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Belan Wali Bahu 22nd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa gives flop marriage saving plans to Lata

Belan Wali Bahu 22nd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Dada comes to lounge, Nirmala greets him, and says remember me? Dada says yes yes, how come you are here? did husband fight with you? Nirmala says I dont have these problems, I didnt marry. Nirmala says remember I used to write a lot, I am a writer now, Premnath says remember we did play together. Dada says Prem was acting as Salim and Nirmala was Anarkali, they were a couple. Lata gets angry. Nirmala says I am staying in hotel. Prem says we have a big house, she will stay here, Dada says yes bring her stuff. Katori comes there and says all fine? she blushes at Premnath (as he called her and talked her nicely to make Lata jealous). Katori smiles at Prem and leaves. Nirmala says she likes you a lot, Prem says she came to take sugar, he goes to bring her stuff from hotel.

At night,

Prem is trying to catch FM signal. Laddo’s ghost says he is not even letting me sleep, buy new one. Prem says I got frequency near Nirmala’s room. Prem start dancing with Nirmala playing her favorite song, she says you still remember, Nirmala takes him to her room. Laddo’s ghost is stunned.

Roopa says to Lata that dont worry, she will leave. Laddo’s ghost comes and says Prem and Nirmala’s frequency is matching. Roopa says lets go to Nirmala’s room, Prem’s frequency is matching, Lata says how you know? lets go.

Nirmala reads her poetry to Prem, Nirmala says you read now. Prem starts reading poetry to her. Lata, Roopa and Laddo’s ghost comes outside her room and hears Prem saying poetry to her. Prem reads romantic lines from Nirmala’s book but Lata thinks he is telling all that to her. She gets angry and leaves. LAddo’s ghost says you have brought Nirmala, you have to do something, roopa thinks.

Lata is crying, and says to Roopa that he is saying poetry to her and taunts me all the time. Roopa says you have fight against Nirmala, you have to tell Prem that you can be like her, become like her and then he will be yours.

Scene 2
In morning, Nirmala comes to lounge and greets everyone. Prem asks Lata to bring coffee for her, Nirmala says I dont drink coffee in morning, I jog and then eat, she says Prem you are not fit, you should walk, Prem says I will jog, Lata bring my jogging shoes. Lata says you never jogged, you have wedding shoes, Prem ignores her and says lets go, he leaves with Nirmala. Roopa says to Lata that you are going for jogging too, she says no I have foot ache, Roopa says think about your husband right now. Lata leaves too.

Dada is looking at family photos. roopa thinks dont know whats happening at jogging park. Prem and Nirmala comes back, Prem says now I will be fit. Roopa asks where is Lata? Prem says she is coming slowly. Lata comes there with feet ache, she says my bones are stuck. Dada asks her to have breakfast, she sees Nirmala not eating and says no I dont want it. Nirmala sees photos of family and jokes, Prem laughs and says this is first time I am laughing after marriage.

Roopa puts Lata’s feet in warm salty water. Roopa asks if she has a friend? like boyfriend type.. Lata says what are you saying, Prem is my husband. Roopa says there was someone before Prem? Lata blushes and says yes when I was 12 years, there was Binju who used to live in neighborhood, he used to look at me from roof but then I got married. Roopa says its not a love story, did you ever love? Lata says yes I love Prem but now Nirmala is inbetween. Roopa says he will be back to you when your friend comes here too.

Roopa calls acting agency, she says to agent that I want a boyfriend for my mother in law.. I mean I need an actor who can act as her boyfriend, agent says okay. Roopa says send someone experienced that can make my father in law jealous, he says dont worry, send payment in advance.

Lata sees Prem near and starts acting like talking on phone, she says are you coming to meet me? I miss you a lot, you miss me too? no you wont stay in hotel, you will stay at our place, bye. Prem asks who is coming? Lata says my friend. If you can bring a friend then me too.

A very old man comes to Laddo’s house. He says I am a friend.. Prem says he must be Dada’s friend. Dada asks old man who he wants to meet? you are too old. Old man says I am Lata’s college friend. Lata and Roopa are shocked to see him.

PRECAP- Prem says to Lata that I want divorce from you, Lata is stunned.
Jitendra and family sits with Lata and Prem on divorce. Jitendra says Prem should have valid reason to divorce mom. Naren says I am with mom. Prem says I dont care who is with me or who is not, she have shown her doubts that I am cheating today but she might have doubt in her mind from how many years we dont know.. Roopa says doubt was for just one week. Prem says see this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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