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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 22nd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Latika saves Gauri

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 22nd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gauri asking Rahul to see Namrata’s truth. Namrata recalls Aghori’s words. She wears the locket and lies that Gauri is lying, she is the culprit, she is their enemy and wants to snatch shivling. Gauri asks Rahul not to hear Namrata and come to her. Namrata says Gauri and Latika are our enemies, kill them. Gauri says Rahul, we won’t leave Namrata, we will give them to police come. He pushes away Gauri and takes a knife. Namrata smiles. Rahul tries to stab Gauri. She gets hurt and asks Rahul what is he doing. Namrata smiles and says kill her. Latika looks on. Rahul catches Gauri and is about to stab… Latika holds his hand and pulls him. Namrata says Rahul, kill Latika too, she always comes in between us. Latika pushes him and asks Gauri to give her hand. Rahul

throws away Latika and goes to stab Gauri.

Latika says till you have this chain in neck, Rahul is in your control, I will break this and end its effect. Namrata says leave it, I will kill you. Latika breaks the chain. Rahul stops and looks around. He sees the knife in his hand. Latika takes the chain from Namrata. Rahul drops the knife. Gauri cries. Latika pushes him. He falls back. She asks Gauri to come fast. Gauri says no, Rahul…. Latika says he is in Namrata’s control, come fast before he kills you. Namrata takes the chain back. She sees Rahul and asks are you fine. She says Gauri and her friend Latika have beaten you, Gauri wants to kill me, she knows we love each other a lot. She asks him to say he loves her. She shows him the chain and asks him to say. He says I love you, I can do anything for you, your enemies are my enemies. She smiles. She says I knew this and hugs him. She thinks Gauri got away from us.

Its morning, Yashpal and team come to some hotel and show Gauri, Thakur and Lakhan’s pics. The lady says yes, they are in this hotel. Yashpal says I did right to track Gauri’s phone, she is with those thieves. He checks the rooms and doesn’t find any. He holds a tea cup and says its still hot, it means they just left. Thakur and Lakhan run. Yashpal sees them and follows. Thakur gets tired. Lakhan says I won’t go leaving you, come, try. Latika drives to them. Gauri asks them to sit in the car fast. Yashpal holds the car door. Latika drives away. Aghori wakes up. Namrata says shivling is here. She sees Rahul away and says maybe Rahul told Gauri and Latika about them, they came here, if you didn’t wish me this locket, I would have not controlled him, they would have run away with shivling. He says it can be dangerous to keep Rahul with us. She says no, you said if I forget controlling Rahul, he will change but I won’t let this happen, he will stay in my control, we have to leave, our enemies know about us and shivling, prepare to leave, come. Aghori sees Rahul.

Lakhan says no Gauri, we can’t trust this girl, she gave us injections and beaten up too, she can’t support us. Gauri says no, Namrata wanted to kill Latika, now Latika understood Namrata can’t be true to her. Lakhan says this can be her trick. Gauri says Latika saved me, Namrata did black magic and controlled Rahul, he didn’t identify me and attacked me, give her one chance, she wants to repent and help us. Thakur warns Latika. Latika says my life has one aim, to send Namrata to jail and make shivlings reach your temple. They all join hands. Thakur says I trust you.

Thakur says Lakhan maybe you are saying truth, maybe Namrata did drama to fight with Latika, keep an eye on this girl. Lakhan agrees. Namrata sees Aghori sleeping. She calls Seth ji. He says you just have one shivling now. She says I need more time, you have to trust me, you have no option. He says you can get time on one condition, you can take time, but my man will be with you, else we will tell truth to Rahul and kill him. She agrees and says nothing should happen to Rahul, I accept your condition. He says my man’s name is Rudra, I will send him with a code, answer for Shiv Bhakti would be Siddhpur. He calls Rudra and asks him to stay with Namrata till she finds nine shivlings. He tells him the code answer. Rudra agrees. The lorry driver hears the conversation and points knife at him.

Lorry driver meets Namrata and says I m Rudra, Seth ji has sent me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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