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I don’t hate you : Prolouge and Character Sketch

“What do you think of yourself….. Do I look like a toy to you, jab man kar tab chodna and jab man kare aise harkate karna…… Meri emotions, ka kya…. Even I have my self-respect to maintain. Once I had given my everything and had moved on but no…. You just know how to torture me hain na?….. Problem kya thi tumari….what is your f**king damn  problem…. Why can’t just leave me alone…. I was your lover once, but I had to move on from it because if your stupid problems, later I came back and was your friend till now…. But don’t expect more from me now… Jo bachi kuchi friendship bhi thi na Apne bich voh… I am finishing it out today.. and dare you KUNJ SARNA. you come to me seeking any forgiveness because this time I won’t forgive you…. Because the thing you have done to me is not something for which  I can forgive you…… You deserve only this……….”

Saying this the person just slapped Kunj Sarna once again and went away running while crying.

And for the first time ever the great Kunj Sarna didn’t knew what to do….. He had lost it everything…. And He knew his life is been destroyed by his own hands. And he won’t be happy in his life.


 Kunj Sarna :- A shrewd business man. Arrogant and rude to the outer world, and lovable to his family. Loves his Mom Dad alot, but more attached to his dad. Fulfills every wishes of his dad whether it costs his happiness too. Had a past known to all the family members. (Past is not bad). Loves his wife and daughter too. One scratch on them he will lit the entire world. But is soon going to realize his mistake and will regret. Age – 33

Praniti Sarna :- A sweet happy go lucky girl, married to Kunj Sarna. Loves Kunj a lot, but knows a secret which no one knows except one person. Loves her daughter a lot. Can do anything for her family. Helps Kunj in business matters. A regret for not helping someone close to her. Soon going to realise a lot things in future. Age -29

Shikha Sarna :- A cute Adorable princess of Sarna family. Spreads happiness. Loves her Mumma Dadda a lot. But loves her Maa a lot. More than her Mumma and Dadda. Very close to her Maa. Have two big brothers who pampers her alot whenever meets eachother. (Daughter of Kunj and praniti) Age – 6

Shrinath Sarna & Kirthi Sarna :- Loves their one only son Kunj Sarna. Proud to have a him as their son. Loves eachother a alot but after happening something in past the equation between both changed alot. Acts as a perfect couple in front of whole world and with Kunj too. But the reality of their relationship is known only to 2 persons. Shrinath is no more. Kirthi age – 55

Twinkle Nair :- Once a happy go lucky girl who turned into a matured and rude person because of her past. But now the happiest in her life which includes two kiddos. Loves her choti alot. Have a secret which is known only to the persons who is damn close to her and helps them in their every problem faced by them. Runs a small business company with 20 – 30 employees. And have  biiiiiiig secret that will be known in the story. Age – 30

Srilokh Nair & Karthik Nair :- An identical twin Srilok is 4 minutes bigger than Karthik but if you see then karthik is more mature than Srilokh. Srilokh is calm and composed boy then Karthik is opposite, not so calm nd anger at the tip of the nose. They both love Twinkle i.e their mom alot Srilok calls her Mumma & Karthik as MAA. There is something which Karthik knows but pretends as if he doesn’t know anything. Loves Shikha and kranti a lot and prani too…. Age – 8 . But do they look lyk an 8year kid then you are highly mistaken they look lyk they are 10-11 yrs old.

This story is a General fiction.
It may or may not be a happy ending,but a Twinj story for sure.

  1. Kunj had a past which is known to his parents and wife. He moved on from his past and is happy with his family. (Not fully though but realized after long time)
  2. This story will contain flashbacks.
  3. Shrinath is no more in the present time. His role will be mostly included in the flashbacks.
  4. Kirthi and praniti shares a good bond. And both knows a secret which is not known to anyone. Kirthi is more close to Twinkle how…. Well you will get to know as the story continues.
  5. Twinkle’s character will be totally revealed in the story so wait for that.
  6. More characters will be introduced as  the story goes  on.
  7. Praniti is not a negative character.

Well I will continue this only if I get satisfactory responses….

Do tell how you find it….

Who do you think dare to slap Kunj????

What is his past??

What about Twinkle??

Will be waiting for your responses!!

Until then take care.

Thank you for reading❤❤


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