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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 22nd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya Kisses Ratan And Feels Love

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 22nd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Diya admires Ratan. Ratan is happy and asks her to come home. Mohana recalls Yash’s behavior and Arpita’s words. Yash comes to her and thanks her for helping them. He says I shouldn’t have behaved that way and says if you can’t forgive me then I will think it as my bad luck. Yash confesses to her that he loves her a lot and missed her very much. He proposes her with a ring. Mohana accepts his proposal. Yash makes her wear ring. Mohana thinks Arpita was wrong, Yash loves her very much.

Ratan and Diya come back home. Bhuvan asks who is playing band. Ratan appreciates him for his acting. CT gets concerned for Ratan and blames Diya for always putting him in trouble. Ratan asks her not to scold Diya and says infact she was very worried for me. Nitya asks CT to do aarti. CT does

aarti, applies tilak to Ratan, but don’t apply on diya’s forehead. Nitya makes Diya have sweets. CT tells Ratan that she is with him in his decision now and he can live how he wants to live. Ratan thanks her and says he need to sleep. Diya is about to go following him, but CT stops her. Diya says she is going to see if he needs anything. Nitya says you shall go and take care of your husband.

In the room, Ratan asks Diya not to feel bad about CT’s anger. Diya says she is right and sits on bed. Ratan shouts in pain and tells that she sat on his other hand. He says we would be partying if I was not beaten. CT tells Nitya that they shall throw the broken alliance. Nitya says you are talking about them. She says their love is deep and hopes they realize it soon. CT wishes they separate soon and says they are like two separate ways of a river. Nitya says how can you say this. Mohana and Yash comes there.

Ratan asks Diya to give fees and says you haven’t given me. Diya looks at him. He says my fees will be costly.. Diya says what you want, tell me, I will make all the arrangements. Ratan asks her to come near him and holds her closely, and says I don’t want fees in cash and asks will you kiss me? Diya is surprised. Yeh rishta plays. They have an eye lock. He then laughs and pushes her. Diya is shy. Ratan says picture moment perfect and says I joked. He says you are too shy and says in London, girls kiss any random guy on road. He says I think you will love the guy you loves. Diya smiles.

Yash and Mohana come to CT. CT says my blessings are with you and appreciates Mohana for supporting them, says she will take out mahurat. Yash thanks CT and asks where is Ratan and Diya. CT says they are in room and asks them to go out.

CT asks Nitya if she saw Diya and Ratan looking at each other with love in their eyes. Nitya looks on. Diya gets shy with the thought of being in love. She imagines Ratan asking her what happened to her. She is about to confess, but sees him sleeping. She again imagines him. She comes to him and kisses on his cheeks, says she has kissed him and also gave the prize. Sakshi knocks on the door and comes inside. She gives pan to Diya and says she will make Ratan eat it too. Diya says he is sleeping. Sakshi says she wants party from them. Bhuvan tells CT that he had done a good acting and managed to convince Arpita. He asks her to pat on his shoulder. CT hopes they broke off soon. Diya takes Sakshi out and says she has a work with her and says she wants to get saree like her. Sakshi says duplicate will not suit you. Diya says I liked it a lot. Sakshi takes her to room to give her saree. When Diya returns home, she is informed by Servant that Ratan left to meet his guest. Diya comes to Ratan and says your cheeks. Ratan asks if pimple came again. He looks at himself in the mirror and asks Diya did you kiss me. Diya makes a face like crying. It turns out to be her imagination. She thinks she can’t go to him. Nitya comes and says she will teach her how to make Ratan’s Chinese dish. Diya says she will be come and asks her to go. Nitya gets upset.

Diya tells Yash that she is in love with Ratan. Yash asks her to tell Ratan. When Sajjan Singh is leaving, CT asks Ratan and Diya to tell their decision. Ratan says we shall tell. Diya gets shocked.

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