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#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 13 – Diwali Preparations, Riansh Moment

Episode starts with…

Everyone was worried for Riddhima as she isn’t aware of Vansh’s anger. All are aware that from past 3 years, Vansh has not been normal and he usually gets irritated and anger is like always on his nose and Vansh doesn’t like anyone disturbing him when he is busy on call or meeting. And today Riddhima was on the verge of being exposed to that Vansh. This created panic among everyone as after long time Riddhima is happy and if Vansh vents his anger then she can’t bear it. Angre decided to go and bring her back as he didn’t want his sister to fall prey for his best friend’s anger. As he walked towards Riddhima, Vansh’s call was done and he didn’t turn back and he sensed someone’s presence and

Vansh: Riddhima do you want anything?

Everyone including Riddhima was shocked as how come Vansh identified Riddhima without even turning back. Riddhima was lost in thoughts as to how did he know it was she. She didn’t make any such sign or any such due to which he could identify her. Then, how did he??? Angre too was shunned and stood in his position. Even he wondered how come he identified her. Meanwhile, Vansh turned back and seeing Riddhima staring him in shock. He snapped his fingers to bring Riddhima into reality.

Vansh (smiling): Riddhima, where are you lost?

Riddhima (shaking her head): How did you identify it’s me without even looking behind!

Vansh: I can sense your presence.

Riddhima and everyone were dumbstruck and were looking at him that’s when he realised what he blurted out. He felt embarrassed as to how come he say such statements without thinking. He could sense that everyone’s stare was on him and he knew if he didn’t control the situation then he’s going to be talk of the house so

Vansh: Riddhima, you didn’t tell me why you are here? Do you need anything?

Riddhima: …. (lost in thoughts)

Vansh: Riddhima!! (shook her)

Riddhima: aa… haa… Actually, I came to thank you

Vansh: Thank me? For?

Riddhima: If at all you didn’t agree for celebrating Diwali this year then, we wouldn’t have got the opportunity to organize and then if that didn’t happen then I wouldn’t have been here and would have never met Bhai. So, you deserve a thank you. Sooo, Thank You Vansh

Vansh stared at Riddhima as how she was expressing her gratitude. He was speechless but what she next did was unexpected by him. She pounced and hugged him. It was not the first time she hugged him but every time they hugged was when Riddhima was scared but this hug had emotions mixed up and it was totally different one. He never felt this way but he wanted to reciprocate that intense hug and without bothering about who’s watching or what they’d think he wrapped his arms around her and they both were so engrossed in their hug that they closed their eyes to enjoy that moment. There was no space even for air to pass through them. Riddhima could hear his heart beat which was fast (because he had mixed emotions due to Riddhima hugging him), she could sense his heavy breath falling on her head, Vansh could hear his heart beat. He didn’t want anyone to know but he forgot that everyone was present there and his actions were enough to create a buzz among others. Angre and others were amused to see their intense hug that even they were lost. Someone’s cough interrupted their moment bringing them back senses, and that’s when they noticed who was that who spoiled their moment and it was…. Dadi. Their hug and moment were disturbed but at the same time, they realised how they were so engrossed in their moment that they lost track of time and others presence. Angre came forward, put his hand over Riddhima’s shoulders and

Angre: Vansh, she’s right. If at all you didn’t agree then I would have never found my little sister. Thank you

They share a warm hug when dadi interrupts them,

Dadi: Are you guys going to say thank you and all and not celebrate Diwali?

They all realised they were supposed to work on last minute preparations and so everyone rushed to their respective rooms. Rudra was watching his daughter Riddhima smiling whole heartedly after years and was happy as she finally got a blood relation that’s when he saw Riddhima approaching him so he wiped his tears and smiled at her.

Riddhima: Dad I know, you were crying right. I know you are emotional. I need to Thank you too dad. If at all you didn’t accept me as your daughter then this day would have never come. Thank you.

Dad and daughter share some emotional moments.

Rudra: I am happy beta; you finally got your brother. You got your family.

Riddhima: Dad I got my family long back now another member has re-joined that’s it!

Rudra: I meant you got your blood relation but we share heart relation. Isn’t it!

Riddhima: Exactly Dad.

Rudra: I am happy you have your blood relation. But the fact is you were, you are and will always be my daughter.

Riddhima and Rudra share an emotional bond before Riddhima gets back to work. Angre who was observing all that was happy his sister got a family who loved her the same way his parents used to. Riddhima started working on final touches of decorations, and other arrangements. While Sejal was checking on the arrangements for pooja and caterers. Siya bought some diya’s and lightings and

Siya: Riddhima, these are the diya’s which bhai bought last night and these are some lightings which the decorating staff left without using so thought to inform you.

Riddhima: Ohh Godd!!! These lightings were supposed to be hanged near pool area. May be my staff forgot. It’s okay, I’ll look into it. Can you please place these diya’s around the pool!

Siya: Yeah yeah definitely. Chalo lets go

Both the girls reached the pool area to work on final touch-ups. Riddhima started hanging the lights, while Siya was arranging the diya’s that when Vansh arrived there talking on call. The girls didn’t notice his arrival but when Vansh saw Riddhima and it felt like his time stopped. He was observing how dedicatedly she was working. Her eyes were talking how happy she was, her lips were humming some song, her shoulders were carrying the lights and he saw her hands were struggling to handle all the hangings at a time. Her hair strand was falling on her eyes and forehead and she was trying to put them back and as her hands were busy, she was unable to. Vansh moved towards Riddhima and helped her in putting that strand behind her ears, they both shared an eye – lock. Siya who was observing this felt like this moment is to be captured so she secretly clicked their pic.

