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Rab se Sona ishq twinj: episode 37



Episode started today they all have to left for Amritsar go back to place.Elders wake up while kids still sleeping.Aayat cuddling kunj tightly and both brother and sister sleeping peacefully twinkle come out of the washroom and see them give smile. She packed her and Kunj all things in bag.She went downstairs and see breakfast. Aayat wake up and went to avantika while twinkle make kunj coffee and went in room and see kunj getting ready.She went towards him place his coffee in side. 

Twinkle:don’t forget to take your medicine okay. 

Kunj:you give me na. 

Twinkle:ugh kunj.she bring his diabetes medicine give to him.Kunj take his

medicine.They both went downstairs joint everyone at breakfast table.Tej got call. 

Tej:yes.What.. okay I’ll talk to them he end the call and look at Kunj and Rahul.They both see tej facial expression and get scared immediately left their food.. avni and omkara or rudra giggles. Did you both report the Kapoor’s project details. Haa. Both look at each other face. What I wanted answer haa. 


Rahul:I told him. 

Kunj:what no sir 😱😱.. due to tej eyes both immediately get up and stand.

Tej:don’t make me fool you both. After 3 hours you have meeting now what you both will do if you both miss the meeting than you both know after consequence. 

I’ll not leaves you both get it.Kunj and Rahul look at each other with puppy faces. 

Lata:tej leave na.

Tej:no MAA work is work.Don’t worry holiday is end I’m your boss only. Both didn’t said uff just looking down. 

Rudra:hoo if they miss what you’ll

Do pa😜. 

Tej:why??you are very interested haa 

Prithviraj:you both sit have your breakfast. 

Kunj:I’m done kunj went from there. 

Rahul:even I’m too. Yuvi look at avni. 

Yuvi:hayye this days went so fast shit now I can’t see her🙂.They all packed their bags and all set to go back.Their bus is ready all went inside twinkle left.Kunj standing for her. He forward his hand twinkle give him his hand and they went inside the bus.Everyone take the seats kunj and Rahul sit in backseats both preparing for meeting here only.Kunj While others busy in games.Omkara and Mahi sitting together mahi hairs coming on her face Om look at her with love eyes. Everyone laughing to see Rahul and Kunj faces colours 😂😂. 

Kabir:Arey kunj and Rahul Leave this work come and play game na.

Rahul:if we will leave this work na than Hitler will hang us on tree😣… tej heard this. 

Tej:Till now I didn’t think this don’t worry I’ll do like this only.. 😡. Rahul get scared everyone laughing.Twinkle resting her head on seat backboard and keep admiring Kunj.Kunj just checking time. 

Kunj:this driver ufff.. 

Tej:Manohar what about meeting.

Manohar:1 hours is left bhai shab they both look at Kunj and Rahul. 

Rudra:Bhaiya and G look so funny😛.. Kunj get frustrated. 

Rahul: kunj what we’ll do now he can’t reached before meeting yaar. 

Kunj:I know now what I’ll do.Kunj think something and call his pa..Hope This help us.Kunj tell driver where to stop bus. Driver stop the bus.All get confused 

Chal we don’t have time.Take laptop bag and went out of the bus and looking at them only. 

Rudra:what happened to them.Kunj and Rahul went too chopper.Kunj called chopper everyone see chopper. 

Avantika:if you both smart than they are too.kunj and Rahul sit in chopper and left.

Rudra: huhu they went in chopper here we are in this bus. 

Kabir:Arey they have work that’s why went if not than why they will.They all left.While going back to Amritsar they all doing lots of masti.Kunj and Rahul reaches on perfect time they went for meeting and get busy.after long journey they all families members too reached and bus stop at Sarna Mansion.They all come out of the bus.

Hansh:this trip is best. 

Prithviraj: right soon we’ll plan another too.

Lata:acha here this tej did this with my sons.They all bid bye to each other’s. And all left and Sarna went inside the mansion everyone get tired. 

Avantika: we should get rest for sometime okay. 

Anjali:I’m so tired..they all went in their respective rooms.Twinkle entered in her room and keep luggage bag in side simply lay down and sleep.Others too later she wake up and see the time it’s evening. She get up and take her clothes and get freshen. She come out of the washroom and get ready and sit there only think about kunj. 

