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Yeh Tashan Hei Aur Ishq Hei..” Episode 15


Here is d link for episode  14:

episode 14

RECAP:” MANOHAR needs blood.TWINKLE informs YUVARAJ.YUVARAJ rescues MAHI from goons.YUVI donates blood to MANOHAR. MAHI informs BEBEE & KUNJ about MANOHAR’S condition.”

⏪⏪⏪ Episode Starts⏩⏩⏩

🔴🔴Scene 1:


KUNJ(in a shock😲):” wt!! BEBEE????”PA…PAPA..😓..”
BEBEE:” haa KUNJ .. we need to go to..INDIA..??now…I want to see him..😢😢”
KUNJ was lost in some thoughts..He didn’t hear wt BEBEE was talking..BEBEE  held her hand ✋on KUNJ’S shoulder.
BEBEE:” KUNJ PUTTAR..tum teek hei na?”
KUNJ(come to senses): “Haa…BEBEE..mei…mei.. teek..hum..”
BEBE: “i know KUNJ..wt hd hpnd b/w u & ur PAPA 8 yrs back.. after dat..I know it’s hard u to face him..but..still he is ur PAPA..plz try to forgive him..”😢
KUNJ:” BEBEE.plz..just leave it.i will get d tickets soon..we..we r leaving.. right now…😐”

Scene eNDs🔴🔴

⭕⭕Scene 2:

YUVI & TWINKLE reached🏠..
YUVI & TWINKLE run towards d LUTHRA’s room.
D saw ANITHA sleeping in d bed🛌,ASHOK  sitting in d bed 🛏& doctor checking ANITHA..

TWINKLE(while crying): “PAPA ..wt hpnd to ANITHA MAA..😢”
ASHOK(While holding TWINKLE):” Don’t wry beta..ntng srs.her bp become low..she is fyn now..”.
DOCTOR:” Haa..she is fyn now.i think she is in some stress.i gave her d medicine.she needs some rest.MR.ASHOK..I think I should leave now.But ensure dat she took d medicines on d right tym.kk”
ASHOK: “ss Doctor..I wil.”
DOCTOR leaves..

TWINKLE: “PAPA..wt hpnd to MAA?wt hpnd to her suddenly?”
YUVI: “Haa ..PAPA.She was perfectly fyn wen i was leaving..den wt hpnd? Plz tell us PAPA.wt is d matter?”
ASHOK :”actually.. u know wt is d importance of  tomorrow..20-th July?”
TWIRAJ(together):” 20-th JULY..! Haa.it’s SUHANI’s bday!!!🎂”
Tears filled in YUVI’s eyes😢
TWINKLE consoled YUVI.
ASHOK: “haaa ..u r right.UR MAA was talking abt it & suddenly she becomes weak..”
TWINKLE:”don’t wry PAPA.MAA will be alright soon..”

After some tym
ANITHA wake up.
BOTH TWIRAJ & ASHOK went near to her.
TWINKLE made ANITHA sit on d bed.
TWINKLE( by holding ANITHA’s hand): “MAA..hw u now?.r u alright?”
YUVI:”Haa.MAA..r u fyn now?or r you feel weak again.may i call d DOCTOR.”
ANITHA(in a weak voice):” no..my kids..I m k now.. don’t worry .. 👍”
ASHOK: “haa ..u scared our kids.how many times I told u dat don’t think too much..”
ANITHA: “i know..but wt can I do !!hw much I try..but still d wound dat GOD gave years back.. is still hurting me.. SUHANI…humaari princess..why GOD snatced her from us..!!.. don’t know wt fault we done!!why such  a punishment?””
ASHOK: “ANITHA..Do u think it’s easy for me to forgot Our PRINCESS.. but we should tnk d GOD Dat.when he snatched our SUHANI,he gave us another PRINCESS”

ANITHA(while hugging TWINKLE):” haa .. ASHOK..GOD gave us d wound &also he gave us medicine to heal d wound..
Both TWIRAJ & ASHOK are in tears.
TWINKLE(while wiping ANITHA’S tears):”plz don’t cry MAA.U know dat i don’t want see u both in sad..so plz don’t cry..”
ANITHA placed a kiss on TWINKLE’s forehead..
ANITHA:” sry.. PRINCESS..I will not cry.why should I cry when my kids are wt us.right ASHOK”
ASHOK smiled & d 4 had a family hug..
YUVI(by making a smile in his face):” kk..no more tears now..😊u forgot dat..we made a promise dat we will always remember SUHANI wt happy memories not with pain memories ”
ASHOK: “Haa u r right..or else she will not forgive us.she will be sad when she saw us in pain.may she rest in peace in d heaven..”

ANITHA:”haa..YUVI &TWINKI.u both  know d  importance of tomorrow?”
TWINKLE: “Haa.MAA.its SUHANI’S bday.u both go to temple early &  do d puja.we will go to gurdwara & will serve d poor d food like always.”
YUVI: “haa MAA..we will do dat &  we will join u after dat  as usual..👍”
ANITHA: “kk Kids”

⭕️⭕️⭕️scene ends..⭕️⭕️⭕️

precap : “KUNJ’s Entry & TWINJ Meeting after 8 years!!!!!!”

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