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Love after arrange marriage Ep-39-Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-39-Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Hello all , Again I am writing the episode while my classes are going on …By the way , you all were curious why is Riddhima doing suicide …Well , you might get answer in this episode..

Episode starts with..,

Then Riddhima goes back ..Vansh says,”Thank you for stiching the button.” Riddhima,”Welcome..” Daadi calls everyone down..

Daadi : So , tomorrow there will be Haldi , Mehndi and Sangeet ..So be prepare..

Vansh : Yes daadi ..

Daadi : Vansh beta , where is Riddhima ? She didn’t came..?

Vansh turns back but does not sees Riddhima around..

Vansh : Daadi , she might be resting then…

Daadi : Ok ..

Vansh goes to his room in order to find Riddhima but Riddhima is not around..

Ajay rings Vansh..

Ajay : Boss, Riddhima bhabhi is standing on terrace..

Vansh : What ? What is she doing there ?

Ajay : Sir , she is trying to jump from there…

Vansh : What ? I am coming..

Vansh cuts the call and runs towards the garden..

Ajay : Boss, mam is at terrace then you are here ?

Vansh : Wait Ajay  wait..

Riddhima is trying to suicide ..She jumps from the terrace but Vansh catches her and saves her..

Riddhima is crying..

She says,”Vansh, why did you saved me ? Let me die..” Vansh holds her properly in his amrs and takes to the room ..

Vansh : Are you gone mad ?

Riddhima : No , I was just saving your and my life..

Vansh : By jumping ?

Riddhima sobs..

Vansh : Calm down and tell what has happened..

Riddhima : VaVansh.. When you left when Daadi called…Then , I received a call …That person told me , that he will kill you (Vansh)..I said , don’t kill Vansh …That person said that either you(Riddhima) do suicide or I will kill Vansh..

Vansh : But , why did you tried to suicide ..Nobody could kill me yaar..

Riddhima : Vansh if you would have died , I too have died afterwards..Then Vari would be left alone and If I die..

Vansh keeps finger on her mouth and says,”If you would have died , I too would have , so now , you won’t do this type of something..Is that ok ?”

Riddhima : Hmm..

Vansh : Who called you ?

Riddhima : If I knew…

Vansh : Ok ok ..I will find ..And from now don’t believe in all this ..Got it !

Riddhima : Hmm….

Vansh : Let me find the number..

Riddhima : Ok go ..

Vansh goes to Ajay ..

Vansh narrates the incident..

Ajay : Boss , who could do this ?

Vansh : I too doubt…Ajay , find out the number from which Riddhima got the call.

Ajay : Yes boss.

Vansh is tensed..Daadi listens the whole talks and comes.

Vansh : Daadi ., Riddhima is very tensed..What shall I do ?

Daadi : You shall gift her a **** and *********

Vansh : Nice idea..Thank you daadi ..

Daadi : God bless you both.

Vansh goes to market..

He then goes to his room..

Vanshh enters inside…He says,”Riddhima , will you do me a favour ? ” Riddhima answers,”Anything for you ..” Vansh says,”Then , please wear this and come ..” Riddhima goes..She wears out and come..Its a saree..

Vansh is stunned to see her..He says,”Gorgeous ..Mind Blowing!” Riddhima smiles..Then Vansh takes her hand and makes her wear a ring…Riddhima says,”Its not iur engagement ,..” Vansh says,”We will celebrate it as…”

Vansh says her to turn ..She turns..Vansh finds that Riddhima has a tattoo on her neck at back side..The tatto reads VR ..

Vansh gets happy noticing it ..Then Riddhima turns..

Vansh : By the way , this tatto is awesome..

Riddhima : Thank you ..I went to my friend’s house..She is a tatto artist..She made it..

Vansh : Hmm ..Nice..By the way , what it reads ?

Riddhima : Vansh – Riddhima..

Vansh : How sweet…

Riddhima smiles..They both look at each other…

Vansh asks,”Riddhima you didn’t wore necklace ? ” Riddhima answers,”I wore it at first but its hook wasn’t tuking up ..Vansh says,”Bring it…” Riddhim brings it..

Vansh makes her wear necklace in the front of mirror and they share an eye lock ..

Precap : Riddhima and Vansh also perform marriage rituals ..


I hope this is a longer one..Do comment your views down ..



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