Twinkle:he didn’t call me I’ll call him and asked too.She call him but kunj didn’t pick up her calls. Twinkle think may be he is busy she leave it and went downstairs she knows everyone one must be hungry so she make snacks for everyone Prithviraj and Lata come and sit in living room. Twinkle take tea and snacks for them. She served them and sit beside Lata.

Prithviraj:after drink your tea twinkle beta my all headache went away.avantika and Usha or tej and Manohar too joint them. 

Twinkle bring tea and snacks for them too. One by one Anjali or Priyanka and omkara or avni too come.

Avni:this is best twinkle. 

Avantika:kunj and Rahul didn’t come. 

Manohar:today they are busy in meeting. 

Tej:where is Aayat and rudra..

Priyanka:they both sleeping. Everyone looking so tried face.After sometimes later twinkle helping chef in dinner.Twinkle thinking about kunj if he have something or not.They all sit for dinner as well still Rahul’ and Kunj didn’t come back.Twinkle didn’t have her dinner without kunj if he don’t have anything how can she.Aayat and rudra teasing tej and Avantika.After this small holiday everyone was tired so after dinner they went back to their rooms.Kunj and Rahul come back to Sarna Mansion they both are hell tired today.They both went in their respective rooms. Kunj open the room door and entered in room and see twinkle laying on bed her back was facing to ceiling he went ahead and keep the bag in side twinkle heard sound and turned her face and look at Kunj as soon as she saw kunj get so happy she get up. 

Twinkle:so finally you come back kunj.

I call you at least answer me one time. 

Kunj:Twinkle please not today I’m not I mood I’m so tired.She went to him. She take out his tie and coat and keep it in side fill glass of water to him and offer him Kunj take the water glass and drink water. He rest his head on couch headboard. Closed his eyes 

Twinkle:did you have anything haa or just do work and work.

Kunj:didn’t get time so. I’m so hungry give me something If you have.

Twinkle:okay you go and get freshen up I’ll bring it.She went downstairs and goes in kitchen heat up food for kunj even Anjali too come and both share smile.Both take food for their husbands.Kunj lay down bed 

Twinkle entered in room and see kunj. She keep the food tray on side bed table and sit beside kunj. Kunjj wake up sleep after dinner. 

Kunj:Twinkle let me sleep na please. 

Twinkle:no first you have your Meal than sleep.Kunj didn’t listen her but twinkle too not leave him.She eat kunj ears he sit. Twinkle tore morsel and take near kunj lips he look at her first than open his mouth have it give smile to twinkle.hows your meeting. 


Twinkle:you reached on time. 

Kunj:yes if sitting in bus than not at all and pa will throw us 😛. 

Twinkle:good idea you think.Twinkle

feeding him food with her hand he happily having it.Twinkle telling him what they all done after them she just keep telling about she and rubal did kunj eyes heating up but leave it.Kunj finished the dinner twinkle give him water. She bring his night dress give to him.He take and went in washroom get freshen up come out and lay down on bed even twinkle too. Kunj make pillow boarders while twinkle thinking about what chinki and Asha tell her.

Twinkle:Itself kunj making pillow boarder.(she think in heart)kunj pressing his forehead twinkle see this what happened are you okay na. 

Kunj:hmm just little bit headache. 

Twinkle:haa why you working so much. She went near to him rest her head on her palms and with one hand she pressing Kunj forehead Kunj see this Their face is up and down.Kunj looking twinkle she too. Twinkle mangalsutra dangle down on kunj face.Kunj feeling so good Twinkle fingers did magic on his head and his headache went away.Now you feeling better. 

Kunj:not better but great.Twinkle give smile.aaj for a change you aren’t eating my head why siyappa queen decreasing my headache what’s the matter haa what are you planning haa.😛. 

Twinkle:acha sadu kitna bhi acha kardo tumhara koi faida nahi hai tumhara.. 

Kunj:nahi nahi aaj pati Dev pe itna pyaar keshe Araha hai.??

