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Ek Deewana Tha 22nd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajan threatens Vyom

Ek Deewana Tha 22nd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sharanya shouts at Shiv to wake up. Please listen to me. She fails in touching him. A smile appears on Vyom’s face. Shiv sits up. Sharanya asks him if he is fine. Why did this happen? He says I don’t know. She thinks she might know. Remember what Odhni said? Maybe she was talking about this pain only. Shiv reasons that it has never happened before. Sharanya suggests going to Odhni right away. Vyom praises Odhni. Shiv and Sharanya will be reaching anytime soon. Hope you know what you have to do. Don’t make a mistake or your Freddy! Vyom gets a message and leaves. Odhni is crying.

Vyom asks his father what he did. Rajan says no one takes care of anything in Madhvi’s absence. Vyom keeps asking him questions which he keeps ignoring. Rajan only keeps talking about Madhvi’s likes

and dislikes. Vyom says I am talking about the mail. Rajan tells him to think clearly. My wife / your mom went to jail to save you and you aren’t even trying to get her out! You don’t care about her at all. Vyom asks about the mail. Rajan says that mail mentions everything that you have done till date!

Odhni tells Sharanya to let Shiv go. do his last rites. His motive has been accomplished. Shiv says it isn’t complete now. You know how I get pulled to that lake every day. Since I was a kid, when I was happy or sad, I only wanted to go there. There is some secret behind it.

Rajan says that mail has everything that you have done till now for Sharanya. I have also written about Sadhvi’s murder and that murder which hasn’t come out in front of anyone. It has my signature. This is my first move against you. Now you will get Madhvi bailed out. I can do for my Madhvi even if that means threatening you.

Sharanya tells Odhni about what Shiv feels. He wont leave until he finds out about it. Odhni recalls Vyom’s threat. There is no such secret. Trust me. This might be some childhood memory which he hasn’t forgotten till date. Let him go. Do his last rites. Shiv is sure it cannot be such an obvious reason. Who would know it better than me? Sharanya nods. Odhni tells Sharanya to let Shiv go if she loves him truly.

Vyom asks Rajan if he sent that mail to anyone else. Rajan says I just sent it to you. if you don’t get Madhvi out of jail asap then Sharanya, police, media, ministers, everyone will get this mail! Her court hearing is due in 3 days. If you don’t get her out by then, then it will destroy you completely! Vyom asks him why he is doing so. I told you I will get mom out then why! Rajan reminds him he is his father. There is someone who can shoot this mail even if I am dead. Make arrangements to get your mother out. Just leave! Vyom walks out in a huff.

Shiv refuses to leave without finding that secret. Atleast you try to understand me. Sharanya assures him she trusts him. Odhni angrily asks her why she cannot understand her. We have to do Shiv’s last rites. It happens with spirits sometimes. Memories are attached but it isn’t so with Shiv. Shiv notices his photo in a corner. Sharanya says there must be something if Shiv is saying it. Shiv tells Sharanya to tell Odhni she is ready to bid him adieu. Tell her I have no issue with it. Sharanya does as told. I will do his last rite. Vyom hears it too. Odhni says it will be good everyone including Shiv. Vyom thinks on one hand, it is his father who is creating so many problems for him while on the other hand; this cutie is solving his every problem. There is atleast someone who understands my love and is helping me!

Sharanya asks Shiv why he came from there suddenly. Shiv shares that he wanted to assure Odhni they are in agreement with her plan. She is surely hiding something. Sharanya says she always tries to help me even though she has no connection with us. Why do you doubt her? Shiv calls her naive. You trust whatever you see but what we see is not always true. I saw my cap with Odhni. It is the same cap that I gave to Vyom before I was supposed to go to Mumbai.

Shiv tells Vyom that his dream is going to come true. This music company wants to sign me. Vyom remarks that all his dreams are coming true. What’s left? Shiv says I want every tv channel, newspaper to discuss about me every morning. I want a long staff and lots of people who come to meet me. I want the world under my feet. I want my music to be everywhere! Vyom says it will happen and everyone will be mad for you. They hug happily when Shiv tells Vyom that he is taking Sharanya with him. we have decided to tell her parents. Please pray that they say yes. Sharanya and I will marry and start a new life. He notices a tear in Vyom’s eye. Vyom calls it tears of happiness. I am so happy for you. Shiv tells him Mumbai isn’t too far. You or we can come down often to see each other. Sharanya would anyways miss you. Keep my cap as you like it. I was with you earlier. You can miss me after seeing this whne I am gone.

Sharanya asks him how it is related to what he saw. There can be many such caps in the world. Shiv reasons that he can be sure about his picture atleast. I saw it next to the cap. There is surely some connection. Sharanya is still confused. I don’t understand anything. Shiv says I have hidden something from you till date. She asks him about it.

Shiv holds Vyom. Are you drunk? Vyom shrugs his hand away. I cannot do this drama. I am not happy. I tried a lot to leave you and Sharanya but I cannot understand it. these emotions inside me don’t let me understand. I tried everything but failed! He cries. Shiv asks him what he is saying. We spoke about you and you said you are happy for us. Vyom nods. I tried but I am not happen. He shows him his wounded hand. I don’t feel any other pain in front of the pain in my heart. My madness is going to cost our friendship. I cannot bear it when you go near Sharanya. Why do you go close to her? She was my friend before she met you! I love her!

Sharanya asks Shiv why he dint tell her this earlier.

Precap: Rajan tells Sharanya that he wants his son to be away from her. His love has become madness. I cannot bear it anymore! You have destroyed everything since you have come in the house! I will kill you today. He shoots her (someone else steps in between surely).

Update Credit to: Pooja

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