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Aatma Bandhan 22nd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Cheeru ruins Chaitra’s birthday

Aatma Bandhan 22nd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Aarti and Chaitra reach home. Aarti asks Chaitra not to share with anyone what happened on their way and in shopping mall. Chaitra agrees. Aarti decides to keep this mannequin in the car for now. Inside, Vayda asks Aarti if everything was bought. Ashok comes to Aarti and slaps her on the face. He tells everyone to stay out of their matter. He shouts if Aarti is so irresponsible that she drove the car and took Chaitra outside. He asks how many more people she wants to kill. Indra silences Ashok. Aarti asks if he considers her a murderer? She goes inside with Chaitra. Bhavani asks Ashok why he behaved to Aarti like this. Ashok says Chaitra is his lone child, he is concerned for her life.

Aarti comes to her room upstairs and cries. Chaitra follows Aarti and tries to console her. Aarti scolds Chaitra and tells her to go to her room. Chaitra agrees, but after wiping her tears. Aarti hugs Chaitra and cries. She apologizes Aarti as she is responsible for hurting her. Aarti cheers Chaitra up and says everyone, specially Chaitra must stay happy today on her birthday. She tells her to go to her room. Chaitra asks Aarti if she bought the doll as a surprise gift for her birthday. She says she liked it a lot, it looks like Cheeru. Aarti thinks what she must do now. She decides to bring it inside now. She carries it into the room and places it over the rocking chair. She cries now that Cheeru left her, and now she has to bear so many blames. She is considered a mother who never cares for her children. There was a knock at the door. Aarti wonders who it can be, if Ashok knew about the theft of mannequin. She hides it inside the cupboard and unbolts the room. It was Maatangi. She says she was concerned for them. Aarti complains and requests Maatangi not to do anything for her. It is impossible to part her away from Cheeru now.

The house was lit. Rani observes through the magic bangles to see Cheeru. She thinks Cheeru is in the house, it is a good time to speak to him. Aarti was in the room and speaks to the mannequin that she can not celebrate anything without him. Ashok comes to the room and apologizes Aarti for whatever she said. Aarti complains that for five years she suffered in a meagre wish that her son speaks to her. And he blames her for killing him. Ashok says he is also a father, Chaitra is her alone child now. He is concerned for her protection and safety. He tells Aarti to come downstairs, all the guests are here. Aarti curtly thinks he came here because guests have arrived.

In the room, Rani speaks to Cheeru that she only wished to see him. She requests him not to harm her. She hears Cheeru’s reply and was even more terrified. She looks through the bangle and spots Cheeru. She thinks he looks so terrifying. Cheeru now asks her to look in her arm pit, he is right here. She backs up. Cheeru assures he will not harm her. Rani cries looking through the bangle and says she has been suffering a lot for days. She felt all alone in the house. Cheeru apologizes for not coming to meet her. He asks Rani to bring his favorite milk. Rani agrees.

Chaitra was in the bathtub. Chaitra was excited that a lot of guests are invited to party. Aarti was happy that there will be business partners, relatives and workers all for Chaitra’s birthday celebrations.

In the kitchen, Rani decides to mix powder in Cheeru’s milk. Otherwise he will not like it. She brings the glass of milk. Cheeru asks her to place it on a table. Rani watches the milk empty. Cheeru thank Rani for the milk. Rani cries that she is really tensed. Cheeru asks her not to cry, she also feels like crying otherwise. Rani says she is all alone only because of him. Cheeru says he wish to eat from her hands. He misses his life, and a number of wishes; like his mother drops him to school. Rani thinks about not speaking negatively about Aarti. Rani says Chaitra’s birthday was never celebrated earlier when Cheeru was alive. After Cheeru now, everyone will forget about him and will hold Chaitra dear. Aarti will soon forget Cheeru. Cheeru was aggressive and says they will now see what he does.

In the bathroom, Aarti helps Chaitra take a bath. Cheeru hides the towel. Aarti notices the towel had gone missing ang goes to take the other one. In the bathtub, Chaitra was pushed into the water and was about to drown. Aarti comes inside concerned about what happened. Chaitra decides not to tell her, otherwise she will scold her for blaming Cheeru. In the room, Aarti dresses Chaitra up in her new dress. She felt love for her daughter and compliments her.

Indra asks Ashok if he spoke to Aarti. Ashok says everything is fine. Aarti comes downstairs. Indra sends her to bring Chaitra along, all the guests are here. Vayda goes upstairs to bring Chaitra, while Ashok and Aarti can welcome the guests.

Chaitra was in her room. Cheeru appears behind her in the mirror. She was terrified to see his ghost as it stared. She turns around but it vanishes. Cheeru enters Chaitra.

Vayda comes to knock at Chaitra’s room door. The room was dark. Vayda asks Chaitra what she is doing here all alone. Chaitra did not respond. Vayda was concerned why she did not speak to her.

