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Dekha Hazzaron Daffa Aapko… Phir Bekarari Kesi Hai?

Dekha Hazzaron Daffa Aapko… Phir Bekarari Kesi Hai?

Hello everyone! I am Hemi and I thought to share this cute love story of our SwaSan. First of all, the title’s meaning is ‘(I) Have Seen (You) A Thousand Times… Then How is This Restlessness?’ I hope you will like it and support me for it. 

A small boy is playing cricket with his friends in a park. He is being cheered by all as he is going to win the match. He is holding his bat tight and the other boy throws the ball in full speed. The boy is ready to hit the ball and win but with those cheers, he recognises a voice. “Sanskaar!”

The boy, all of sudden, loses his concentration and gets nervous. It results in the ball hitting the stumps and the boy loses. “Is he alright? What happened to him suddenly?” “Not again!” The other players exclaim with disappointment. The boy closes his eyes tightly like calming himself down.

“Bhai! It is getting late. Let us go!” The boy’s cousin says and pulls the boy with him. They both starts walking and ignores all those questions by around the same aged audience. “Hey! Sanskaar!” The same voice calls them from back.

The boy looks in front and his facial expressions changes again. “I think… We should go home fast.” The boy whispers to his brother and starts running. The voice comes again, “Hey! I am… Why are you running? Wait! Hello!” However, they’ve already left and the owner of the voice reveals as a small girl.

The mother of the girl arrives and asks her, “Shona! Is everything ok? Why are you sad? Where are they?” The girl is going to reply but another girl, younger than her, comes and says, “Sharmishtah Aunty ji, my brothers went home. I told you that they had a match today, didn’t I?”

The lady is Sharmishtah who smiles and says, “Yes, Uttara dear. So?” Uttara says, “Me and Shona were tired after playing and it is the reason, we sat on that bench. Then, I told her about the match and she dragged me here. I even told her that it is going to over but she didn’t listen.”

Sharmishtah hits her head as Uttara tells everything except what she asked. “Is this what Sharmishtah Aunty ji asking you Uttara?” A lady from back asks Uttara who looks confused. Sharmishtah’s laugh makes her more confuse and the lady asks the small girl (Shona), “Swara, where are Sanskaar and Laksh? Your face is so dull! Why child?”

The girl replies, “Sujata Aunty, Annapoorna Aunty, Sanskaar couldn’t hit the ball. His eyes were not at ball, something might have gone into his eyes. They lost the match and when I called him, he just ran! Am I too bad? He never talks with me. He always run from me. Do I look horrible like that ghost in Baba’s story?”

“What is this Swara? How can you think like that? You are our doll! The prettiest, the cutest angel! If you felt bad because of Sanskaar then I will say sorry, his mother is saying sorry!” Another lady with Annapoorna who Sujata is says. The girl nods in no and replies, “No Sujata Aunty! You don’t say me sorry. I never felt bad!” Sharmishtah and Annapoorna grins while Sujata picks her up.

Whereas, in a room of a very big mansion known as the Maheshwari Mansion, the small boy and his brother who are obviously Sanskaar and Laksh are talking about the lost match. Laksh says, “Bhai! I know it’s not your fault. You play so well!”

Sanskaar replies, “I don’t know Lucky, why I just cannot handle her presence. She is whenever near me, I get nervous of no reason. That’s why I run away from her. I can never do anything properly with her presence.” Laksh asks, “Is she unlucky for you?”

This makes Sanskaar little angry and he replies, “I’m not going to believe in such stuffs. I wasn’t able to concentrate! It is the only reason and you too fix it in your mind.” Laksh isn’t going to argue with his brother and nods in yes. Sujata and Annapoorna come home and they have their dinner and so, goes to bed.

Sanskaar is lying on bed and remembers first meeting with Swara. Shekhar shares a very good business relation with Maheshwaris and later shifted near them. He was always a quiet kid and is still but his silence speaks. He was and is good at academics and especially sports. It plays a very important role in his life; the same way music is for Swara.

A party was thrown at his place to celebrate the success in business by Maheshwaris and Gadodias. Its result was the first meet between Swara and Sanskaar. “It is a party Bhai! But, it is too boring.” A little Laksh says as he gets bore during the success party. “Lucky! We have to be quiet here as it is only a professional party,” said the Sanskaar.

Just then, the lights go dim and very loud music plays in the party surprising all. Sanskaar widens his eyes as he sees a cute girl dancing on the floor with the mike in her hands. She was none other than our Swara!

Sanskaar’s mouth is left wide open as his mother told him to maintain peace in party but this girl destroyed it all. He goes to the man playing music and orders to change the music. Swara sees him and pulls him from back which scares Sanskaar.

She shows him her eyes and says, “Music will not change! I’ll not let you do so!” Sanskaar tries to reply but she is not letting him speak only. Sanskaar never talked with girls at all and this girl takes him aside to give a long lecture.

This makes Sanskaar very nervous and no one knows why? She goes back leaving a dumbfounded Sanskaar who breaks a flower-vase. That drags everyone’s attention and a scared Sanskaar runs to his room.

This was the beginning of their story which consists of a Sanskaar who always run away, a Swara who always tries to interact and their destinies. I end it here for now and will see you with the next part. Till then, bye-bye! And, it is a short story which will end soon.

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By Hemita


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