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Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 29: Hospital time! :(

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Replies to comments from previous update:

Hello Shivangi, Glad to know you liked the episode 🙈. Sorry for ‘No precap’ since I couldn’t really get anything. But today you can make your assumptions and I will help you do that 🤭

Hello M, Glad you liked the episode 🙈. For now there’s only friendship, love and little mix of anger😉

Hello Stara, Glad to know you are enjoying the episodes and I hope you like this one as well💕.

Hello Rianshfan, Happy to know you liked the episode 😊

Hello Riaa, I know the site didn’t help you that day to comment on the update and so I can forgive you 🙈🤭. You would definitely love what’s coming up 😜

Hello G_SQUAD, Glad to know you liked the episode 🙈 and I hope you enjoy this one too 🤞. Love you and your response 💛

Hello Riansh Lover, Don’t worry, you can predict today and I will help you in that!😉

Hello SUMISHA, Glad you liked the episode and there’s alot coming up so please do not miss😊

Hello KV2711, I am happy to know you liked the episode 😃 and I hope you enjoy this too🤞. Thank you for the wishes💗

Hello Xyz, Then I feel you would really enjoy today’s and tomorrow’s episode 🤭. Because I have kept the conversation quite simple but cute and a little comical🙈. So please don’t miss and let me know your views😉

Hello TSA, Glad to know you enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy it today also💛. Do let me know!

Hello Sakshu, Glad to know you enjoyed the episode and I hope you enjoy this one as well💙

Hello Naira U Singh, 😘. Happy to know you enjoyed the update and I really hope you enjoy this too🤞.

Hello Darshika, I am really happy to know you enjoy the updates and I wait for your response as well💛. I couldn’t get a title yesterday, so whatever came in my mind first, I gave it up🤭. ‘No Precap’ is a hint that I was too busy to write the next episode and find a suitable part for the precap. Or it also states that I couldn’t create a clear image of what to put up. But today there’s a precap🙈. Moreover, I am 15!

Hello Diha, I hope you find this amazing as well 💙. And do not miss what’s coming up!

Hello RiyaVaghani, You found my existence after quite a long time😉(just kidding) Pranati because I really enjoyed Pavitra bhagya but it’s not anymore and so I didn’t get any name up in my mind. Ya! Reyansh Khuranna! I wanted that to continue 🥺


The episode starts as….

At 01:00pm in Riddhima’s house,

Riddhima: I don’t know why but I am feeling really sleepy today. So I guess I should take a nap of 30 minutes.

Vansh(firmly): You aren’t taking any nap. Not even for 5 minutes.

Riddhima: Why Vansh? You can wake me up after 30 minutes and then I’ll go to the hospital.

Vansh: I can’t wake you up!

Riddhima: But why? Don’t you want me to go and visit Pranati in the hospital?

Vansh: I do! But when you sleep, you look like a small baby and babies really look cute and adorable when they sleep. So do you look. And then I just don’t feel like waking you up, I just wish to keep looking at you.

Aryan: Guys, if Ishani and I don’t speak anything for a while doesn’t mean we aren’t present around.

Ishani: Exactly Bhai! If y’all want to romance then y’all should go into your room.

Vansh: When y’all realised that we’ll be having some romantic conversations then y’all should quietly get up and leave. Why do both of you always interfere in our romance?

Aryan: Alright! It’s our fault. We apologise. We’ll leave. Y’all continue.

Vansh: What’s the use of apologizing after spoiling everything?

Aryan and Ishani leave from there, giving Vansh and Riddhima their personal space.

Riddhima: So what were you saying?

Vansh: Who? Me? Well Nothing!

Riddhima(making a sad face): Hmm… All your romance comes out when others are around, otherwise…….

Vansh(moving closer to her): Otherwise?

Riddhima(getting redder): Nothing. Leave. Because even I have to leave.

Riddhima gets up from the sofa and just takes a step ahead to walk when Vansh wraps his fingers around her wrist and pulls her back on the sofa and this time even closer to him.

