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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd March 2018 Written Episode Update Joke which costed high

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Happu walks in all injured, tiwari says here we have the daredevil officer,anu asks how did this happen,happu says Vibhu hit me a lot and threw me like a pillow out of window and I’m thinking who gave him the news that I will be there for him because he was all planned,tiwari thinks stupid anguri told him,commissioner says now I have to take this issue to minister Sir.

Tiwari and anu waiting for anguri and Vibhu to come,anguri and Vibhu walk out,anguri feeding vibhu fruits and he says bhabhiji I don’t like orange i shall have a banana,saxena says oh your voice is back good,vibhu says yes and it’s to ask you to shut up,anguri says Tiwari you look down did you have breakfast,tiwari says yes I did and how about you,anguri says yes ,Vibhu says what about my demands,commissioner says

minister will be here anytime,minister comes in colony gets down the car and starts beating Tiwari and says you are jobless does that mean you take such action,anu says the party is upstairs,minister says shut up and get down,vibhu says I won’t listen to me,minister says shut up you can’t do anything and blame government and you are on my snippers gun point,anguri says yes you have light on you,anu says what is this,minister says cooperate we are just scaring him,minister says before I count to 3 come down,vibhu waves white hanky and says peace.

Anu says Vibhu why did you take such foolish step,vibhu says It just happened,and you are responsible,anu asks how come,vibhu says you threw me out,anu says I threw you out of house so many times,vibhu says forget it,anu says how can I,if those snippers would shoot you then,vibhu says I know you would feel bad because who would do household and starts laughing.
Anu says am I so emotionless,vibhu says I’m joking and I know you love me a lot and I missed you too,anu says go get me coffee please I miss it,vibhu says sure,anu says okay then wash vessels okay as you come out I’m waiting,vibhu gets in the kitchen.

Tiwari says anguri I’m so happy you sare safe,he must have troubled you a lot right,anguri says oh no he was very helpful and we did this together it was a plan,tiwari says I was gonna have an heart attack you fooled me,anguri says when did I fool you, I was just helping him and helping him get job,tiwari says we need capability and talent to have job,happu walks in and says very correct and what if all jobless act this way and bhabhi anguri please May I have a cup of tea,anguri says okay I shall get some snacks too and leaves.

Happu says okay I’m here to inform you not to trouble Anita bhabhi as she is but upset,tiwari says I will go talk to her whenever I feel like you are no one to tell me what to do,and both get in argument and Tiwari slaps happu,happu says you tiwari you slapped me on duty,and pulls him and takes him away.

Happu at tea stall and says this Vibhuti drama brought so much depression I didn’t even have any bribes.
Boys walk to him and ask what’s wrong,happu says all down,tilu asks what’s wrong,happu says no bribes and money you see not even for tea,malkhan says let me offer you tea,happu says you offering me tea,where did you make money from,tikka says we made video and posted online and made money from it,would you like to opt for it too,happu says sure,happu Dancing and malkhan makes video,tikka says good job,happu says where’s my video money,malkhan says sorry we uploaded it through our profile and leave.

Anu reading newspaper,anu reads the men who don’t respect should be shot,vibhu says walks with coffee and asks who you want to shoot,anu says those men who don’t respect women,vibhu says I’m your man and I do respect you,anu says and this is why you are with me,vibhu cracks a joke,anu says I love your sense of your humar but now a days you don’t cmon in college days you would make me laugh a lot,one joke,vibhu says okay and cracks a joke insulting wives,anu says you find it funny,don’t talk to me just leave.

Vibhu at tea stall says women are so unpredictable,tiwari Walks to him and asks I heard bhabhi kicked you out again what’s the matter,vibhu says I cracked a joke she felt bad,tiwari says ok I would like to hear too,vibhu tells him the joke,tiwari starts laughing hard,vibhu says calm down,tiwrai says wow that was a great joke,vibhu says anu hated the joke she says I insulted women,happu walks to them what’s the laughter about looks like someone cracked joke tell me too,tiwari says let him laugh too,boys join too,tiwari says if they laugh joke isn’t bad and if they don’t bhabhiji is right,vibhu tells them the joke,nobody laughs.

Pre cap:tiwari tells the joke to anguri and she gets very angry. Women stand against vibhu and Tiwari for their stupid insulting joke.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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