Wednesday , January 27 2021


Hi friends……

I am going to write about the “ETERNAL LOVE OF RADHAKRISHN ” i know while you were reading this definitely their are some many questions will rise on your mind.

I want to write this … change the perspective of people towards love. And one of the main reason is I love Radhakrishn. After watching this serial my life and my perspective totally changed.

I know you all are thinking how can she write a FF on this mythology but I would like to clear this doubt in the beginning. I gonna write this in different parts . I gonna write this FF based on the serial but in my perspective, I want to highlight each and everyone’s perspective in a good manner. I hope definitely you all are going to like it.

I want to say LOVE means not only  Radhakrishn their is something else we want to know.

If you have any suggestions or issues. please let me know guys.  Please drop a comment on the comment box.

I will update my first part in very soon.

Please support my FF.  Without your support I can’t do anything.

Thank you sooo much for reading this and using your valuable time for me

Lots of love 🥰🥰🥰


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