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RadhaKrishn 21st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha Complains To Yashoda

RadhaKrishn 21st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Balram asks Krishna why he erased everyone’s memory except Radha, don’t he see howmuch pain Radha is going through. Krishna says yes, he wants to see Radha in fer and will be in her mind at least as fear. Balram asks what is his
next plan. Krishna says it is time to execute plan directly.

Radha walks with Ayan back to Barsana thinking how can everyone forget about snake/Kaliya’s incident except her, what is Krishna up to, she called him to come out of river thinking he is trouble, but he says he came out as she called him. She walks to Nand and Yashoda and complains that Krishna is a sorcerer and describes whole incident. Ayan joins her and says Radha is telling truth, Krishna is a sorcerer. Krishna enters and asks what Radha what is she talking about, he is afraid

of snakes. He sees baby snake crawling and jumps on Balram acting as afraid. Balram says it is a harmless baby snake. Radha warns to stop acting. Krishna says he is not and asks to answer who invited Rishi Durvasa and fed him. She says it is him, but she spoilt grocery via Ayan. Ayan nervously says Radha is lying. Balram says Ayan is the culprit who spoilt grocery. Radha stands tensed. Krishna says Radha is lying and blaming Ayan, there was no snake incident at all. Ayan says Krishna is right. Radha gets adamant and leaves.

Yashoda suggests Kirtida that Radha is possessed by evil spirit, so her shuddhi/purification pooja must be performed. Kirtida hesitates. Ayan’s father says Yashoda bhabhi is right, they should perform Radh’s shuddhi pooja. Kirtida requests Radha to agree for pooja, but Radha gets adamant.

Jatila asks Ayan what is issue with Krishna. Ayan says Krishna is sorcerer, they both saw snake, but Krishna changed whole incidence, he wanted to beat Krishna, but could not even touch him, now it is time to expose Krishna with their tricks.

Balram asks Krishna why he wants Radha’s purification pooja. Krishna says Radha is most pure in the world, but he wants to make the place pure where he and Radha stepped first via water, then air, then fire, then earth, then sky, and it is done by the one who is very pure.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that who does not want to ride success, everyone want their name to be high and famous, but some people become unfamous even after being famous, they forget that earth is base and they have to return on earth, they have to realize their place, only then they can enjoy success.

Precap: Radha performs havan. Krishna increases havan fire. Ayan says he told Krishna is sorcerer. Krishna says he wants Radha to plant tulsi plant in newly formed village and asks what will they name Brinda’s vann/forest. Radha says Brindavan.

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