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Kaleerein 22nd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan To Train Meera

Kaleerein 22nd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera continues confronting Mrs. Singh and says she is fooling girls and making him fake dolls. Mrs. Singh shouts how dare she is. Meera says she got offended hearing her small insult, but she insulted her mother so much, her mother can reply her nicely, but did not utter anything because of her daughter. Mrs. Singh says her mother pleaded so much for her daughter’s admission, she can cancel it right now. Meera says she herself is canceling her admission and says she does not want to get admission in her fake Soni Kudi Academy where she is misleading girls. She breaks high heel sandals and says this is what her Soni Kudi Academy is and leaves with Dolly.

Meera returns home and tries to convince Dolly. Dolly walks into her room warning not to speak to her. Vivan silently hears their

conversation. Whole family gathers. Meera says she could not see her mom’s insult and explains whole incident happened. Laali thinks she knew Soni Kudi Academy people will not accept Meera. Dolly continues crying. Meera takes food for her and apologizes, but Dolly continues crying. Meera beats herself. Dolly stops her and scolds why she is punishing herself, it was not her mistake, her mother itself is illiterate housewife, during her time, they used to ask girl if she knows cooking, stitching, etc., but now they ask if she knows to prepare high tea, she does not want Meera to face similar situation during her daughter’s wedding. Meera says she is ready to take training, but don’t want to go to Soni Kudi Academy. They both hug and cry emotionally. Vivan watches them from window.

Dolly gets back to household work. Vivan helps her. She says she will do it and thanks him. He says she helped him and Amaya so much. She says that is okay. Vivan says her laddoo was good. She says she will prepare more then, he must be missing his mom’s food. He fumes, then says he can train Meera like Soni Kudi Academy as he has been bought up in high society that way. Dolly emotionally blesses and thanks him and goes to inform Meera. Vivan thinks to know about bangle secret and gain Meera’s confidence, he will do this.

Dolly informs Meera about Vivan’s offer. Meera realizes that he wants to know bangle’s secret and offered to help, she cannot forget his high tea drama. Vivan thinks Meera will not agree after high tea drama, but she will due to her mom’s pressure. Meera thinks she will never agree.

Precap: Vivan tells Dolly if she does not want her daughter to do bhangra during her wedding, she has to let him train her. Meera says she is better the way she is. Vivan says Dolly’s daughter is very adamant and he has to change her completely, asks Meera to get out.

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