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Rudra and Saumya ka Kahaani – Rumya FF Episode 8

Reyaan is still thinking whether to believe Anika and Kalyani dadi. He scared because they might hurt Saumya again. At this moment, he realize that he still love Saumya. He still cannot forget Saumya all this years and he also aware that Saumya will never be his forever because he knows very well, who is in Saumya’s heart. Reyaan make a mind to help Anika even though he knows it will hurt him later but he only thinks Saumya’s happiness. 

Reyaan: Anika ji, I willing to help you but I have one condition or even you can take it as my request.

Anika: What’s the condition Reyaan? We really grateful that you willing to help us. I will accept your condition.

Reyaan: Thank you Anika ji. But I hope you will accept my condition once I tell you it.

Anika and Kalyani dadi curious on what Reyaan going to ask with them. Reyaan think how to tell his condition but he have to tell to protect Saumya from Oberoi’s.

Reyaan: My condition is I will not allowed Saumya to be alone in Oberoi Mansion. Even though both of you says that you will always together with her but I cannot fully trust and let Saumya to be alone. So, I want….. (hesitate to tell)

Anika: So….. what you want Reyaan…

Reyaan: I’m also following Saumya to the Oberoi Mansion.

Anika and Kalyani dadi shocked with the condition that given by Reyaan. They think whether this will workout or not bringing Reyaan together with them. They also confuse and scared what will the reaction of Rudra if seeing Reyaan with Saumya but they sure one thing that Reyaan is the only one can convinced Saumya to return back to Oberoi Mansion.

Anika: Reyaan, if we say that we agree to your condition. Will you able to bring back to Oberoi Mansion right.?

Reyaan: Anikaji, about that, you don’t worry. I won’t give any false promises. I will keep my promise. (Reyaan giving hope to Anika and dadi). Ha, when you all going back to India?

Anika: (smile) In two days time.

Reyaan: Anikaji, just give me some time, I will bring Saumya to OM at the right time. You can trust my word. Okey, I’m leaving now. It’s getting late and I already promise to Saumya that will have lunch together with her. Bye, I make a move now.

Anika and Kalyani happy and scared at the same time. They happy that Saumya is going to return back to OM and scared what will the reaction of the family members if they know about this issue.

At the other side of the restaurants, someone is watching and taking photo’s of all the activities that happened between three of them. 

At home,

Shivaye get angry seeing the pictures that send by his private detective. On the other side, Anika and Kalyani dadi back home after meeting Reyaan. They were so happy thinking of Saumya will back to Oberoi Mansion.

At Shivika Room. 
Shivaye waiting for Anika to talk to him about meeting Reyaan at the restaurant. Anika was in a deep thinking on how to tell him about Saumya’s issue.

Shivaye: Anika, what are you thinking?

Anika: (shocked hearing sudden voice) Ha, what Shivaye..

Shivaye: (walk near to Anika) I am asking what are thinking? I saw you are in deep thinking. Is there anything that you wants to tell me?

Anika: (silence for while) Shivaye, I want to tell you something important about …..

Shivaye: (waiting for Anika complete her sentences) About….

Anika were in desperate whether to tell Shivaye or not. On the other side,Shivaye were waiting for Anika tell the truth of meeting Reyaan.

Shivaye sit beside Anika and try to calm her who in tension. He can understand that Anika is in dilemma.

Shivaye: Anika, is there anything that you want to share with me. If got, please share with me.. I cannot see you like this Anika.

Anika: Billuji, (cry in Shivaye lap)…

Anika: Billuji, I want to share something. I have meet Saumya in that day. I miss her so much… and…..

Shivaye interrupt when Anika talk about Saumya.. 

Shivaye: Anika, enough.. If you wants to talk about Saumya, I am not interested to listen it. (angrily woke up from the bed and about to leave the room.

Anika: (angry and disappointment tone) Shivaye, hold on for a while…

Shivaye stop near the door, Anika walk near him and stand behind him.

Anika: Shivaye, I am really disappoint with the way you talk about Saumya. How can you talk without thinking like that.

Shivaye get more angry when Anika speak behalf of Saumya and supporting her.

