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Swabhiman- do behno ki pyaar (chapter 1)

Hi this my first ff
As you can tell my the name my ff is going to based on the two sisters Naina and Meghna. I am only 11 so I’m not sure if this ff will be interesting.This ff is a continuation from the last episode of swabhiman. There won’t be much negativity, only one character.

6 months leap(after last ep)

There was a girl getting dressed, she was putting on her bangles,earrings.
A man came in and said are you ready?
The girl twirled around, it was our cute Naina. She was wearing a white lehenga which had a gold border and she had her dupatta draped like a sari(for holi)
Naina: haa Karan I am ready. Let’s go down , the guest would have arrived
Karan: wait you have forgotten the most important thing
Naina was confused.
Karan: sindoor
Karan got the sindoor box and filled Naina’s maang.

In Chauhan house a man came to his room and looked at his wife who was at the dressing table. He noticed she was in deep thoughts.He went and hugged her from the back.
Girl: Kunal
Kunal: happy holi
Meghna:happy holi
Kunal realised she was still in her though
Kunal: kya hua meri topper itni udass kyo he
Meghna: wo kash me aur cheeku ek saath hote
Kunal: ha to tum aur cheeku ek saath hongi
Meghna: but kese

Back at Naina and Karan’s house there was a big party
Karan: happy holi Naina
He was about to get the rang and put it on Naina but she went infront
Karan: kya hua
Naina: tum bol gaye. I told you we won’t play with this color until we do the puja (sorry for adding a puja which doesn’t exist but this will add some twists and turns)
Karan: what type of puja is this
Naina: mama ye kar…
She stopped and looked at Karan
Naina: anyways there is still an hour and a half
Karan: hum tab tak kya karengi
Naina: nach gana aur kya
Karan: ha but who is going to dance
Naina: Karan there is so many people here
Karan frowned
Naina: ohh aab samja, but I am not going to dance
Karan: tikhe me tumko challenge de to ho
Naina: Karan ye..
Karan: mujhe pata ta tum ye nai kar pow ki
Naina : tikhe I accept your challenge

Naina accepted the challenge and then came and danced (your imagination I don’t want to make this boring).Naina finished dancing.
Naina: dekha I completed your challenge
Naina noticed Karan wasn’t listening. He was looking at the entrance of the party (the gate).
Naina: Karan kya hua
She turned back and saw the whole Chauhan family including Sharda were standing there( excluding Sandhya). She couldn’t believe she was seeing them after 5 months.

Naina: mama, di
She ran towards them but then stopped. She looked at her hands which were about to hug them. Naina slowly took steps backwards. She remembered what happened five months back.

Precap: fb 5 months ago
Naina and Karan leave Chauhan house.

What happened five months ago?
Why are Naina and Karan living separately?

Plz comment if you think i should continue the ff as I have got the next couple of chapter planned.

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