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Shakti 21st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya accepts Harman’s love

Shakti 21st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harak Singh calling Inspector and telling that he asked him to search his son and not to search needle. Inspector says now it is like searching a needle. Sameer’s mum asks him not to think much and says Harman eloped with Soumya. She says she is not in your destiny and says she will get a beautiful bride of Punjab. Sameer says I want just Soumya and will not lose from Harman. He says I will win Soumya’s love and will bring her here, else think that your son died in her love. He leaves. Sameer’s mum is shocked. Soumya wakes up and finds herself sleeping on Harman’s shoulder. Harman wakes up and asks her to say I love you. Soumya says she don’t want to say. A guy sitting there ask her to say. Harman asks her to say. A lady says she must be feeling shy. Harman asks her to

hug him once and says I will believe that you loves me just like I love you. Soumya gets up and is about to go. Harman says you should not lie in temple. Soumya looks on. She smiles and hugs him. Harman says whenever this heart beats, it is for you, it gets restless for you, it gets happiness from you. He says I love you Khushi….and says I know what your eyes, heart, and mouth want to say. He asks her to give the words to her feelings and express it. Soumya says yes, I too feel the same just as you feel for me. She says my breath is for you and my heart beats for you. She says I love you….Harman gets happy and asks everyone if they heard what she said. He says Khushi loves me too.

Sameer comes to Saya’s house and asks where is Soumya? He breaks the things. Saya says we don’t know and tells that when they called Harak Singh, they were in that house, but then they don’t know where they went. Chameli says they are kinnar. Sameer says I don’t care. Chameli laughs and says you are double standard guy, to love a kinnar and misbehave with others. Sameer picks a knife and keeps on Chameli’s neck. He asks Saya to take Chameli from his house when she comes to inform about Harman and Soumya’s address. Saya and others are shocked. Harman tries to tell the people in the temple about his love story, but they make excuse. Harman shouts aloud and tells the earth, sky etc, that even Khushi loves him now. He gets black flashes of confessing love to Gulabo. Soumya asks what happened? Harman says he felt like talking to nature before also. He asks if she is his Gulabo. Soumya says she is Sameer’s Gulabo. Harman says you are my Khushi now.

Varun asks Harak Singh why is he getting tensed and asks him to bring Harman and Khushi there. Harak Singh says I have the strength to solve my problems. Varun says I can’t see you like this. Veeran says lets go and call them. Harak Singh says nobody shall bring Khushi here. Varun asks what is the problem? He says why you get angry with her, what is wrong with her. Saya comes and says it is bad for this house as Khushi is Soumya. She says Sameer kidnapped Chameli and took her with him. Harak Singh says I have nothing to do with your community. He goes inside.

Shanno scolds Veeran and Varun for not been able to kill Harman and Soumya. Sameer brings Chameli to his house and says you will stay here until I get Soumya. Chameli says I will not elope, but remember one thing that nobody can separate Harman and Soumya, now Lavneet is in jail, and Harak Singh is helpless. Sameer’s mum tries to bail out Lavneet so that she kills Soumya.

Soumya tells Harman that she is worried about Sameer and feeling bad for him. Harman sees a boy going and asks him to give pen and notebook. He gives Pen and notebook to Harman. Harman writes a letter to Sameer on Soumya’s behalf, and then writes letter to his family. Soumya asks him to understand and says they have done so much for us. Harman gives money to a man and asks him to deliver the letters to the said address. Dil kyun teri ore chala re plays……Harman tries to cheer up Soumya. Kids come and cheer up Soumya.

Sameer reads the letter given by Soumya and gets angry. Sameer’s mum thinks how they can go and takes out gun. Harak Singh too reads the letter shockingly. He asks veeran to varun to check them everywhere. Preeto says let them go where they are going. Harak Singh asks them to go and stop them. Preeto says I said that nobody will go, and tells that she will beat the ones who try to go out of house. She asks raavi to lock the door. Raavi locks the door.

Lavneet tells Harman that she will kill Khushi. Harman asks her not to dare harm her and says I love her. Lavneet tells him that Khushi is a kinnar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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