Shivaye: Stop it Anika (Shivaye scream to Anika)

Anika: (shocked) …. Shivaye (try to calm him) I’m not try to support her Shivaye but I’m telling the truth. I’m try to make all of you understand the truth that you all doesn’t see. Shivaye, I believe that Saumya had her own reason for what she did.

I am also believe that Saumya had her own reason for what she done whether you believe or not Shivaye.

Shivaye shocked with the sudden voice and he knows well that voice is belong to Kalyani dadi.

Shivaye: Dadi, why you also talk like Anika. What that Saumya until you both support her like this. Unbelievable. You both knows how she about to ruined our family with Svetlana. She also successfully make our Rudra’s marriage called off. We all trust her so much and what her return… only BETRAYAL.

Anika: Enough Shivaye, stop saying Saumya like that. Don’t ever forget whatever that she did for all of us, for Oberoi family and its reputation.

Shivaye: (smirk) Okay Anika, I come to your point. Let say if like you says Saumya is innocent, show me the prove or tell me the reason why she did that.

Anika and Kalyani dadi look at each other.

Anika: Shivaye, for now I don’t have answer for you. But soon, I will promise you that we all will get all the answers that we wants.

Shivaye: How soon Anika? (irritated voice). How you going to prove it?

Anika: I have only one way to prove it Shivaye.

Shivaye: (doubtfully) What way?

Kalyani dadi: (interrupt in middle) Bringing Saumya puttar back to our family.

Shivaye: (shocked) WHAT!!! Dadi, you must be kidding me… I don’t allowed it to happen. I won’t allowed anyone to hurt my family and I also won’t allowed the person who hurt my family back again and joint in my family too.

Anika: Shivaye, PLEASE (begging tone) just believe me this time. Its necessary for all of us to know what happen two years back…

Shivaye is thinking on what Anika says. He also thought its important to know what happen two years back. He was eager to know the real truth from Saumya’s mouth. He knows Rudra’s condition even he didn’t speak to Rudra about his relationship. He need solution for all that happening in past these years and he aware that its important of Saumya’s return.

Shivaye: Okey, I agree for Saumya’s return to Oberoi Mansion but how you want t handle our other family members. You know right, how much they hate Saumya and on what happen two years back especially Rudra-Bhavya marriage was cancelled and because of it bade papa and bade ma is really hate Saumya. Even Omkara also feel betrayal on what Saumya did because he thought Saumya as her own sister.

Anika: I am aware of everything Shivaye. Some more,Saumya won’t come here alone. She came here with her friend Reyaan.

Shivaye: (shocked) WHAT.. she is coming here with Reyaan… (nervous laughter) YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME……..

Anika: (confidently) No shivaye, she will come with Reyaan..

Shivaye: R U AWARE who is Reyaan?

Anika: Yes, I am… (confidently)

Shivaye felt dumbfounded with Anika’s confidences. He feels that he promises without hearing properly what was plan by dadi and Anika. He scared what will be reaction of Oberoi family when get to know about this issue. He looks at dadi and Anika who waiting for his permission and he is aware there is no point of talking about this issue because he knows both of them won’t change what they have been decided. He takes long breath before continue…

Shivaye: OKEY Anika, I will agree on what you decided but I won’t backup for you if our family members question to you or mad at you.

Anika: (happily) Thank you so much Shiavaye for giving permission and don’t worry about handling the family members. I and dadi is here. We both will handle them. Some more, don’t forget who am I, I am khidkitod Anika. I already managed tadibaaz Shivaye Singh Oberoi aka Bagad Billa. (laughing)

Shivaye smiles looking at the way of Anika replies and left the room by leaving behind both of them. Kalyani dadi and Anika shake their hand because what they plan is happening. Now, they have to wait for call from Reyaan regarding Saumya’s decision.

Precap: Will Saumya agreed to come back to Oberoi Mansion and What will be the reaction of Oberoi’s if they know Kalyani dadi and Anika’s plan?

* First of all, I would like to apologize for not updating this story for long time. I really unable to update frequently due to my work load and family issues. I really hope that all the reader will accept my apologies and do read my new update for this story and do comment regarding of this chapter too.. I would like to ask SORRY if there is any grammatical error and also THANK YOU for the reader who view/read my story and support


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