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Siddhi Vinayak 21st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi lays a trap for Urvashi

Siddhi Vinayak 21st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manjari is applying mehendi on Urvashi’s hands. You seem happy? Urvashi nods. Seeing you dance so happily shows that you too are happy. Don’t deny it. You are taking your revenge through me here. You should thank me. Manjari gets up to go when Urvashi calls her Manju. Manjari thinks she is letting her stay here to throw Siddhi out of the house. I will teach her a lesson as soon as Siddhi is out of the house!

Siddhi is walks in the road. She wipes her tears thinking about what all has been happening lately in Kundra Mansion. She stops outside a small temple and cries. I cannot take it anymore. I thought I am strong but Vin is getting married to someone else and I cannot do anything except watch the drama! I have never asked for help from anyone else except you. I will lose if you

don’t help me now. She kneels down right there and starts crying. A car stops right behind her.

Back home, Vin is concerned for Siddhi.

Siddhi is kidnapped.

Prachi tries contacting Siddhi but she isn’t picking up. She is worried for Siddhi. Urvashi smiles thinking that Siddhi would have been taken care of by now. Now she wont return from there ever!

Siddhi shouts Vinu’s name. He feels something strange and takes her name. Manjari advises him to stop thinking about her now. She isn’t a part of your life anymore. You should only utter Urvashi’s name now. He looks at Urvashi uncomfortably. Why am I so restless? I feel as if Siddhi is in some trouble.

Siddhi is brought to a hideout. She shouts at the guys to free her but in vain. A guy steps forward holding a gun in his hand. They discuss as to how they must kill her now. She shouts at them to leave her. They remove the cover from her face just then. Siddhi and the guy look at each other in surprise.

Gauri feeds juice to Urvashi. Prachi stops Gauri on her way to kitchen. You can butter as much as you want to but it wont help! Urvashi will throw you out of her life once your work is over! Gauri sarcastically asks her to keep the glass in the kitchen if she is so concerned about her. Prachi asks her if she thinks she is like her. Gauri taunts her for following Siddhi all the time. Prachi reminds her that Siddhi is her sister. I can do anything for her! She walks away.

Siddhi recognizes the guy as Raju Bhai. They both get concerned seeing each other. Raju Bhai scolds his men for abducting his sister. They tell her that they got her photo only. He makes them release her and gives water to Siddhi. He sends one guy to bring some food. Other guy tells him t
She is shocked to hear Urvashi’s name. What would she get by kidnapping me?

Flashback shows Urvashi excusing herself to go to washroom. In her room, she calls someone and tells the guy to kill the girl. I am sending you her photo. She wont let me marry till the time she is alive. Kidnap her and kill her somewhere else. Bury her body far away. Flashback ends. Urvashi is happy thinking nothing can come between her and her 3k crore now.

Raju Bhai’s wife beats the guys. Siddhi makes Raju Bhai calm her down. He next tells Siddhi that he would have kidnapped Urvashi if she had told him about you. She sent the photo on phone. I dint see it. I cannot understand why she said that you are going to create trouble in her wedding. Is everything ok? Siddhi denies. Some misunderstandings have surfaced between me and Vin which is why he is marrying Urvashi. She tells him everything. Urvashi might have thought that I am hindrance in her wedding so she got me kidnapped. Raju’s wife asks her which Urvashi is she talking about.

Urvashi gets V etched in her mehendi. I will win his heart real soon. She smiles at the idea.

Siddhi shows her Urvashi’s photo. Raju’s wife recognizes her. She is known as Looteri Dulhan in Kohlapur. She marries people and then absconds with the money and jewellery. Raju Bhai is sure she will do the same this time. Let’s go. Siddhi shares that this time it isn’t her plan. She wants to join her name with Vin and get everything that belongs to him. Raju Bhai suggests kidnapping her instead. Sheila rebukes him on his idea but Siddhi likes the idea. Sheila asks them how they will abduct Urvashi from Kundra Mansion. Siddhi offers to tell them how it will be possible. I would need your help for that. They happily agree.

Manjari makes Vin and Urvashi sit together. Urvashi gets a call. There is mehendi on her hands so Vin picks the call. It is Sheila. Urvashi recognizes her voice. Sheila asks her how she got so lucky in the city. I know everything about you! I can expose you in a second. I will tell this girl everything and leave her. I will then see how you will marry! Urvashi panics. Sheila asks her to give her 15 lacs right away. She ends the call. Siddhi, Raju and Sheila are happy seeing Urvashi fall in their trap. Siddhi knows they can make Urvashi spill the beans as soon as she is outside the house. Vinu wont marry her then. My innocence will be proved this way! Raju asks her from where she will arrange the money. Do you think she will come? Siddhi is positive she will come. She got so much jewellery in that house. Each set is worth more than that.

Precap: Urvashi comes to Sheila’s hideout. She is shocked to see Siddhi alive. Siddhi shares that Chota Raju is her brother. How will you marry my Vinu if you yourself will get kidnapped?s

Update Credit to: Pooja

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