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Ishq Mein Marjawan – Episode 5 (Moving in)

Thank you all for the overwhelming love. Longer part today.

Epi starts…

Vansh and Riddhima are still lost in each other embrace when Riddhima suddenly realised that she was hurt. She couldn’t stand anymore and fell on the floor.

Vansh: Riddhima! Are you ok?

Riddhima: Ye..yes. I am fine. I think I might have sprained my ankle when I jumped from the car.

Vansh: Come on. Let’s get you home.

He lifted Riddhima in his arms and carried her away not once breaking eye contact. Riddhima was shocked at first but she let Vansh carry her and didn’t want to let go.

Meanwhile in the burning car..

Kabir thinks: I need to get out of here..

He crawls out  from the car and lies on the floor waiting for someone to help but nobody came. He eventually fell unconscious and someone (lady) is seen taking him to hospital.

At Riddhima’s house:

Vansh: Sit down. I will get the first aid box.

Sejal comes running from the room and hugs Riddhima.

Sejal: Thank god you are alright. You owe me an explaination Riddhu pls.

Riddhima: Not now Sejal. I am tired but I promise I will explain everything later.

Meanwhile Angre and Vansh was talking in the room.

Angre: Boss, what should we do?

Vansh: Get someone to the accident site and see if anyone else is in there.

Angre: Yes boss. (he walk out)

Vansh comes back and sits on the floor facing Riddhima. Sejal goes to the kitchen to make tea.

Vansh doing the aid says: Riddhima, I wanted to ask. Do you want to come live with me?

Riddhima shocked: What??! but why?

Vansh: I don’t want to leave you alone here. He might come back and he knows where you live. If you come and live with me, I can keep you safe and away from danger.

Riddhima: about Sejal?

Vansh: Don’t worry, she can come too. We have plenty of rooms in the house.

Riddhima smiles and nods. Vansh doesn’t need her approval when her smile says it all. He finishes the aid and takes something out of his pocket.

Vansh:  Here, I found this. Its a beautiful necklace.

Riddhima: Thank you. It was my mom’s. Its her last thing she left to me.

She is trying to hold back the tears and Vansh slowly gets up and puts the necklace around Riddhima’s neck. Riddhima smiled and looked at Vansh

Vansh: Now that’s better. It looks much more beautiful now.

Riddhima blushes and smiles.

Next morning..

Riddhima and Sejal are packing and waiting for Vansh to come.

Sejal: Riddhima, are you going to tell me now? Who was he?

Riddhima sighs: He was Kabir, the one we met in college. He proposed to me about 2-3 times but I have rejected every one. He wanted to take me away to be with him.

Sejal shocked: Oh no! Glad you are alright. But please don’t let him bother you anymore. He is your past, and he is dead. Nobody will ever know who he is now.

Riddhima smiles: Yes you are right. But I feel responsible for the accident

Sejal: No Riddhima, don’t blame yourself.

She hugs her. Vansh arrives.

Vansh: Come on girls

Riddhima and Sejal walks out and go into Vansh’s car. They arrive at his house in less than 20 mins and Sejal runs in.

Riddhima: Sejal..wait…

Sejal doesn’t wait and just continue to go into the house.

Vansh: Don’t worry about her. Angre is there, he can help her.

Riddhima was slow in getting down as her ankle was still aching. Vansh noticed it and helped her down the car holding her carefully while walking into the house. They are about to step in when Anupriya shouts:

Anupriya: Vansh! What are you doing? Why did you bring her here?

Riddhima looks up and saw that she was angry. Riddhima already knew that Anupriya did not like her but she tried her best to smile.

Vansh: Mom please..Riddhima is hurt and I don’t want to be having this conversation right now.

Vansh takes Riddhima by the shoulders and walks past his mom to go inside the house.

Anupriya thinks: How did he bring her back again. I have to do something.

She walks away and calls someone.

Inside VR mansion

Vansh takes Riddhima to the pool side to sit down.

Riddhima: Wow, this place is amazing.

Vansh laughs and says: Thank you. Would you like something to drink?

Riddhima says no and gets up to walk near the edge of the pool. She is still not balanced from her ankle but Vansh comes and supports her. When he tries to hold her hand, he slips from the puddle and falls into the pool pulling Riddhima with him.  Title song plays…

Vansh: I am so sorry Riddhima, I slipped.

Riddhima was laughing and splashed water onto his face. Vansh was mesmerized by her and splashed water onto her face too.

Vansh: Come on Riddhima, let’s go. We should get changed. You will get cold if you continue to be here.

Riddhima laughing: Hahaha, this is so much fun! I haven’t had this much fun since…

Riddhima expression changes and she gets out the pool and turns to Vansh.

Riddhima: I will see you later..

She walks away.

Vansh wanders what happened to her.  He was puzzled as to why she suddenly left without saying anything. He gets out of the pool and makes his way to his room to change.

Precap: Riddhima cries and runs out of the house. She sits in the garden thinking about something. Vansh comes and tries to cheer her up. They both go for dinner and Vansh tries to express his feelings. 

That’s all for today. Hope you all enjoyed Riansh scenes and more on the way. Let me know on how the episode was and any suggestions or feedback will be appreciated. 🙂

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