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Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Parvati and mahadev get married.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with devi maina and raja himavan with everyone welcoming mahadev in his divya maheshwar form! Devi maina smiles and puts the tilak on mahadev and they all go in the palace. The marriage starts and parvati and mahadev do the 7 rounds around the agni kund for the marriage. Parvati sees mahadev and she blushes, mahadev smiles and parvati and mahadev sit under the mandap for the marriage with the 7 rounds around the agni kund. They are bounded by the rituals and promises of marriage and mahadev and parvati finally get married.
Ganesh says to raja devodas and devi sarla, finally mata parvati and mahadev were married and again adishakti and mahadev were one! This was the story of the form of mata’s form of Devi brahmachari, whoever does the Pooja of this form is free from

all their problems in life. Devi sarla says after listening to this I want to do the Pooja of mata. Kartikeya says yes we shall do mata’s Pooja. Devi sarla takes the Pooja plate and everyone start doing the Pooja of the brahmachari form of mata parvati. Everyone do Pooja and devi sarla sings the prayer song. Kartikeya says to ganesh, ganesh will raja devodas realize his mistake? Ganesh says brother, we have recited the story of mata’s forms, now raja devodas will slowly start to realize and get visions of his mistake, by the end of the 9 days we will finish telling all the stories and raja devodas will realize his mistake entirely.
There all gods are weak and fragile, mahadev meditates. Indra dev says brahma dev, rishi jageshvi is very weak and has very little time left, he will die soon and we all be a part of brahmahatya, and there the devi of ved has been trapped by that evil demon, if she is not freed then ved and texts from this world will be destroyed and we gods will also die! If mata adishakti and mahadev are not united again, then everything will be in a mess. Brahma dev says indra dev, ganesh will finish telling the story of the forms of adishaktil, raja devodas will then realize his mistake and he will call mahadev again in kashi!
There the devi of ved is trapped, she sits on a brahma kamal which also turns black. Devi of ved prays to mata adishakti and says mata, please do something otherwise the ved’s and gods will disappear from this world.
There devi sarla says rishi, as you said before, the Navratri days will be over soon, but what you predicted wont come true that my husband will die. Raja devodas says sarla, don’t worry, I don’t think about that, I just want to listen to the story of the forms of mata. Devi sarla says yes rishi, we are interested in hearing the story of the next form of mata adishakti.
Ganesh says so I will tell you the story of mata’s next form, which is mata chandraghanta!

Precap: ganesh tells the story of mata chandraghanta. Mahadev and parvati come to Kailash. Tarkasura sends a demon army to Kailash.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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