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CHECK ‘N’ MATE – FINDING SOLACE, Ishq mein marjawan 2 (Part 1)


Part 1- Finding Solace

It was a dull evening. Ridhima was settling in the garden of the VR mansion and was reminiscing her moments with Vansh, moments of hatred, love, and some nhok-jhok too. She was yearning for his presence.  Then her mind strikes with the last words, he uttered Tere Ishq Mein Marjavan’’. She came to the sense screaming


She was frightened as well as her eyes were teary. Still, she feels guilty for the demise of Vansh.

She was infuriated and irritated by the whole family members after Dadi transferred the whole property into her name. Kabir was engaged in giving threats and missions for her and Vihaan was all-time roaming around her. While Aryan was busy in torturing her. Anupriya’s melodrama and Chanchal’s fake care were at the top tier of annoyance. She wasn’t able to tolerate all.  Ishani and dadi were the only two where she found solace. Ishani’s behavior towards Ridhima and Angre slightly changed after Vansh left them.

Dadi got cold feet about Vansh (Vihaan). She can’t digest the fact of Vihaan being Vansh. After all, Vihaan doesn’t have anything common to Vansh except his face and care for Dadi. Vihaan is cold towards others. An emotionless man who always used to flirt with Ridhima. He used to make Anupriya and Chanchal mad because their main tool of Melodrama was not working on him. He even went to bash Aryan and Kabir out of the mansion but was stopped by Ridhima.

Ridhima had been on the lookout for relief from all these.


Breaking her all thoughts, Ishani came and called

Bhabhi, Dadi was looking for you. Please go and meet her…

Ridhima nodded to her, sighing okay. Ishani left from there.

She stood up on her foot and hurried to meet Dadi……. Out of the blue, her leg got slipped, and was about falling. She closed her eyes, accepting the fall. On the spur of the moment, someone held her from the back. She felt solace in those hands.


PRECAP: As Ridhima opened her eyes, she became red out of collar seeing the person infront of her eyes……. Kabir and Vihaan came face to face……..

a.)Who could be the one hold her?

b.)Why she became angry after seeing person in front of her?

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