Twinkle:koi pyaar vyaar nahi aaraha hai samje.Don’t planning something in your dirty mind… 

Kunj:dirty planning.Okay but with whom?😜😛. He give twinkle naughty look and twinkle look at him. 

Twinkle:with whom hmm let me think she rest her finger on her lips and pretending like thinking something hmm kunj your Lavanya would be best what’s say.. Kunj look at twinkle make faces. 

Kunj:tujhe shirf yeh hi aata hai like typical wife’s I thought at least you are not like those typical wife’s but not you are too same.Behaving like nonsense wife’s.

Twinkle:whatever it’s your mistake even I too didn’t thought that my husband will be like this giving less bhav but not others. Yes I’m like those typical wife’s.So do wanted like your firangi wife’s they can send their husbands with anyone.kunj giggles slightly. 

Kunj:you are jealous queen.Twinkle pinch his nose.She rest her head on pillow and cuddles her teddy bear. Kunj look at her. 

Twinkle:my cutie pie.she closed her eyes and sleep while kunj keep looking at her. And see how tightly she cuddling her teddy bear Kunj get jealous and twist teddy bear hands. 

Kunj:huhu see her cuddling this no feelings teddy bear and me sadu.with smile he too sleep…

Like this days were passing twinkle totally 

Insecure with Lavanya here she trying to get kunj attention she get ready for kunj so he look at her give her compliments but no use kunj didn’t give her look.In front of twinkle eyes Lavanya always getting

closed with kunj that twinkle didn’t like it. 

Twinkle did whatever chinki and Asha were telling her.College peoples get busy while Yuvi falling for Avni but she always throw tantrums at him which make him more happy. 

Twinkle think to make so something for kunj his favourite things. She went in kitchen and see Anjali making cups cake for Aayat and Rahul they both love it.She stand beside her see Anjali.Di you know so perfectly baking. 

Anjali:Hmm before I don’t know after Rahul I learn because he loved it. 

Twinkle:acha.I just love baking and all’s Maa always telling me to learn how to cook but I never put my interest.For baking I’m ever ready.

Anjali:acha 😄.. she look at her.You know twinkle Kunj too like cakes and all’s why not you make something for him. 

Twinkle:hmm okay I’ll try.She think what he make for him.Than she decided to make tarts for kunj.Both Anjali and twinkle get busy in baking.Rudra or Avni come and joint them. 

Rudra:Arey waha today my bhabhi and di making something special for us. 

Avni:not for us but for their husbands😛😛.. Anjali and twinkle give smiles. 

Rudra:what you making bhabhi.. 

Twinkle:tarts for you😛.. 

Rudra:I know not for me but for bhaiya hai na hmm😛😛.. he teasing twinkle while

twinkle getting shy.they both make cup cakes and tarts and keep it in refrigerator. 

Kunj was busy in work he leave his work and hold his head and thinking about

twinkle beautiful smile comes on his face. 

He take his phone and open the gallery and see twinkle photos and smiling to see her photos. 

Kunj:puri pagal hai.Why I’m getting attracted towards her.Let’s call siyappa queen and asked her what she doing it. He dial twinkle number and call twinkle phone ringing in her room Aayat playing in twinkle and Kunj room she listen ring tone and she pick up the call to see kunj photo. 

Hi twinkle.. 

Aayat:hi not twinkle but Aayat.. 


Aayat:it’s me Aayat bhaiya.. 

Kunj:acha Aayat where is bhabhi.. 

Aayat:woh twinkle bhab😛. 

Kunj:yes go and give phone to your bhabhi. 

Aayat:okay bhaiya.Aayat went downstairs with phone and searching twinkle

everywhere and asking everyone about twinkle. 

Avantika: what happened.

Aayat: mamma where is my bhabhi bhaiya tell me search bhabhi. 

Avni: Arey Twinkle is in kitchen. 

Aayat: hoo. She went in kitchen and see twinkle working in kitchen she went towards her. Bhab!?

Twinkle:yes Aayat you wanted something?

Aayat: no bhab bhaiya wanted to talk to my bhabhi 😛😛. Kunj giggles out from other side. 

Twinkle: acha. 

