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When We Met Us….(TS – Part: 1)

I met him during award functions. His fair colour with bluish eyes, not-so thick beard and Colgate smile is something which makes me attracted to him. I could never take my eyes from him.

I have worked with many hot and handsome actors, but he was different. He is not an actor, in fact he is business man, Shivaay Singh Oberoi! He is not having any 6 packs or 8 packs, but then he gives me a different feeling.

I don’t know why he attracts me at the first sight but I would love to enjoy the moments when I look at him like that.

But what will I do? I am an actress, especially playing a side-kick role in most of my films, if not that, maybe cameos.

But I am know for my comedian roles. So, it is like promoting the film indirectly if I am acting in it.

Anyway, today I am sitting here not to receive an award for comedy but for the best actress. Today, I am alone receiving this award.

I had to work a lot for this film. The film was a blockbuster. I had to lose my weight, increase it, change my appearances and what not!

Just then, I heard my name announced. I went to the stage with pride to receive the award.

“THE BEST ACTRESS” – I do deserve it, really?? It was my dream to get this award. But today, I feel something in my heart that I should receive it with someone by my side.

My dream did not have anyone by my side. But my reality needed it. I need him by my side. I am sad that I can’t call him, as per film promotions, I had to act as having a relationship with the hero, for whom, I don’t have a feeling with and broke up 2 months ago.

I am scared, thinking what will he think about me when I tell  him that I love him even now.

I have to receive the award from my partner, but he is not there.

Why is he not coming? He misunderstood me having a real relationship, when I talked to Sid, my partner that I don’t have any feeling to him(Sid). But he(Shivaay) mistook it as him.

Will he come??

I am literally nervous. Today, when I need him, he is not there with me. I want him to be with me, in my both happy and sad moments.

He should be my life partner. I just wish this happens…..

Walking to the stage, nervously, I fell….

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