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Ishq Mein Marjawan FF # Ishq Nahi Aasan ( Chapter 13)

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Please don’t get confused with the thumbnail of episode 12 as it is different from the original one . I forgot to put the thumbnail and when it was published it got the thumbnail of the previous post of another story. 

Episode 13:-

Its morning, Dev goes to his mother’s room . Dev(Arjun)-“ Happy birthday too you ,Ma”. He hug her . She become happy. She replies-“ Thank you my dear son”. He gives her gift. Dev- “ Open it and see whether you like it or not?” Menaka-“ You are my best gift. I like anything what you give”. She opens it . She smiles-“ Nice. So my Son’s choice have become better “. Dev-“Actually,Samika helped me in selecting “ . Menaka-“ Mmm. Now I get it, even I felt that some girl have hand this . Ladies knows the choice of each other well. Now I really want to meet your friend”. Dev-“ Don’t worry. Today I will arrange it when she comes for the party “. Menaka nods.

”Its evening, Dev is receiving guest & Menaka Raichand is talking to some people too.Samika ( Alisha) and her family comes there. Dev looks at Samika. (Ishq Mein Marjawan song played )Samika is wearing a red salwar suit with a jhumka. She smiles at him. Menaka Raichand notice them and smiles . Dev welcome them . He takes them to his mother. Samika’s  mother gives her a gift box and wishes her.

Dev- “ This is Samika. This is her family “.   Samika-“ Happy birthday Aunty”.     Menaka Raichand -“ Thank you . nice to meet all . Gift wasn’t necessary, your presence is most important. Dev told me about you all from the time I came here. Kashyap ji your elder son is missing”.        Mr. Kashyap-“ Samrat had some work . So he couldn’t make it up for today. Anyway , Happy birthday Menaka ji”.    Menaka Raichand -“ Thank you”.

They proceed for cake cutting . Menaka Raichand cuts the cake and Dev gives a piece to her. Menaka Raichand also gives him a piece and she calls Samika . Samika gets little shy but she goes . Menaka gives her a piece and Samika also feed her back. Dev smiles seeing this .

There is some performance by a dance team. Everyone watching it .Dancers are having masquerade . Dev comes near Samika.   Dev – “ Samika, I couldn’t talk you properly. Actually you are looking beautiful today . Thanks for coming” .  Samika smiles-“ Thank you for the compliment. Even you are looking great . Your mother is so sweet”.  Dev- “ Thank you . Yes ,she is sweet”. The same mysterious girl stares at them . Menaka Raichand see them talking.  Songs are played after performance. Samika is standing near a pillar she see some shadow inside the room . She finds it strange. She is about to go . Dev stops her and ask her -“ What happened ? Do need something?”  Samika-“ No , Nothing. I felt like someone is inside that room but it’s locked from outside “. Dev looks but there is nothing.Dev -“ I can’t see anything like that “. Samika- “ Leave it. Maybe it’s just my feeling”. She goes with him. Some of them are having food and  some are talking. Menaka see Mr. & Mrs . Kashyap and comes to them .      Menaka – “ Is everything fine ? Hope you enjoying the party”.   Mr. Kashyap-“ Yes . It’s really good. You live Delhi right. Dev told us that he came here for a project”.  Menaka-“ Yes. Dev’s Papa use to like hilly places , but we couldn’t . Now we are planning to settle down here only.We are also planning to shift the office to here “.  Mr. Kashyap- “ Ok ,it’s more peaceful here. The Raichands who lives in Mumbai , are they …”  .  Menaka-“ I got you. Yes they are my husband’s  distant cousins . But we are not so close, we use to meet on family functions . By the way, how do you know them?”  Mr.Kashyap -“ I have heard about them. They do have many business and they are popular”.   Menaka-“ Ok. Dev told me about that some issues happened recently, that Samika was….”.  Mr.Kashyap -“ Yeah. It was Dev who saved Samika but we felt bad that Dev got hurt while doing so “. Menaka gets shocked. But she pretends to be normal. Menaka-“ Leave it. Please have the food”.  She is upset and looks at Dev .

After the party, everyone went . Dev see his mother upset . He goes to her.  Dev-“ Ma, what happened? “ She doesn’t give him answer and tries to go. He hold her & ask her -“ Tell me , what happened? Why are you not talking to me ? “. Menaka-“ When did you started to lie to me. How did your hand got hurt ? By slipping of knife! Now don’t look at me as if you are innocent. I got to know how did it happened”. Dev-“ Ma, what are you saying? I …”.  Menaka-“ Kashyap ji told me what happened”.  Dev-“ Iam Sorry, Ma .I don’t want you upset , that’s it.”  Menaka -“ Why would I be upset? You done great thing . How could you thing that I won’t understand that? Iam upset because you lied to me”.  Dev-“ Sorry.Ma please forgive me & I promise I won’t repeat this “. Menaka-“ Ok . I will.  I have a question , be honest . Do you love Samika?”. Dev gets shocked and becomes shy . Dev – It’s nothing like that ..” . Menaka- “ Dev! You are breaking your promise…..”. Dev- “ Ok. Yes “. Menaka becomes happy-“ Did you told her about your feelings?” Dev-“ No. How will I ? It’s just few days ago we met each other. What will she think about me if I say it immediately?”. Menaka-“ So what ? You know your father proposed me after our 2nd meeting.If that is possible at that time . Why is it not possible now?”. Dev- “ I don’t want to risk our friendship my confessing my feelings so early.I will tell her once the right time arrives”. Menaka-“ Then it’s ok. Make sure she doesn’t fall for someone else by the time “. Dev looks at her and she smiles. Menaka-“ I know find me weird talking like this . But I can’t help. Anyway it’s too late now . Go and sleep now “.

Next day morning, Dev meets Samika on her way to college. Dev-“ Good morning”. Samika-“Good morning “ .Dev-“You are alone today. Where is your friend?”. Samika-“ She will late , her cousins have come to visit her. You were waiting for me ?“. Dev-“ Yes , I thought to give you this  “. He give her a yellow rose and Samika takes it. Samika-“ What’s special?” . Dev-“ There are many reasons like you became my friend, you helped me for shopping…. etc . So I thought it will be good to give this present. Actually Ma liked your selection”.  Samika-“Really. That’s nice. Thank you for the rose” . Dev and Samika walk together looking at each other ( Ishq Mein Marjawan song played) .They smile.

Pre-cap:- Dev is waiting outside her college. She see him through the window. He signals her to come. She tells to wait . She smiles and Riya teases her. 


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