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Everything Is Fair In Love Chapter 29

Man 1: Hey love birds get a room…..( A man said interrupting them.)

He was of same age as Laksh, but Laksh failed to recognize him first. But he seemed too familiar. Just than Kavya left him and hugged the man.

Laksh: Do you know the man?

Kavya: That’s my closest friend..

Laksh: Do I have a competioin?

Man: If we were more close, we had been brother and sister….

Kavya: You did not recognize him Laksh… He is Sanskar Ajmera….

Laksh: Ya….

Kavya: Come on Laksh…… Sanakar’s is the biggest name in Hospitality Industry… He owns The Exotica and The Mermaid group of hotels, the largest in Asia and one of the best in Europe…..

Sanskar: Ho come on Kavi don’t embrace me…..

Laksh: It’s ok Mr. Ajmera, the fact is fact…..

Sanskar: Well…..

He gives Kavya a large velvet box and an envelope.

Kavya: What’s this man, the engagement isn’t today….

Sanskar: Well I know but I am tied up for few weeks, an unavoidable meeting came up….

Kavya: No you cannot do like this is not fair. It’s my engagement after all…. (Making a puppy face)

Sanskar: I know Kavi but what to do? It’s really important but I will be definitely there for your marriage however long it is…..

Kavya: But…..

Laksh: Come on Kavya work is important. But if you wish we will extent engagement.

Sanskar: Ho no, no need. I will be there for marriage.

Kavya: Promise na….

Sanskar: Ya baba…. Promise. I you know I never break my promises.

Kavya: Well…

Sanskar:(Looking at someone) Well I think I changed my plans. I will be there for engagement, wedding and all the things in between and even after that…..

Laksh: What????

Both Laksh and Kavya looked at the direction he was looking at and saw Swara standing there with some random women and her idiot son. Kavya was amused while Laksh’s fists tighten….

Sanskar: Just tell me who that gorgeous girl is Kavi. Wow she looks like an angel dressed in pure sin. Tell me she is available and please don’t break my heart……(Pouting)

Kavya: Well brother you are in luck, she is our family friend’s daughter and made her availability known today only……

Sanskar: Well than what are you waiting for? You found your pair let me find mine…

Laksh: Aren’t you going through a nasty divorce, with an actress I believe (With a sarcastic smile, just to shade the anger boiling inside him) 

Kavya: LAKSH….. (Staring him to just stop it)

Sanskar: It’s ok Kavi I will answer that. Well I WAS going through a nasty divorce. Which is over by god’s grace?

To avoid further unpleasantness Kavya led him there to where Swara stood with Parineeta and Sujata now…..

Kavya: Hello aunty this is Sanskar Ajmera my friend…( Introducing Sanskar to all)

Sanskar: Hello

Sujata: Hello beta….

Parineeta: Ya I saw you on TV…

Sanskar: Well that same person.

Swara: But you look much better in person (said quickly to remove the awkwardness created)

Kavya: Well Sanskar this is Swara. She is our neighbor.

Swara: Hi…..

Sujata: So dear I personally welcome you to this function….. You know its Pari’s  I mean my daughter in law’s Goudbharayi…. You got me it’s like……

Sanskar: I know it aunty all though I spend much of my life in Europe now, I was born and brought up in Chennai and Delhi. I am very much Indian at heart. I know all the festivities and rituals……

Sujata: That’s great. Now a day it’s hard to find someone like you. Who is in such heights and still down to earth. A rare find indeed.

Kavya: Ya that’s true, ya he is really a rare person and I am fortunate to be his friend.

Sanskar: Come on Kavi don’t embarrass me now, in front of this lovely ladies will you?

After some times he started to talk to Swara and they got along like house on fire. They never knew they had so much in common to talk about. As they were laughing and talking in their own world, someone’s world seems to have caught fire. He was looking as if he was attending a funeral instead of a baby shower he went into library and shut himself there with a bottle and looking through window.

Suddenly Sanskar’s mood changed. He paled like he had seen a ghost. When Swara looked at the direction he was looking she saw Ragini and Arvind standing there, they seemed to have an argument over something.

Swara: Ho do you know her.

Sanskar: Not exactly. She looked like someone I knew long back….. (Trying to avoid any eye contact )

Swara: Well she is my friend Ragini Menon with husband Arvind and cutest son Yash…. Do you know them?

Sanskar: No I don’t.


The words seemed to have strange effect on Sanskar. He looked like he just had a shock of hearing some dear ones death news. He excused from there as soon as possible, and even requested Swara to inform the host of his leaving. It was a bit strange. But she let it pass as she saw Ragini just storming out of venue with Yash without Arvind or even speaking to her. That was strange….

Sujata: (just then) Come Swara the function is about to start…..

She forgot about the entire act and went along with Sujata.

Here in hall Parineeta was made to sit on an over decorated sofa with ladies all round her. Just than Sujata called

Sujata: Swara beta come here and help me out with this.

But Swara just pointed towards Kavya who was standing in the corner, this was seen by Kavya who was really happy and went on to do all the rituals. And Kavya just thought the neighbor is not as bad as I thought she do have some sense

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