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Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh goes to rishi agastya.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with ganesh sitting on mushak and he goes where rishi Agastya meditates. Mushak says prabhu I am very scared, if rishi gets angry he will curse us and we wont live then, I am scared of rishi. Ganesh says yes I know, but we have to do something such that rishi does not get angry. Ganesh says yes but what do we do? Mushak says I am scared prabhu but yes we can do one thing, if we touch the kumandal then rishi will be angry and he will curse us but what if the kumandal falls down naturally itself? Ganesh says yes you are right mushak ji, I have an idea.
Ganesh says I will create tornadoes and with its stormy wind the kumandal will fall down and even rishi will be woken up, this way it wont be our mistake too. Ganesh tells mushak to hide, mushak hides behind the tree. Ganesh

uses his trunk and says forgive me rishi. He then blows air and creates fast winds such that a huge tornado is created. The tornado roams around rishi Agastya and ganesh says it may hit rishi Agastya any minute. There parvati and everyone see ganesh and parvati says I am worried for ganesh, I hope rishi Agastya doesn’t get angry on ganesh.
There the tornado gets near rishi and the kumandal starts shaking and moving from its place. As it reaches near to rishi, suddenly it is stopped by a force shield. Ganesh says what is this? A shield is protecting rishi Agastya and his kumandal, what to do now? The tornado hits the shield and comes back and it moves towards ganesh. Ganesh says nom the tornado is coming towards us mushak ji. Mushak hides behind the tree and ganesh sees a tree branch, he jumps and holds the tree branch. As the tornado comes near, ganesh uses his trunk and says I will push the tornado in the air, ganesh blows air and the tornado goes in the sky and then disappears. Ganesh and mushak come down. Ganesh says this plan failed, we have to do something else. Mushak says can we use lightning on that shield? Its power can shake the shield. Ganesh says yes that can be possible. Ganesh removes his weapon and creates lightning, he attacks the lightning in the clouds and creates a negative field in the air by throwing more lightning in it. Mushak says I better hide this time and I will hold the tree branch. Mushak holds tree branch and hangs. The lightning forms together into one huge strong bolt and it hits the shield around rishi Agastya, the shield shakes but the kumandal doesn’t fall. The bolt is bounced back towards ganesh, ganesh says I shall get aside from the tree, ganesh jumps aside and lightning hits the tree as mushak ji gets hurt and he falls down. Ganesh says are you okay mushak ji? Mushak says prabhu my beautiful face has turned all black now. Ganesh says we have to do something more sensible, I have to use my brain.
Mahadev there says ganesh if you use your brain and come up with a plan then you will succeed. There ganesh says yes I have an idea, if no one can go from outside into the shield, then we can dig up and go from under the ground inside the shield to rishi Agastya. Mushak says yes and says I will dig it up, mushak digs the ground till the place near the tree where rishi Agastya sits. Ganesh takes the for of crow and says I will try to throw the kumandal down using my wings, this way I wont be questioned because a crow’s dharma is to drink water when he is thirsty. Ganesh goes flying to the tree and then flaps his wings so much that the kumandal starts shaking. Ganesh starts making the kaw kaw sound of crow. Rishi Agastya opens his eyes and ganesh thinks finally rishi is awake. Rishi sees the kumandal and says no!

Precap: ganesh picks the kumandal and it falls down releasing kaveri river. Rishi gets angry and says no my lopamudra , how dare you do that? I will curse you.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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