Vansh(whispering): Actually Sweetheart, I was saying that you look the most adorable and the cutest person when you sleep. You look like a small baby, just too cute. I just wish to keep looking at you when you sleep and not let anything disturb you when you sleep.

Riddhima: *blushes*

Vansh(whispering): I forgot to add one thing that you look even cuter when you blush. And especially when the reason is me.

Riddhima smiles at him and leaves the house quickly because she knows even if for a moment she gave a look at him, he would start again and then it would become difficult for her to leave.

Vansh(smiling): If I die earlier than the day decided by God then the blame goes to Riddhima. After all she has a ‘killer smile’.

At 01:45 pm in the hospital,

Riddhima gets down from her car and walks towards the hospital’s entrance.

Riddhima(thinking): Why did I listen to Sejal and Vansh? I could have easily denied to both of them that I won’t be paying a visit to Pranati. But now that I am here, I can’t even back off. And anyways, staying with her for 15-20 minutes isn’t a big thing. So come on Riddhima, Get ready to sacrifice 15-20 minutes of your life with an appealing smile.

Riddhima had already taken all the details of Pranati, so she didn’t have to worry to ask any attendant regarding her ward and room. Riddhima walked into Pranati’s room and found her sleeping. She feels sad for Pranati’s condition. But then Pranati opens her eyes as she feels somebody’s presence and finds Riddhima.

Pranati: Riddhima, When did you come?

Riddhima: Just a minute ago. [Sitting on the chair kept next to her] How are you? And what happened?

Pranati: Actually Today when I was coming back home from a morning walk that time, a car came in full speed and I met with an accident.

Riddhima: No wonder I thought you were blind. You couldn’t see a car coming?

Pranati: Come on Riddhima! I am not blind. I just had earphones plugged in.

Riddhima: How many times have you heard on the news that one shouldn’t plug in earphones or shouldn’t use a phone while walking on the road. That is one of the main reasons for accidents.

Pranati: Did you come here to give me a lecture on safety or to ask about my health?

Riddhima(putting her hand in the purse): I got something for you. Guess what it is!

Pranati: Fairy milk?

Riddhima: (Getting it out) Yes!

Pranati: Well, I love that chocolate! It just raises my spirits. (Riddhima hands over the chocolate to her) Thank you!

Riddhima: I don’t know much about you, but I had heard in college that you really like ‘Fairy milk’ and so I thought of bringing one for you.

Pranati: Like? Seriously? I love ‘Fairy milk’.

Riddhima:Today that we are together, I feel you weren’t as bad as I had imagined.

Pranati: Even I feel the same thing. And you know what else I feel?

Riddhima: What?

Pranati: I feel that the other students never wanted us to become friends and come together. After all, how will they tolerate two of the best students together in one team?

Riddhima: Exactly! And that’s why we were never together in college.

Riddhima and Pranati smile looking at each other and spend hours talking together and reminiscing about their college fights, friends, campus, teachers and many more talks.

At 05:00pm, 

Riddhima: It was fun talking to you! If I knew you were such an interesting person then we would have made the best pair in college.

Pranati: I agree with you. If in college I could have got the slightest clue that you are so good, we would have been the best pair.

Riddhima: Ya! But now I need to leave. I will try to come tomorrow also.

Pranati: Please do! I would enjoy it as well.

Riddhima bids good-bye to her and leaves the room. She’s standing outside the room when she gets a message. She checks it and it’s from Vansh.

Vansh(on message): Sweetheart, How long will you take? I am really missing you! Come home soon. I will leave in a while and won’t be able to meet you tomorrow due to office work. Please be back. I love you!

Riddhima smiles on reading his message. But then she hears a voice from a room ahead. She goes nearer to the room and peeps in. She sees a middle aged lady(almost in late 40s) lying unconscious on bed, a man(almost in late 40s) standing and talking to a doctor.

The man(Joining his hands): Doctor, please save my wife. I would die without her. There’s no one except her to me in this world. We don’t even have kids. We are the reason for each other’s survival. Please save her!

The Doctor: I told you earlier as well. We need B+ve blood for her. And our blood bank doesn’t have it. We need a bottle. If you can arrange it from anywhere then we can save her but if can’t, then I am sorry.