Aayat:yes take your phone she give her phone and left while twinkle see caller id. She put the phone on her ear.

Twinkle:haa kunj bolo… 

Kunj:KYa hai I was calling you didn’t answering my calls you should take your phone with you..

Twinkle:I forgot.You tell me why you called me. 

Kunj: aise hi for time pass.. 

Twinkle:why for time pass don’t you have work today haa. 

Kunj:hai na but not right now what are you doing it.. 

Twinkle:nothing just kitchen work..

Kunj:acha what siyappa you planning in kitchen. 

Twinkle:than why you calling me haa when you know na I’m just planning siyappa. 

Kunj:haa.. toh.. I thought you just know how to do make up.😛😛.. 

Twinkle:very funny..they talk for sometime Kunj pulling twinkle legs and she getting irritated. Kunj come soon. 

Kunj:why did you make something for me😛 special no no like last time you’ll make burned food for me.

Twinkle:no no na.You just come soon na. 

Kunj:hmm I’ll try if I get free than I’ll come immediately.They end the calls twinkle went out of the kitchen.She went to everyone and joint them.Twinkle getting messages from unknown numbers her phone beeped. 

Omkara:kunj ke messages haa.She give him faint smile. Than she went upstairs and goes in her room and sit. Just than she got Asha call. 

Asha: hi twinkle.


Asha: what happened you sounding cold. 

Twinkle: na Arey you both tell me I try to do but this kunj didn’t give me shit. 

Asha: first she laughed out. Twinkle you sounding jealous with someone. 

Twinkle:what someone yeh Ek haina Lavanya.She just behind my husband now I can’t tolerate this anymore. 

Asha:calm down twinkle..we told you na. 

Do just kunj automatically coming near you. 

Twinkle:acha but what need of this. 

Asha:what?? only needed of this only twinkle.This only work out perfectly when kunj attracting towards you than Lavanya automatically out of your marriage life. 

Just apply your beauty magics on kunj. 

Twinkle:don’t know what you both telling whether this will work out or not I m

Just doing this for my husband didn’t let any cheapo girls snatch him from me. 

Asha:great than go ahead. And impressed him didn’t come from office na go and get ready like a beauty definition. When husbands come back from work after tired after see their husbands beauty full face their stress vanished immediately. 

Twinkle:hmm okay I’ll talk to you later Kunj will come.She went towards wardrobe take her clothes went in washroom get freshen up and she sitting in front of dressing table and looking at herself. Twinkle really you getting ready for this sadu I mean what happened to you.This chinki and Asha bhi na.But I have to do this for kunj if not than he’ll not interested  in me.She get busy in her Make up.And looking at watch just desperately she was waiting for kunj. Kunj who completes his work and left for Sarna Mansion because of twinkle.He reached quickly.He entered and see everyone sitting in hall while

Rudra and Priyanka making project.Kunj went upstairs and goes in his room he entered in his room and his eyes went on dressing table and see his wife.Kunj. Rolled his eyes and went towards dressing table stand behind the chair.he see twinkle busy in her Make up she applying mascara.Kunj smile and looking at twinkle   Through mirror. He went near her back. 

Kunj:Twinkle bas kar kitna ghure gi aapne aap ko haa.She come in sense and found kunj she get up with jerk. 

Twinkle:kunjj when you come back. 

Kunj:when you are busy in your make up. 

But you are lost in this make up and all.. 

Twinkle:acha.Kunj look at her head to toe. 

Kunj:where are you going haa? Getting ready.

Twinkle:Kyu only when we are going somewhere than only get ready haa??

Kunj:na na twinkle Kunj Sarna you can anytime because to do make up it’s your birth right.Haa.. 

Twinkle: Kunj now I’m looking tell me. Kunj didn’t said anything just laugh out and which make twinkle angry. Maza uda rahe ho haa. 

Kunj:nahi nahi Meri itni mazal me aapka mazak udauga 😛.. twinkle about to go kunj held her back and pulled her he going towards her while she get nervous and going in backwards she stop due to wall. She looking at Kunj while he too. Kunj went closer to her and pulled her near his chest with his one hand place on her back.While twinkle hands resting on his shoulder and keep looking at him. He too with one eyes. 

