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Mere Sai 21st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Saves Suwarna From Charles

Mere Sai 21st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Charles tries to call misbehave with Swarna Bai and says there is nobody here to save you. She hits him and runs. Charles asks Constables to catch her. Suwarna knocks on villagers houses, but nobody give her shelter. Charles comes there. Suwarna runs and sees Guna ji and Kamal going in cart with her money and jewellery. She tries to get it and confronts Guna ji. Guna ji tells her that he is marrying Kamal. Suwarna says I will not leave you for betraying me. Charles come and holds her hand and asks her not to mess with him. Suwarna asks him to leave her and tells Guna ji that she will not leave him. Sai makes Charles leg stuck in stone. Charles says I will not leave you. Suwarna runs and comes to Sai’s place. She recalls her words. Sai asks her to come. Suwarna says Charles is after him and asks if you

will help me. Sai says no and tells that you will help yourself.

Sai shows the kajal and says your shraddha for Maa Durga are in this kajal as her blessing and will help you. Om Sai Om plays……guna ji and Kamal are going in cart, suddenly the place gets smoky. Guna ji asks the guy riding the cart to take it in the direction. Sai draws a line to protect Suwarna. Charles come and says you will die. He tries to get inside, but is stopped by the magical line. He feels electricity. Guna and Kamal’s cat come near Sai’s place. Charles asks him to catch Suwarna. Guna ji tells Kamal that they shall get Suwarna caught by suwarna. He tries to get inside and feels electric currents, gets paralyzed.

Suwarna gets grateful and asks who is he, to help him, who didn’t see her sins and helped her. Sai says you are not guilty, but was diverted from the way. He says you are not guilty and asks her to respect her. Sai says you will learn to respect others if you respect yourself. Suwarna looks at him and folds her hands. Om Sai Om Plays….

Villagers talk about Charles trying to molest Suwarna, but Sai saved her. They come to Sai and asks why did you save her.. Sai asks did you help her last night lwhen she was in trouble.,. He asks them to think that there might be some helpless and says nobody thought her as human and thought her for fun. He says anyone of you haven’t helped her. He says you all and this society have done injustice with Suwarna. Bayaza and Appa come there. Bayaza apologizes to her. Suwarna says who am I to forgive you, and says Sai did kripa to save her. Bayaza says Sai calls you sister and calls me maa, we are now related. Champa’smother also apologizes to her. Champa as if she can learn singing. Suwarna says no, your mum was right, I shouldn’t have taught you such songs and says she forget good songs. Sai asks her to try.

Suwarna sings bhajan on Sai while dressed as a jogan. Everyone looks on.

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