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KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 34

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Guys as you all know that in the previous episode I had given the first part of Housewarming party where the episode ends with the arrival of Pragya, those who read the first part please keep reading the rest to know what is gonna happen next.

The episode starts with Vikram’s family, Rhea, Dasi, Meera and Mitali welcoming Pragya. Pallavi tells her, “It was so kind of you to accept doing the aarthi in the puja of our house.” Pragya replies, “Please don’t embarrass me, doing something auspicious is not a great thing for me.” Pragya then looks at Abhi and smiles, he smiles back. (Abhigya sad bgm plays)

Rakhi has come to the pharmacy to buy medicines, where Tanu too was present. This time as soon as she notices her, she calls her loudly, Rakhi turns around and is horrified to see her mother. She remembers how tanu had asked her to stay dumb about the events of the horrible night when she was brutally raped. She thinks, “If mamma finds me, then she will never allow me to get justice.” She runs from there. Tanu follows her.

Aliyah indifferently asks if the AUSPICIOUS PERSON has come, they can start the function, everyone comes near the temple. Abhi brings Durga’s idol draped in red chuniri inside, he installs it in the temple. Then, he comes to Pragya and says, “You are the one who is going to do her aarthi so you are the person who holds the rights to take down her chuniri.” Pragya is amazed. She goes forward, removes the chuniri from the idol’s head, everyone bows down. Then she comes down, takes the big aarthistand and starts the aarthi, but feels uncomfortable to balance it well as it is too heavy and also quite hot.

Rakhi is still running on the road, with Tanu constantly following, Rakhi starts feeling weak and thinks, “I need to hide somewhere, otherwise Mamma will surely catch me, she looks around and sees in front the Mehra mansion lighted completely.”

Inside, Pragya is slowly losing her balance such that aarthistand is about to fall from her hand. Rakhi comes near the gate, looks at the nameplate “MEHRA MANSION”, she starts having flashes, however to escape from Tanu, she steps inside, on the other side Pragya is about to let go of aarthistand, when Abhi supports her, Rhea and Prachi cry out “Mamma” and join them to catch the aarthistand, Abhi’s whole family except for Aliyah and Priyanka are thrilled to see the whole four together doing the aarthi.(Ram ram jai raja ram plays). While, on the other side Rakhi is making her slow steps forwards with flashbacks constantly haunting her (kkm sad bgm plays), however she stops right in front of the house and hides in the garden. Tanu who had been following her till then, is shocked to realise, that Rakhi had in fact entered the MEHRA MANSION. She thinks, “After so many she has finally returned to her parents house, hope she does not remember anything, nor recognise Abhi and Pragya.” She then stealthily leaves worried about of the dangers on staying there.

Inside Abhi, Pragya together with their daughters, place the aarthistand at the foot of Durga Maa’s idol and distribute the prasad to everyone. After that Pallavi says, “I know this is a Puja party but why not we have a little fun together???” Beeji asks her, “so should we all dance on loud music here???” Pallavi says, “No, but maybe something lighter than that!!!!” Mitali asks her, “Ballroom dance!!!!” Pallavi is irritated, “No, I think A COUPLE PAPER DANCE would be really great!!!” Vikram asks her, “But Pallavi, how many couples are present here??? Just us and Aliyah-Purab, Pallavi gets tensed and says, “Now, come on Abhi, you choose someone, you are a heart robbing Rockstar, there will be no one here who will deny dancing with you.” Vikram mischievously cries out, “Anuradha ji, why don’t you try dancing with our Abhi the Rockstar.” Both get shocked. Purab happily continues, “Of course, you should.” Everyone including Rhea-Prachi force her, Pragya is unable to deny and agrees. Aliyah becomes exasperated and Meera disappointed. Pallavi continues, “Now just two more will do!!” she calls out, “Ranbir, my boy, will you please dance with our Prachi!!!” Rhea feels a chill in her spine on hearing that. Ranbir and Prachi feel ecstatic. Rhea feels jealous on seeing them together, however she tries to cool down remembering the promise she made to Pragya and says to herself that, “Ranbir is still working on my plan and trying to win me using my plan, I will talk to him soon about my feelings.” Pallavi is delighted and says, “Now just one last couple, Shahana!!! Since Prachi is here, you too choose a partner and come.” Shahana feels coy, she shares looks with Aryan. Aliyah notices it and gets worried, she interrupts telling, “Shahana will make a great pair with Rishi, they look really great together even now.” Aryan becomes disheartened on hearing that.


To be continued.

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