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Chandrashekhar 22nd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra teaches a lesson to Patwari

Chandrashekhar 22nd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone doing Holika arrangements. Chandra and kids think to arrange the things. He suggests they should ask people to donate some money. The kids take donation. Sursi goes to the stall. Patwari sees Chandra with the kids. He scolds Sursi and throws money at her. Chandra stares at Patwari and goes. Everyone celebrates. Sitaram also drinks the thandai and dances. Chandra tells Jagrani that Sitaram is laughing a lot. He takes more thandai for Sitaram. Jagrani says I didn’t see him laughing so much and smiles. Sitaram congratulates everyone and gives sweets. Patwari comes and dances. Sitaram hugs him and dances.

He asks Patwari to have the thandai. He asks him what was he saying today. Chandra sees Patwari. Sitaram says you saved me from getting insulted, you are my

friend. Patwari says no, don’t call me friend, you would have not hidden anything from me. Sitaram says I don’t hide anything. Patwari asks why did you go to jungle that night. Sitaram laughs. Chandra gets thandai and gives them. Patwari says kids have no work between elders’ talk, go. Chandra worries. Patwari asks Sitaram to say.

Sitaram says yes, shall I say. Patwari says yes. Sitaram says you won’t get such thandai anywhere, ask why, this thandai has special herb. Patwari asks what do you mean. Sitaram says we went there to get some herbs that day. He laughs. Chandra smiles. Sitaram asks him to have thandai. Varsha gets ready and asks Shambunath to see how she looks, she will come along for Holi. He says you can’t come, our house women don’t go there, shut the door and stay at home. He goes. She gets angry and throws things. Jindal scolds his men for failing to catch Chandra. The man say police had come there and we had to leave. Kaka says don’t do anything for few days. Jindal says Chandra spoiled our work, I have to catch him and teach a lesson. Darsi comes there and says Chandra did that to save Bheel kids, forgive him. Jindal says I m risking life and fighting with britishers, Chandra’s dad is taking fruits for them. She says no, they are good people. He says don’t get in between this. Shambunath and everyone attend the holika dahan. Chandra recalls Patwari’s words. Sitaram hugs Shambunath.

Everyone wishes Holi. Chandra takes a piece of burning rope and hits Patwari with it. Patwari’s clothes catch fire. Sitaram gets shocked. Chandra smiles. Patwari jumps in a water vessel and saves himself. Sitaram scolds Chandra and asks him to apologize. He beats Chandra. Shambunath says let him go, don’t beat him, kids do mistake. Sitaram insists Chandra to apologize to Patwari. Chandra stares. Bheel kids look on. Sitaram slaps him hard on his face. Chandra falls down. Sitaram asks him to apologize and beats more. Chandra doesn’t listen. Sukhdev runs to home and tells Jagrani that Sitaram is beating Chandra. She rushes to see. Jagrani sees Chandra fallen. She stops Sitaram and holds Chandra.

Jagrani scolds Chandra and cries. Chandra says fine I will leave from the house and never return. Sukhdev says a beggar told me that police caught Chandra. Sitaram worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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