Downstairs, Vayda joins everyone. Chaitra steps down holding her new dress. She hides her face with a balloon and as it bursts Chaitra’s face was ruined by makeup. She strangely stares towards the guests. Everyone was quizzical. Chaitra says a big Hi to everyone. Aarti and Ashok share a look. Chaitra says the house is well decorated, full marks. She steps down the stairs. She goes to shake hands with a girl, but she backs up. Indraprasad asks Chaitra what she did to her face. Chaitra was assertive that she looks nice. Why they are all staring at her, if she looks like a duck? She thanks everyone for coming to her birthday. Ashok asks Chaitra why she behaves so strangely, everyone is watching. Chaitra jumps that let them see her. She says everyone here is extremely selfish, they are all cheaters and cannot be trusted. She laughs aloud. She warns everyone to be careful, and do not underestimate the power of a child.

Indra asks Vayda why Chaitra is not ready. Aarti claimed she was ready. Vayda says she went to Chaitra’s room and found her face ruined. She tried to correct the make-up, but Chaitra pushed her away and assertively told her that she looked nice. Chaitra held her hand and shouted at her to go downstairs. She heard a strange voice when Chaitra spoke angrily.
Aarti brings Chaitra aside and asks why she behaves so strangely. There are guests and her Papa’s colleagues. Chaitra promises Aarti she will not do anything wrong. Aarti wonders if Cheeru made Chaitra do all this.

Everyone was attentive when Chaitra plays the tune on piano which Cheeru played. Bhavani recognizes this. Ashok says she must have learnt this from Cheeru. Indra says she must be missing Cheeru today. Aarti could see Cheeru’s ghost in place of Chaitra.

Indraprasad comes to Aarti who was lost. Aarti says she tried to speak to Chaitra, but she would not listen. Indra asks her to bring Chaitra for cutting the cake. Aarti comes to Chaitra to take her for cake cutting. Chaitra stares towards Aarti strangely and laughs at her scolding. Aarti says she understood everything. Chaitra runs excitedly to cut the cake now.

During the cake cutting ceremony, Chaitra utters “Red Velvet Cake”. Vayda asks Jaisima why he brought red velvet instead of barbie doll cake, Chaitra does not like red velvet. Chaitra instead thanks Jaisima for bringing her favorite cake. Bhavani says Chaitra likes Barbie Doll cake. Aarti tries to light the candle but it couldn’t be ignited. Chaitra laughs aloud. Aarti scolds her to stop it. Chaitra offers to do it herself and successfully burns the flame. She sings the birthday song for herself. Chaitra does not cut the cake. Aarti pinches her to cut it. Chaitra takes the knife with a bad face and stabs the cake angrily, ruining Chaitra’s name written over it. Ashok stops Chaitra but she pushes him away. Ashok flies to a corner. Chaitra gulps the cake in big bites as everyone else go to help Ashok. Soon, Chaitra fell unconscious.

Later in the room, Vayda sat with Chaitra on her bed. Indra asks why she behaved so strangely. Vayda says Chaitra is deprived of love and care. She must be stressed. Ashok blames Aarti for Chaitra’s condition. He says Aarti does not love Chaitra and behaves as a step-mother to Chaitra. She scolds Chaitra and place multiple conditions for everything. Chaitra is extremely burdened these days. She gets up herself, get ready and perform every task on her own. Bhavani says this is something new. Aarti does not respond to any question and leaves the room. Ashok says he can not see his child’s condition. He offers to take Chaitra to hospital, as she is still not conscious. Vayda asks them not to speak to Chaitra about anything. Chaitra sits up in bed with a jerk, her hair inverted and fallen over her face.

In the room, Aarti thinks she only tried to save her daughter. But no one understands her. It is not any mental disorder. It is Cheeru who does everything. She angrily speaks to Cheeru that he is always happy by teasing his mother. She opens the cupboard door to see the mannequin.

Everyone was afraid of Chaitra in the room. Vayda cautiously steps forward to touch Chaitra. Chaitra fall back on the pillow mechanically.

Aarti blames Cheeru and says I hate you. He believes his sister as an enemy. She kept Chaitra away from herself because of Cheeru. But Chaitra is the elder daughter of the house. She wanted Cheeru in her life, but Cheeru hates his daughter. He even took her away. How they can love Cheeru then. She was ready to do anything for him, but he never agreed. If he is stubborn, so is she. She will not speak to him anymore now. This is the last one. She slams shut the cupboard.

Chaitra breathes heavily. Ashok was in tears as her child suffered in pain. Vayda stops Ashok from going any further. Vayda tries to wake Chaitra up. Ashok goes instead and tries to wake Chaitra up. Chaitra pushes Ashok away once again. She still breathed heavily.

PRECAP: Cheeru throws Indra out of the room. Ashok finds the mannequin and questions why Aarti didn’t gift it to Chaitra. The mannequin attacks Ashok in the factory.

Update Credit to: Sona

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