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Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Tarkasura creates new demons.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with tarkasura talking with atyasura. Atyasura says maharaj tarkasura, parvati and mahadev’s marriage has been done and now they are also living in Kailash, it will be too late if parvati’s son is born, if nothing is done now then no one can stop your death. Tarkasura gets up angry and says atyasura, I have seen enough now! I have already planned how to kill parvati. Atyasura says but maharaj, how will you do that? Till now everyone you sent has died and the demon army has also been killed. Tarkasura says my shauryapura is not a waste! I did not create this lok for nothing!
I my shauryapur is the home to millions of demons and no one can defeat them, not even parvati, my demons will kill parvati. Tarkasura takes atyasura in the balcony of his palace, he then shows

him millions of eggs of demons. Atyasura says so many eggs? Tarkasura says my powers have given birth to so many demons and now they will fly to Kailash and kill parvati. Tarkasura says come out my demons, come out! The flying demons come out of the eggs and makes noises. Tarkasura says go and kill that parvati and destroy Kailash, serve your king. The demons make noises and go to Kailash.
In Kailash, all gan are sleeping and a gan dreams of eating good food. Another gan says what is this stupid guy dreaming about? He wants good food, even in sleep he wants to eat. Parvati sees this from the palace and says all gan are hungry and I should make good food for them, I have to make all of them live in good manners, they have to bath everyday and eat a lot and work as they do.
Parvati calls nandi and nandi says yes mata! What should I do? Parvati says call all the gan. Nandi says yes and he goes and brings all the gan with him. parvati says all gan, from now you will all live with good manners, you will first bath and then eat lots of good food and then work as you all do! The gan says okay mata, the gan go in the pond and waterfall in the center of the palace and they start bathing inside the pond and throwing water on each other. Parvati sees and says their ways wont change. The gan bath and go and dry themselves of the water. Parvati by then makes food and all gan come and see delicious fruits, sweets and food. They are about to eat when parvati says no wait! Don’t put your hands like this, I will properly serve all of you. parvati with the help of nandi serves all gan fruits, sweets and food. The gan eat and then parvati continues making more food.
There mahadev meditates.
Ganesh says to raja devodas, as mata was putting Kailash in order, tarkasura’s demons were flying towards Kailash. As they hear the story, raja devodas suddenly gets flashes of him sending mahadev from Kailash, raja devodas thinks did I do something wrong?

Precap: ganesh tells the story of mata chandraghanta and her leela. Tarkasura’s demons come flying near Kailash to attack parvati.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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