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Arranged Marriage ke Siyappe (vol 3) pt 20

Let’s begin…..

Laksh came to market with bua dadi

Bua: why you brought me here?
Lak himself: if i knew…
Bua dadi: don’t give importance in job..bt do this
Bua dadi:zabaan lada raha
Lak himself:aapke saamne kidki zabaan chalegi
Bua dadi: now why r u making faces..oh you r cursing me.. Don’t backbite.. Do it front let me see…
Lak:bt bua dadi…i…
Bua dadi:oh so now you will hit me..
Lak was shocked:waattt?
Bua dadi: why will you hit…you may be hv planned for my murder
Lak:bua dadi…
Bua dadi: yesterday your brother hv alreadyyyyyyy……………………
Lak was shocked……….

Here sanskar was calling Ragini..by she isnt picking the call
San:strange… She isn’t picking….. Even if she is busy she picks she only doesn’t pick the call when……… Something strike’s in his mind….

He goes out….

Ap to suji:laksh took bua dadi to market..to get some fresh vegetables
Suji:usi bahane se tho sahi..we got some peace
San was worried for some reason he calls laksh

Here bua dadi was in the car…..
She was exhausted and was sweating bcs the car’s speed is scaring her
She looks at the the person :ka…kaun ho tum… Stop the car do u want to kill me
The person has wore black pant and jacket and has wore a helt

Car again speeds up with loud music….

Bua dadi hits the person..bt the person was paying no heed

Here sanskar calls laksh

Laksh was in the shocked state

San:laksh wr r u?and wr is bua dadi??
Lak:bua dadi ko ek gaadi ne uda le gayi
San shocked:waaaattttt?u mean accident😵😵😵
Lak:no bhaiyya😦😦😦the car kidnapped bua dadi
San:laksh exactly wr you are?
Lak: bhaiyya..i m not understanding anything why will someone kidnap bua dadi..mujhe kuch samaj mei aa raha..

Bua dadi was totally exhausted…

Bua dadi scared: who are you?i m asking you something meine tumhara bigaada hai…shaitaan

And the person is obviously Ragini.. She starts to Laugh

Rag changed her voice:your evil side

Bua dadi:wwa..ttt?
Rag:samajle mein tumhari kaal hoon..and you create some unwanted issues..mujhe pata chala ki tumhari zabaan bohoth chalti hai…talk wat is necessary for you…and if you try to be oversmart infront of any people then ……….

She takes a knife out…

Bua dadi horrified: no no..no

Rag:i think u understood…and one more thing u should keep me as ur secret

Within seconds she was out of the car….

Lak sees her:bua dadi…

He holds her: we did you go?
Bua dadi was abt to shout at him
Then she remembers the threaten

Lak:wr hv u went?suddenly u disappeared
Bua dadi:bewa …i mean laksh didnt u see the car has taken me
Bua dadi smiles which shocked laksh: its was my friend
Lak 🤔🤔🤔: your friend
Bua dadi: note let’s go home
Lak: bt we didn’t but vegetables
Bua dadi angrily: i love my life more than vegetables
Lak: wat?
Bua dadi extra sweet and cares laksh’s cheeks:laksh tu kitna bola hai nadaan hai..ab ghar chal
Bua dadi goes

Bua dadi herself: i hv to find who is behind this…i know someone from our home only

San calls laksh again: bhaai don’t ask me anything..i think i will get mad
San: wet is bua dadi…
Lak:bua dadi…i don’t know something hpnd to her

After sometime

Lak and bua dadi reach mm

Bua dadi goes in…
And sees ap

Bua dadi: Annapurna…(ap was shocked bcs she didn’t call her like this..being this much sweet)bahu…

Ap looks shocked at her

More than her pari and suji was shocked

Bua dadi laughs a bit: why you ppl looking at me like this.. and bahu if you are ok with it then can u give one glass of water..

Ap nods quickly and gives…

Bua dadi:pari beta..

Pari stumbled

Bua dadi:careful..if u behave like this then who vl be there to look after us

Pari was shocked

This was all witnessed by Sanskar

He smiles:Ragini….


Rag was watching tv

She was watching music channel

Mera dil bhi kitna paagal hai
ye pyaar to tum se karta hai
par saamne jab tum aate ho
kuchh bhi kehne se darta hai
mere saajan, mere saajan
saajan saajan, mere saajan

(How mad my heart is,
it loved you, still
when you come before me,
it’s afraid of saying anything..
O my beloved, O my beloved..)

Rag just remembered sanskar…
She was feeling her heart beat raising

Rag:is this love???i feel my heart is getting mad..i feel afraid of saying anything…wn he comes infront of me….

Purvi from behind: yes…
Rag: Bhabhi

Purvi; its love..i can see that you love him from your eyes…

Rag worried:sacchi bhabhi
Purvi smiles: ha… Don’t you feel he is special to you….

Rag thinks….

Purvi: don’t his gestures make feel special

Rag thinks

Purvi:and don’t u like him…wch you didn’t felt for anyone

Rag thinks

Purvi: don’t you feel time to stop the web he cares for you by his sweet gestures

Rag thinks: ha bhabhi..bt how you know

Purvi: it is only called love Ragini…u hv fell in love with Sanskar

Rag: really!

Purvi nods: ok i hv some work..i vl come later…

She goes….

After sometime…

San was all set to move to Gadodia house

Bua dadi angrily:wr r u going?

San: woh bua dadi mein Ragini ke yahan

Bau dadi:koi zaroorath nahi….

All looks at her

Bua dadi remembers the threaten and sweetly: aise jaane ki zaroorath nai..jaate waqt kuch phal phool lete jaana..it would be good

Everyone looks Shocked at her

San smiles and then leaves

After sometime he reach

Everyone welcomes him and then gets busy with some work
He was sitting in sofa alone…

San to purvi:wr is Ragini?

She smiles

Purvi:she is in room..
San was hesitant to go….

Jan:sanskar..go son…u would be tired..

San smiles and miss he goes

He opens the door and he listens sobs

Amd his eyes falls on Ragini who is sitting down at the corner of the bed

He goes fastly and kneels to her

San worried: Ragini….are you ok…he cups her face…

Rag cries more

San: wat hpnd?? Tell me
He was worried

Rag cries: i..i…(sniffs)fell

San gets worried:when?where and how?

Rag:not that one

San worried: tell me clearly…is it hurting

Rag nods in no like kid

San: then…where you…

Rag cries and hugs him

San: Ragini


She cries like a kid in his embrace

To be continued…….

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