Twinkle:in heart yeh kunj kya kar raha hai. 

Yeh mere itna karib Kyu aaraha hai. Kunj pulled her zipped. His face near to her ears. 

Kunj:Twinklee (in low cam sensual voice.)

Twinkle:hmm. Kunj kya.. 

Kunj:kam kaha ab toh kapde bhi fhaten lage hai Tere 😝😛😛.. Kunj laugh out. She push him.. 

Twinkle:kunjjjj…😡😡..you are so bad I’ll not talk to you always making fun of me. 

Huhu she turned her face make gloomy and sit in side while kunj control his laugh and went to her sit beside her shake her with her shoulders while twinkle didn’t said anything than Kunj take her hand in his hand. He started counting her chuda bangles 😂😂. 

Kunj:Twinkle tu khud 60 kilo ki hai 20 kilo ka Tere makeup and 20 kilo yeh chuda how you will carry I mean even your ego is too big than your size 😂😂😂.. twinkle give him mock look.Hoo me toh Dar gaya. 

Twinkle:uhgggg 🤯🤯.. she pulling his hairs. 

Kunj:haa twinkle leave my hairs.. 

Twinkle:I’ll not you making fun of me na now see what I’ll do. Kunj tickling on her tummy she laughing so loudly. He too avantika and tej and passing from twinkle and Kunj room they heard their laughing sound and see twinkle and Kunj get so happy to see them happy in their life.

Tej: see I told you na slowly slowly everything will be better in their life too. 

Avantika:yes tej nowadays toh twinkle doing affects for kunj. 

Tej:don’t worry they are happy in their life’s what else we wanted more haa.. they went from there kunj keep tickling on twinkle while she out of the control. 

Twinkle:bas kunj please my stomach is paining now. 

Kunj:ab kar haa.. 

Twinkle:rudraaaa.Kunj covered her mouth twinkle lips touching his palm skin.Both looking at each other’s.Kunj slowly slowly take back his hand. Twinkle get up and while kunj went in washroom.He look at himself than his palm twinkle lipstick print on kunj palm he admire than kissed on that lipstick prints.He get freshen up. Twinkle applying lipstick making pouty lips.Aayat standing on table she doing same 😂😂.. Kunj hold his head. 

Kunj:Twinkle you are already Make up obsessed girl even making lil sis too. 

Twinkle: shut up. 

Aayat:see my lips bhaiya.She call kunj he went near her.Aayat Kissed on kunj cheeks. And her lipstick print on kunj cheeks see bhaiya your cheeks hehe😂.. 

Kunj: very good.

Aayat: Arey even you too did same na bhab haa kissed on bhaiya cheeks. Kunj and twinkle get surprised and look at each other’s face. 

Kunj: Aayat Leave it. 

Aayat:no first do. If not than I’ll do pa.. twinkle and Kunj look at each other face with helpless eyes.Come na bhab do fast. 

She get awkward now. She went near kunj Aayat looking them only. Do na. Karo kiss.. 

I’ll tell you how to do. She cupped Kunj one. Cheek with her small hand and teach twinkle how to kiss kunj and twinkle giggles inside. 

Twinkle:okay.She cupped his face and Kunj look at her with corner of his eyes she too same she going near his cheeks. Slowly she formed her lips in kissing way. 

Twinkle stand on her toes and place her lips on kunj cheek as soon as she place her lips on kunj cheek both closed their eyes for the very first time kunj get twinkle cheek kiss while twinkle too give him first time.She give him quick peck.Ayaat clapping foe this twinkle and Kunj look at her.She looking down to get rid with shyness Kunj see her shyness her cheeks turned into cherry tomato. 

Aayat: nice one bhab..🥰🥰.. okay I’ll give my lipstick print to my pa she jumped from chair. 

Kunj: ayaattt. She went from there. Twinkle playing with her end of duppta.To break the awkwardness he too went downstairs while twinkle look at herself in mirror and smiling like anything.And closed her eyes and remember few seconds before what she had done it.Hit on her head and went downstairs too. 

