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Jiji Maa 22nd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Falguni proves her innocence

Jiji Maa 22nd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tarun showing the video to Uttara. She asks Shom did he understand her plan now, Suyash and Falguni’s distance will increase and they can never unite. Vidhaan asks how can this happen. Niyati says Falguni can’t give such interview, I know everyone will be upset with this article, but Falguni would be most upset as she is blamed. Falguni cries in her room. Niyati comes and asks why are you crying. Vidhaan looks on. Niyati consoles Falguni.

Falguni says you got much sensible. Niyati says I know you can’t give such interview, its someone’s conspiracy. Vidhaan says yes, my friend said Diwakar prints articles by taking money, maybe some enemy of Rawat company did this. Falguni says Suyash believes I have done this, we have to find out the culprit. Niyati asks how. Vidhaan

says Diwakar will tell us. He tells his idea. They agree.

Its morning, Falguni rushes out. Uttara taunts her. She praises her positive attitude. She says my son has insulted you so much. Falguni says you should not keep a watch on us, you should not worry, maybe your son holds my hand today. Uttara goes. Niyati says Vidhaan will directly meet you there. She encourages Falguni. She wishes her all the best. Vidhaan and Falguni meet Diwakar in disguise. Falguni as Lily says she has done a course in fashion designing. Diwakar says you should have been a model. Diwakar says everyone believes my writings. She asks him to say any recent achievement. Diwakar says you would have heard about Falguni Rawat’s interview. Lily says I heard about her, she is so bad. Diwakar says she didn’t say anything that got printed, she was thanking everyone, I changed the words, she got famous, someone gave me money to write that article. Vidhaan records by spy cam.

Diwakar says I took 7 lakhs to write Falguni’s fake article. Falguni says not bad. She asks for washroom and leaves with the spy cam. Diwakar gets a video message. Vidhaan asks him to check. Diwakar sees his confession and worries. She comes back. He asks who are you. Vidhaan says whatever you write now, everyone will know it, Falguni believes in non violence, I m thinking to open your account. He slaps Diwakar. Falguni asks Vidhaan to leave him.

Uttara and everyone see the video. Uttara says family got upset with Falguni because of this, I have many enemies, but who can do this. She asks Diwakar to say. Vidhaan slaps him. Shom thinks Uttara is gone. Diwakar points to Uttara and then Tarun. Uttara asks Tarun to answer, did he do this. He says yes. She slaps him. He says sorry, brief went wrong, I asked him to praise Falguni, not against your family. He apologizes. She recalls deciding to put the blame on Tarun. Suyash warns Tarun. Uttara asks Shom to take Tarun out. They all go. Falguni cries. Suyash holds her and says I blamed you and didn’t trust. She says what you think about me matters to me, you believed all this against me. He apologizes. Uttara looks on. She says I think I got saved because of Tarun. Falguni gets tea for her and gives newspaper too. She reads the article and argues with Uttara. Falguni says I don’t want to win any reward, I can tolerate this, but every woman becomes Kaali Maa avatar when its about her love and respect. She goes.

Falguni does tilak to Suyash and asks him to come home early from office. He says I will try. Falguni says Suyash will definitely like the party, he will celebrate his birthday and get happy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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