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Qurbaan Hua 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Chahat is adament to find the truth about Baleq

Qurbaan Hua 23rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neel is shocked to see that it is Dr Baig who is in front of him, he remembers the promise which he made to his sister on her deathbed that he would kill the person who is responsible for her death he is about to kill him but then Dr Baig calls Chahat so he backs out thinking what Chahat said about her father being ill, Neel cries in anger.
Chahat exclaims to gollu that she has become a naughty girl and is always yearning for her so she feels that golly has become a crazy girl, she mentions that she is also missing her mother a lot so now they both would celebrate her birthday together, she is sitting when Baleq comes into the room and is not able to resist himself so calls to her.
Neel comes to bakery exclaiming that Chahat has been living in his house under the assumption that her father is innocent and she desires to prove it however he knows it in his heart that Dr Baig is guilty but Chahat is an innocent girl so is not able to see the real face of her father.
Baleq in the room explains that Chahat is looking really pretty caring for Kripa and does she not feel that kripa would also desire that she marry him because she can be the mother of kripa, he touches her after which she slaps him, he feels a lot of pain.
Neel inquires if he can keep Dr Baig in the bakery, Bopho exclaims that he can as the bakery belongs to him, Neel mentions that he would not inform Chahat as otherwise she would get busy in caring for her father so would not be able to prepare properly.
Chahat warns Baleq saying that some pains cannot be covered as those that are on his face so he should never touch her ever again as it would not be nice.
Neel is walking when Dr Baig asks for some water, Neel orders him to take care of Dr Baig meanwhile he would bring the required medicines for him.
Neel opens the door, he gets shocked as Chahat is coming for the bakery, Neel inquires why she came to the bakery at which she mentions that she came to buy a cake as it is the birthday of her mother so even if her mother is dead she desires to celebrate her birthday, Neel refuses to let her go inside by making an excuse that they both are cleaning the bakery so he got dirty but she should not worry as he would come back after preparing the cake himself and she should just focus on her studies,. Chahat hears that a glass broke so gets worried thinking that Bopho might have hurt himself, however Neel prevents her from going back inside sending her back to the house, after this he calms down.
Chahat is in the house inspecting something, Viyas jee comes asking what is she doing, Chahat says that they are buying the new branch so they can set a cooking station for Neel, Viyas jee exclaims that how can they set the station as the factory doesnot belong to them, Chahat wonders why Baleq lied to her about opening a new branch of the factory, he explains that he knows the owner so they can arrange for it, Chahat thinks that this would mean that she would have a chance to find out the truth.
Neel brings the cake, Viyas jee rejoices saying that he could have never thought that he would bring the cake, Neel exclaims that he made the cake for the birthday of Chahat’s mother, Viyas jee gets tensed after Neel leaves Chahat inquires why is he so tensed, Neel says that it is because he thought that Neel made the cake for him as it is also his birthday, Chahat rejoices and is angry that Neel forgot but Viyas jee says that he never celebrated his birthday so she should not talk with anyone, Chahat mentions that they can celebrate it by themselves. They both cut and eat the cake, Chahat inquiries what gift he desires, Viyas jee mentions that he only wants she should help him renew his relations with Neel.
Chahat mentions that it is not something to worry about as he should just talk with Neel about his hobbies and what he desires, Viyas jee says that they both only talk when necessary, Chahat advises saying that she would help him make an id on friend book where he can socialize with Neel at which he agrees.
Chahat reaches her room, after wishing her mother her birthday she prays she find her father as soon as possible, her mother shows a sign, she gets angry seeing that Neel has thrown his clothes on the floor, she picks them up and is shocked seeing that he has even kept his phone in the pocket, when she leaves the pant, she gets irritated seeing his pant so picks them up in disgust, she gets message and then seeing that Viyas jee has sent a request to Neel she goes to meet him.
Chahat asks Viyas jee that he should set another name on his id as Neel would not accept his request otherwise, Chahat says that he should take the name of a girl which angers Viyas jee however he agrees when Chahat mentions that this is the only way he would correct his relation with Neel. Viyas jee gets a call from the owner of the factory who agrees to provide the area for the shooting, Chahat immediately leaves for the factory.
Baleq remembering how Chahat slapped him thinks that he has never felt so nice after being hit by someone then thinks that he would bring Chahat close to him as he only knows that she was not the girl which Neel desired to marry.
Neel comes out of the washroom and is shocked to see that Meera has sent him a friend request so wonders what has happened to her, Chahat is in the cab wondering why Baleq lied to her.

Precap: Chahat seeing a video is angry that a girl desires Neel teach him, Neel asks why is she looking at his phone as they all are his fans, she asks why is he flirting with them and even hits him warning that he would not go to teach her, he inquires why does she care at which she mentions that he is her husband.

Update Credit to: Sona

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