Vansh: Riddhima, shall I help you?

Riddhima: Will you?

Vansh: Anything for you and with you I’d love to…

Riddhima: What did you say?

Vansh realised what he just said.

Vansh: nothing, forget it!! Don’t you want to work. You are wasting time. Get to work

Riddhima: Acha ok!!! Come I’ll handle these hangings you hang them.

Siya meanwhile went and bought Sejal and Ishani to show them the unexpected thing. As they arrived, they were shocked to see the great Vansh Rai Singhania helping in decorations. Riddhima was handing the lights to Vansh who was standing on a stool. The naughty girls took advantage of that and clicked their pics secretly.  Ishani shouted Bhai and this created a jerk and Vansh fell off the stool and the impact were such that even Riddhima who was standing near him fell and they both fell over each other and the lights they had in their hand fell over them. The situation was such that Vansh was over Riddhima and lights were on them.

Sejal (whispering): Ishani, have you gone mad? Why the hell did you shout? Now, look they fell.

Ishani: Exactly, my Seju… they fell over each other. Look how engrossed they are in their eyes. There is definitely something which we are unable to understand. Just see, did you observe how changed Vansh bhai looks since yesterday. He is not the same bhai which he was from 3 years. He stared smiling, laughing, cooking. He started being the old bhai once again. In fact, you remember how he used to hate decorating and just see now he is helping Riddhima in decorating. This means we are going to get our older version of bhai with many changes. These changes started the moment he met her. This is good news. We have been trying to revive him from 3 years and this never happened but he used to get upset with us but today he is doing all that he used to do 3 years back and also something’s which he never did only for her. So, what did you understand by this? Her presence is the reason for his change. Even now, look at them how they are staring at each other without trying to move. Did you ever see bhai like this?

Sejal and Siya thought all that happened and were observing that what all Ishani said was right. They looked at them, while Vansh and Riddhima were lost in each other’s eyes. Their hearts were conveying something which their brains couldn’t understand. They were observing each other’s eyes and that’s when Riddhima realised that Vansh is much more than he shows he is. His eyes were speaking of the pain his heart bears. His eyes were numb as if he cries his heart out when none is observing. Riddhima wondered how can a person has multiple personality as Sejal described him as something else and the Vansh she has been with since previous day was a totally different person and his eyes were depicting him to be some other person. Which Vansh is the real? Why is he hiding himself in a strict image of himself?

Suddenly Uma’s voice broke their illusion and they were back to senses and realised that they were in this position for a while now and so before anyone could see them, they started getting rid of the lights which were tangled. They didn’t know that Sejal, Siya and Ishani were observing them and adoring their pair. They soon got rid of the tangled lights and Vansh got up from Riddhima and lend his hand to lift her. Riddhima stared at him as he lends his hand and she forwarded her hand and got up with his help. She set herself and then

Riddhima: Vansh you alright?

Vansh: I am fine, how are you? You ok?

They both nodded got back to work. Riddhima made sure that everything was on point. She cross checked everything with, decorators, staff, caterers and Sejal and once she felt everything was ready for the evening, she decided to get ready.

Riddhima: Sejal, everything seems to in place. I better go home and come back.

Sejal: Why do you want to go home?

Riddhima: Of course, to get ready. I need to come back asap to check last-minute preparation too.

Sejal: Riddhu, why do you want to go all the way long to change? You can change in our home.

Riddhima: But Sejal, my clothes!!!

“I got them” They turned who said that and saw Angre carrying bags.

Angre: Today I am much happier so decided I’ll get gifts for the most special and beautiful women of my life.

Angre: Ishani, you know what you mean to me. I always celebrated my happiness and shared my sorrow with you so how can I not celebrate this beautiful day of my life with you. So, this is for you my love.

Angre: Siya, Sejal you both always treated me as your brother though I never gave you that right to call me so, you never left trying and even succeeded. You both are also my sisters and how could I not celebrate this occasion with you. So, these are for you two my naughty sisters.

Angre: (Anupriya & Uma) Aunty, you always treated me as your son. Today this son of yours got his happiness, his sister. This is for you.

Angre: (Chanchal) Aunty, you gave the love, care and affection to my sister in our absence. You protected her. You treated her as your daughter. And now I treat Sejal as my sister too, so, technically you are my Mother. So, this is a small gift from this son.

Angre: Riddhu, I got you after many years and after 20 years I am going to celebrate Diwali with you. Finally, I got my light on the festival of lights. This is for you. I don’t know your taste but I hope you’ll like it.

Riddhima: Bhai, I’ll love it. Because it’s your first present to me in all these years. I’ll love it because our taste is not different and you still remember what I liked and what I didn’t. So never think I won’t like your present.

Angre: The important, special and beautiful women of my life are these. I can’t even expect a day without these women.

Sejal: Bhai, till yesterday we knew you had a sister and you never allowed anyone call you Bhai as that was her right. So, we knew she was special and then Ishani was special as she is your soulmate, better half and your love.

Siya: Exactly!! We didn’t know that even we are special to you.

Dadi: Stop you two idiots, you’ll never let him stay in peace. Always up to pulling his leg. Now go, go, and get ready. We need to do pooja too


Precap: Everyone is celebrating Diwali

So that’s all for today. Hope you guys are enjoying and please do comment and let me know your views and suggestions if any needed.

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