled them yesterday and today its their turn. Radha asks if its Krishna’s plan. Balram says it is his plan. Nishath and Ulmukh say its their plan. Balram signals them to execute next plan. They both break color pots and colored water falls on Revati and her team. Balram laughs on them.

Krishna tells Radha and her team that Dwarka’s businessmen incurred losses because of them. Radha says businessmen troubled them by not playing holi. Revati says businessmen incurred losses because of men. Krishna says they threw colors on men and men retaliated. Radha says its men’s mistake and now they will retaliate again. Balram says they played a lot of holi and asks to stop now. Radha says still there is a big holi waiting. Jamvati with Laxmana enters and says Radha is right, they should organizer a bigger event as she and Laxmana will also participate in the event. Radha rejoices hearing that. Jamvati says they will perform holika dahan. Krishna says they will end negativity from Dwarka with holika dahan. Radha asks if he will participate in holi now. Krishna says he will participate only in holika dahan. Sam thinks Radhika will bear more losses during this holika dahan.

Radha acts as throwing colors on Balram. He reacts. She convinces him to bring Krishna out of palace as she needs his one more stuff. Balram agrees. Nishath and Ulmukh sees Sam carrying wood for holika dahan event and says there are servants for that. Sam says he is following Dwarkadhish’s orders and asks them to help him. They agree and pile up wood, and says looks like Sam is very excited for the event. Sam says of course, he will burn special item in holika dahan and smirks.

Precap: Radha thinks today is holika dahan and she will play holi tomorrow which she is waiting for.
Krishna hopes anything inauspicious shouldn’t happen. Sam steals Krishna’s stuff and thinks Radha will play ash holi with it and not holi of her colors.

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