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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Gudiya brings dream girl to fulfill Nanhe lal’s wish

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 23rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe hearing Gudiya crying. He gets shocked to see her crying and thinks she will make others cry and will not cry herself. He goes to her and asks why is she crying? Gudiya says don’t know why tears rolling down my cheeks. Radhe asks her to tell what is the matter? Gudiya says nothing. Radhe asks her if she will not tell him. Gudiya hugs him and asks if he will tell anyone. Radhe says no. Gudiya says my Chacha ji has 4th stage of cancer. Radhe asks and what about me? Gudiya says you don’t have. Radhe says reports are scheduled to come in the evening and asks how did she know? Gudiya says when you was in bathroom. A fb is shown, Bua tells that Radhe is hiding in the bathroom, being worried of the report. Radhe comes out. Bua rushes inside the bathroom. Gudiya says she can’t bear to see anything happen to her bau ji. Fb ends. Gudiya says she had gone to PS and met Chunni Lal. She asks him to get reports now itself for Radhe and nanhe lal, so that they can get clarity. Radhe asks how did you come to know about this? Sarla hears and cries. She says you made as a stranger. Gudiya asks her not to tell Chacha ji. Radhe says if you don’t tell me the story end then I will tell Nanhe lal. Gudiya asks him to have patience. She says they have reached the hospital. A fb is shown, Gudiya and Chunni lal ask the receptionist to give the report. He says report didn’t come. Gudiya forces him to give report. The receptionist falls on a lady patient and she slaps him. Chunni lal asks him to give reports of Radhe Gupta and Nanhe lal. The receptionist gives them report. Chunni checks and says Radhe is fine, but Nanhe lal is having 4th stage cancer. fb ends. Sarla tells Radhe that if anyone goes without fulfilling their wishes then…Gudiya thinks she won’t let him go without his wishes fulfilled.

Sweety gets emotional and dances hearing the song Papa jaldi aajana….Pappu asks why are you so sad? Sweety tells Pappu that she is feeling bad today and says if her Papa stays here then? Pappu says then my band will be played. Bapu Sehat ke liye plays….Bua finds them dancing and shouts Sarla. Sarla throws a vegetable on her face and then realizes doing it. Bua asks why did you give so much liberty to them. Sarla says it is not in my limits.

Nanhe lal imagines Sarla coming to the PS and smiles. Gudiya asks why are you smiling? Chunni lal says his dream lady is always with him. Nanhe lal says Samdhan ji asked me to take rabdi for Bua ji. He asks if she came for this work and says we will meet in the house. Gudiya gets sad and asks Chunni lal, if he knows who is his dream lady? Chunni lal says I know. Gudiya says we shall make her meet her dream lady and asks who is she? Chunni lal says I know, but the world shall not know. Gudiya asks if my Chacha ji’s last wish can’t be fulfilled. Chunni lal says no. Gudiya says dream girl can be someone else too. Chunni lal says phool kumari might get ready to become his dream girl. Nanhe lal brings rabdi for Sarla and family. Sarla gives him water and cries, asking why did you bring it today. Bua asks why are you shedding tears? She says you are very dramebaaz. Radhe hugs Nanhe lal and cries. Bua ji says if you had taught anything to your daughter then and accuses him for giving bad values to Sweety. Nanhe lal tells that he has been in the Police dept since 36 years and says he didn’t have single stain on his collar till now.

A lady comes there with band guys. She steps into Gupta house with veil on her face. Everyone tries to see her face. The lady smiles and signs the band guys to go.

Precap: Gudiya lifts the veil of the lady and says if she will become Chacha ji’s dream girl. Sweety calls her Maa. The lady falls on Nanhe lal’s lap. Gudiya keeps her hand on her eyes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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