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Shivika’s love story – episode 8

Episode 8

Two weeks later, Shivaay’s birthday came.


Annika: Happy birthday Shivaay!

Shivaay: Thanks Annika.

Annika: If you don’t mind, can we go to the restaurant tonight. I will also give you my gift there.

Shivaay: Sure. Chinese right?

Annika: How do you know?

Shivaay: It’s you who told me that you love Chinese food.

Annika: You remembered?

Shivaay: Yes!

Annika: Okay, don’t forget to be ready at 7.30 pm. Then we will go to the restaurant together.

Shivaay: Alright!


They went to the restaurant and Annika was so nervous.


Annika: Choose whatever you want as it’s your birthday!

Shivaay: No, just take something that you like for me too as you are a specialist in  Chinese food. You must know what’s good and what’s not.

Annika: Okay then.

Shivaay: And, this morning you told me that you will give my gift here no?

Annika: Just wait till I come back from the toilet.

Shivaay was waiting impatiently and Annika came back.

Annika: Close your eyes!


She took the gift and tended it to him.


Annika: You can open now!

Shivaay: A box?

Annika: Yes but not the one you are expecting. Just open it!


Shivaay opened it. It was a surpirse box where a lot of chocolate and photos of them were in it. There was also a little box in the middle. When he opened the little box he was very shocked. There was a picture of them two when they were kids.


Shivaay: So you knew it??!

Annika: Do you remember the day we went to your parent’s house? I heard your mom calling you Billu just as I used to call you. Then we discussed about it and I just came to know that you were my Billu. And also, the day I was leaving to London I left my diary on purpose so you could read it! I was too scared to tell it so I thought if I wrote it in my diary you would atleast come to know about my feelings.

Shivaay: So I am the one who was fooled all these days?

Annika: Well… we can say it so….

Shivaay: I also have something for you!


He gave her the shell necklace back.


Shivaay: It’s the necklace that you gave to me the day you left me.

Annika: Don’t you remember what my grandmother said? « When you see someone that you love a lot give it to him ». I think you should keep it!

Shivaay: So, what do you mean?

Annika: Do you really don’t understand or are you acting like you don’t understand?

Shivaay: I love you!

Annika started to blush.

Shivaay: I’m gald I have you in my life and don’t want to loose you. However you are I will always love you!

Annika: I am the one who is lucky. Even if I searched in my entire life, I wouldn’t have found a perfect man like you. I love you too!


To be continued …

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