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Udaan 21st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor convinces Raghav

Udaan 21st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Rajjo holding Chakor. Chakor asks about the guy dancing. The man says that guy is Raghav, he is a tapori, he dances in baraat and runs away with our money too, he would be at Munni bai’s place now. Munni dances at the bar. The men dance along and drink. Chakor and Rajjo reach there. Rajjo says I don’t feel good, why did we come here. Raghav dances with Munni. Chakor enters the bar. Chokra jawaan re…plays…. Chakor looks on. A man stops Chakor. Raghav goes out. The man teases Chakor. Rajjo stops him by the sickle and scolds. Chakor goes out and says where did he go. Rajjo says its not safe here. Chakor says I just have to find out that guy, whatever Lord does, there is a reason behind it, maybe Lord made us meet this man for a reason. Rajjo says we shouldn’t have

any relation with that man. Chakor says yes, I m just worried for Anjor, we need his help. Raghav comes to Chakor. She looks at him.

He asks did I steal anything from you, who are you, police, ghost? Tell me what do you want. She says I have some work. He says I can do anything. He tells his charges. She says I want you to do a drama. He asks what drama, did you come to take me in movies. He acts and gives her a demo in a funny way. He thinks she is the film producer. He tells his conditions so that he feels like a hero. He says heroine should be solid, I want wine during shooting, I will perform my own stunts. She says I didn’t come to make you any hero in film, I want you to play the role of my daughter’s father. He gets shocked. He asks what, do you want this. She says yes. Tejaswini says Anjor, have fruits, your dad will come soon. Raghav asks what happened, are you drunk, get rid of your intoxication. She says enough, not a word more. She gets Anjor’s call. Anjor asks why didn’t you come to me, where is daddy. Chakor sees Raghav. She says your dad is in front of me. He asks whose daddy. Chakor stops Raghav and says I will explain you, just wait. Chakor lies to Anjor. She asks Anjor to have food, she is coming with Suraj soon. Anjor says mum didn’t let me talk to dad. Tejaswini feeds her. Chakor sees Raghav gone. She worries.

She looks for him. She sees Rajjo. She says don’t know where did Raghav go, come we have to find him. They see a wine bottle rolling. Chakor looks around. The goons surround them. The goon teases Chakor and Rajjo. Raghav comes and stops the goon from touching Chakor. Raghav beats the goon. Goons runs away. Raghav turns to Chakor and says welcome, no need to say thanks. Chakor says you disappeared when I went away, you are running again. Raghav says I m a young, handsome guy, don’t make me someone’s dad, I can get any guy for you. She shouts enough, I don’t want you to become my husband, I m following you because your face matches with my husband, if you don’t belief, see this pic. She shows Suraj’s pic.

Raghav asks for 50 lakhs. Chakor agrees. Anjor hugs Chakor and asks didn’t dad come. Chakor calls out Suraj. Raghav comes there. Anjor shouts daddy…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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