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Vikram Betaal 21st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram proves himself to be Dharmagya

Vikram Betaal 21st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Vikram telling Danteshwar that he will clear his misunderstanding. They see Prabhavati and Devrath coming. Danteshwar says you have ruined our tapasya, I will not leave this mother and son. He throws fire ball on them, but Vikram saves them at the right time. The fire ball hits the mountain. Vikram asks Danteshwar to apologize else they will be punished. Danteshwar says you will kill us and says you don’t know our strength. He throws fire balls on him, but Vikram brushes it off from his shoulder. Kapali says I will make your Samadhi here. Vikram beats them. He keeps his leg on Danteshwar and tells the Vaishnav panti that they have done wrong with Prabhavati and her son, and they don’t have the right to live. Danteshwar and Kapali attack Vikram and make him fall down unconscious.

Danteshwar tells Vaishnav Panti that he will sacrifice Vikram and give death to Prabhavati and Devrath. Vikram gains consciousness and asks Kaal Bhairav to give him strength to fight with them. Danteshwar and his men run to kill Prabhavati and Devrath, but Vikram picks an axe and kills them altogether. They vanish. Vikram tells Devrath that they were wrong. Betaal says even now Devrath is unacceptable by society. Prabhavati thanks Vikram for killing the guilty and says my son will not be acceptable by society even now. Vikram says I will change the rules and says a mother gives birth to a baby and gives him upbringing. He says a boy will be known from his mother’s surname and kul also. Prabhavati tells that he is Dharmagya Vikram Aditya. Betaal says you have Dharmagya and is suitable to defeat Bhadrakaal, but yatra is still pending.

Acharya checks Bhadrakaal’s kundali and says he didn’t see such kundali and says Bhadrakaal is devtulya. He says whenever he steps, it will be auspicious. Vikram says how can Bhadrakaal be auspicious. He says whatever we were thinking was wrong. Bhadrakaal is watching them and tells that you were right, but I have to pretend to be good so that you catch Betaal for me. He says you will listen to Betaal’s stories and will listen to me. He says Betaal will be guilty in your view and I will be good in your view. Padmini tells Vikram that Acharya made her fear to rest and says Bhadrakaal is devtulya. Vikram says why do I feel evil energy from him. Bhadrakaal says grah nakshatra will tell what I wants. Vikram says I have to present Betaal and Bhadrakaal infront of each other.

Vikram thinks how to go to Pret Ghaati now, after Betaal burnt my yakshiyum yantra. He thinks he shall go to fulfill his promise. He falls in the valley and thinks he is falling and there is no end to it. Bhadrakaal is behind him and says you are trying to die, before fulfilling your promise. Vikram asks why did you come? Bhadrakaal says I came to show you path, you can go to Betaal ghaati alive. He takes Vikram to Crematorium ground. Vikram asks why did you bring me here. Bhadrakaal says this is the door from mrityu log to pret log. Vikram says I don’t see pret log here. Vikram says you have to die to go there. He asks don’t you trust me. Vikram says it is matter of trust and says I will give my life for my promise. Bhadrakaal says I am happy to know that you trust me. He tells that the sacred fire of the pyre will take you to Pret log. Bhadrakaal makes Vikram go in the fire.

Betaal tells story of Bhagya and Lakshmi to Vikram.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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