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Yaariyaan, friendship and love, part 6

I know all of you are expecting Ragu to fall for Laksh. But guys she is a person who doesn’t believe in love and marriage. It would take real time for her. Laksh will have to struggle hard.

Hehe, this is my revenge on Laksh for ignoring her in sr, here he will have to gain her heart 😈😈😈

Hope you will like the story, there will many raglak scenes, I promise that.

Here you go.


Ragini was upset thinking about Laksh’s words. She doesn’t believe in love. How the hell is she to find if he is her ideal partner, when she never even thought of a partner. On what basis is she going to do it?? Does she want to do it???

She was irritated and was walking to and fro.  She took her phone and was about to dial Sanskar when he hinself called her.

She smiled. She doesn’t know how, but whenever she needs him, he calls her.

Rag: (enthusiastically) Hello,

San: again in problem, now with out delay, shoot it.

She smiled and told him about her conversation with Laksh.

Rag: What should I do now?

San: Nothing,

Rag: huh??

San: Just don’t impose anything on yourself. Well, I know your families want you both to get married, but remember, it is you and him who are going to live the life, so you should listen to you heart only, don’t think of anyone else, just think of you both. But knowing you I know how you feel now. I would say wait, he is your friend now, let him be your friend itself. Time will give you your answer, just leave it to time.

Rag: Ok,

San: Chill man, don’t take it tension, let the things be the way it wants too. You be yourself ok??

Rag: Yeah.

He smiles and then they talk for sometime.

Next day:

Laksh came to pick her up. He met the family.  They bid bye to others and leave. Laksh takes her to rider’s paradise, for horse riding. Ragini hesitates.

Lak : Are you afraid to ride horse?

Rag : No, but I don’t want to ride it.

Lak : Come on Ragini, there is nothing to be afraid of, let’s go.

Rag : No I won’t.

Lak : Now that can’t be done, you know, it’s real fun to ride horse. I will guide you.

Laksh holds her hand and walks. She resists.

Rag : (Sternly)No Laksh, I am not coming!!

Lak : I told you, there is nothing to be scared of.

Rag : I am not scared, I have ridden horse.

Lak : Then why are hesitating now?

Rag : I just rode a horse once and that was the last. I pledged that I won’t ride again.

Lak : But why? What happened that time?

Rag : Well, it was during our college tour, everyone went for horse riding, I and Sanskar joined them, it was fun riding, but when we got down from the horse, we looked at it. We felt very bad seeing it, I mean, if given a chance, that poor animal would never let all these to happen to it. I mean, it was tied most of the time, seat and chains were attached to its body, and it was carrying humans. All these things were happening to it just for human’s enjoyment!! Why should that poor animal suffer all these? We felt very guilty because we rode it. We decided we won’t ride on any animal any more. I don’t like people using animals for their fun, I once visited a zoo and decided that I will never visit zoo again. I am very sorry Laksh but I can’t do this.

Laksh’s POV.

I just looked at her and tried to digest all those she just said. I never thought like that, I wondered why. You are beyond my thoughts Ragini.

End of pov.

Lak : I never thought it like this, but now I will never ride on any animal, I really can’t.

She smiles.
He smiled seeing her happy.

Rag : Thank you Laksh.

Lak : Thank you Ragini.

Rag : Laksh I am sorry that your plan flopped.

Lak: Don’t be. So what now?

Rag : Can I take you somewhere?

Lak: Where?

Rag : Well, it’s mine and Sanskar’s secret place. We go there when our mood is bad; it’s such an amazing place that it refreshes our mood. We go there causally also, we love spending time there.

Lak : Yeah sure.

Laksh’s pov.

Ragini, I took here because you are a special friend of mine and that I wanted to make you happy, but I know you are taking me to your favourite place not because I am special for you, but to make me happy as you feel you spoiled my surprise. You are doing this to make my mood fine. You know Ragini, this character of yours make you have a special place in everyone’s life. I can guarantee that for all those who know you, you are special person.

End of pov.

They left from there.. She was guiding him, she showed him  her school.

Rag : This is something we made after our college days, it was no mans area and very near to our school, and we  met here, in Higher secondary school,  so we converted this place to what it is now.

She took him to a beautiful garden. It mostly had yellow roses, there were other plants too. There were few guava and mango trees, and they had jasmine plant in them. It was just beautiful.

Rag : I love yellow roses a lot, he loves jasmine, we were lucky that we had few trees here, so we planted jasmine near every tree. We come here quite often, mostly when we are out of mood.

Lak : (smiling)I understood why, this place is so calm, surely uplifts our mood.

Lak: (in mind), you always have something in you to surprise me. I really liked this place.

Lak : Ragini, I never thought that you will design such a place.

Rag : (smiling) Because I am talkative?

Lak : Well, yeah.

Eag : Yeah I am very talkative, but I like calm places, I love to spent time alone. For that,

Lak : This is an ideal place.

She smiles.
They sat under a tree; jasmine’s fragrances covered the whole area. It is awesome.

Rag : Do you like it here?

Lak : Like? I love it. Thank you for bringing me here.

She smiles.

Lak : I don’t want to leave this place.

Rag : Ok then, let’s talk.

Lak : Fine.

She started talking; he was simply listening to her. She said in detail how they designed this garden. She enjoyed everything she does. He smiled listening to her. She kept talking and he kept smiling.

They left after a while.

Lak : Thank you Ragini, your idea of enjoyment far better than mine, I really enjoyed this.

She smiles.


How was it, ignore mistakes please ☺

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