The Doctor leaves the room while the man sits next to his wife and starts crying. He says, “This way I will never be able to save you.” Riddhima looks at their condition and feels sad for the two. Just then she recalls something and runs to the doctor. She stops his way.

Doctor: Yes young lady, how may I help you?

Riddhima: I am Riddhima. I just heard you speaking to that man, and I came to know that his wife needs B+ve blood. I am ready to donate.

Doctor: It’s not as easy as it seems. We’ll have to do your check up and make sure you aren’t suffering from any disease, if your blood matches with that of the lady’s and many more things.

Riddhima: You can even ask me that. I am not suffering from any disease.

Doctor: It’s a procedure. Come along with me.

Riddhima follows the Doctor without asking further questions since she’s already worried for the lady.

At 08:00pm in VR mansion,

Vansh and Ishani walk inside the house. Vansh is angry and upset. He doesn’t bother to talk to anyone and so rushes to his room. Uma and Sia notice it and go to Ishani.

Uma(to Ishani): Now today what happened to this fellow?

Ishani: Who? Vansh bhai?

Uma: Yes! What happened to him?

Ishani: Didn’t Sia tell you anything? (Looking at Sia) You didn’t tell Mom, did you?

Sia: I thought if bhai would come and inform then it would be better.

Uma: May I also know what’s happening?

Ishani: Mom, last night bhai proposed Riddhima and she accepted his proposal.

Uma(surprise): WHAT! This is such big news and you are being so low while saying this.

Ishani: I know that. But I completed all my happiness there and so it’s over.

Uma: Okay! But now why is he upset?

Ishani: Because he asked Riddhima to come home early to meet him since he’s busy tomorrow with a few meetings and won’t be able to meet her. And since Riddhima had gone to the hospital to meet her friend she couldn’t come on time.

Uma: Hmmm….. Doesn’t matter. He’ll meet Riddhima by hook or by crook.

Sia: How are you so sure?

Uma: He’s my son. He’s that son of mine for whom work was life and if by chance someone asked him to smile then the expressions used to be like the person asked his life. But ever since he met Riddhima he has got a total change in his behavior and personality.

Sia: Yaa! I remember. Bhai has always been an introvert since childhood. He used to prefer to stay alone. (Notices Ishani thinking) What happened Ishani?

Ishani: Bhai just behaves firm in front of us. He’s not at all like this with Riddhima. He turns to become a very comic and romantic person when she’s around him.

Uma(laughs): Vansh and Romance? I don’t believe you. And I can’t stay here any longer to hear unbelievable words and sentences. I am going.

Uma laughingly leaves from there while Ishani screams from behind, “Mom stop laughing, even you know I am speaking the truth.”

Vansh is in his room. He looks at Riddhima and his picture.

Vansh(speaking to himself): It was my fault that I sent you to the hospital. I shouldn’t have let you go. I had no idea you wouldn’t come soon. (Pauses) Wait….. Vansh what are you thinking? It’s not right. She went to meet a friend and maybe things mended between them and so she took time. (Again pauses) But so much time. (Looking at the picture) I will not talk to you. I am really angry. And this time, I will not melt down. No matter what happens!


Riddhima is done donating her blood and she walks out of the hospital with a smile on her face. She gets happy since she got a chance to save a life. Just then she recalls Vansh.

Riddhima(thinks): Oh No! I forgot! I am sure he must have got angry. Now calling him up is also useless, I am sure he won’t answer. But now what do I do?

Just then something comes up in her mind and sits in her car and drives back home.


Precap: Vansh closes his eyes just then there’s a knock at the door. He doesn’t bother to open it since he feels it’s Ishani or Sia who aren’t feeling sleepy and are coming to irritate him. But the person continues knocking at the door. Vansh finally gets irritated and gets up. He walks towards the door and opens the door, He finds Uma.


Since most of you love to predict about the upcoming episodes, start predicting🤭

  • How do y’all think Riddhima will convince her Vansh? 


(The next episode is already written down by 60% but let’s see your imagination.)

How do y’all guess it?



Loads of love from me to y’all 💞💞


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