Kunj sitting alone in living area omkara and rudra or Avni and Priyanka doing masti While Rahul and Anjali busy in their room spending time with each other’s.. Kunj went towards dinning table take water glass while twinkle come there and her eyes went on kunj cheeks and see lipstick Mark on kunj cheek before anyone will see she rushed to him. 


Kunj: haa.. 

Twinkle: look at here.  She show his face in her phone and Kunj see his cheeks😂. Kunj take her duppta and try to wiped out but couldn’t properly it goes..wait I’ll do it. She take duppta and carefully wiping lipstick marks.She wiped it out. Now fine. Good anyone will not see this. 

Kunj:hmm.He went from there.Twinkle and Priyanka called everyone for dinner each and everyone come for dinner. Twinkle thinking this kunj didn’t look at her once she did this all for him no use of this. Aayat and rudra teasing each other while having dinner. 

Tej:how’s your studies going on rudra. 

Rudra:good pa.. 

Tej:great than if not than I’ll.Make good. 

Kunj slightly looking at twinkle and see her face she looking so beautiful. Kunj lost in her beauty just admiring her. 

Kunj: in his heart..You are beautiful twinkle you made me believe that this world is worth living in.Your beauty captures me, but what amazes me is that it is wonderfully combined with your amazing soul.Kunj didn’t think about anyone just mesmerised to her beauty.Your beauty cannot be ignored,it is something unbelievable because it not only pleases my eyes but also warms my heart.Rahul see kunj busy in his wife not in plate.He went near his ears.

Rahul:he whispered in his ears.kunj stop staring her yaar kunj.come out of his thoughts and look at rahul.

Kunj:staring kesh ko.??

Rahul:rubal ke crush ko 😂.press his laughs kunj understands what he talking about it for whom. Kunj make so funny and annoying look which make him burst out so loudly everyone see and get confused what happened to him while kunj gritting his teeths on him.

Usha:what happened to you Rahul??

Rahul: nothing maa😄😂.poor kunj.

Om:what happened to him.

Kunj:nothing itself cracking jokes in his mind and laughing like Dumbo.. 


Kunj:same to you.. rubal come there give voice to everyone.. 

Rubal:hi everyone.Rahul see him laughing inside in heart. 

Rahul:le aagaya Tere Male sautan😜😂.

Tej:come rubal. 

Rubal:uncle dad send this file. 

Tej:thanks rubal.. come have dinner.

Rubal:nope uncle thanks..

Kunj:he look at rubal huhu he just take devil name and see devil appear

immediately huhu.everyone finished their dinner.They all sits Anjali went in kitchen and bring cup cakes for everyone. Aayat see her favourite cup cakes and started jumping in happiness she went and took tray.. 

Aayat:cup cakes aww I’ll not give anyone.

One side of tray Rudra hold and another side Aayat both pulling. Mere cup cakes pa😭😭.. 

Rudra:look at you little panda haa every time hadapana all kids only my hatt. 

Aayat:Leave it I’ll not give. 

Rahul:Arey rudra my wife make for me and Aayat hai na she nodded her head in yes 

Anjali:yes rudra you catch your bhabhi leave my Aayat cup cakes.. 

Rudra:today I’ll not.. 

Tej: rudra you’ll have it later give her na you know she can’t even eat whole one cup cake still you doing this.

Rudra:dadi you see her na.. 

Lata:Aayat baby leave it.. 

Aayat:lo you all just eat.She leave the tray with jerk.And went to tej and hide her face under his chest.she started crying slightly. Rudra happily eating cup cakes.tej rubbing Aayat back. 

Rudra:aaja Aayat have your cake 🧁 don’t tell me afterwards okay.She raise her face and her eyes drenched in tears.She look at rudra who about to eat her cup cake.

She runs to him and snatch her cup cake. 

Rahul:Aayat it’s so yummy.my wifey is the best and Male pouty lips Anjali get shocked formed her mouth in O😮 way. Omkara and Kunj giggles.Twinkle totally forgot about her tarts.

Prithviraj:where is Lavanya. 

Rubal:she is busy with her friends.Twinkle went in kitchen she fills thirsty rubal as well behind to make excuse of water.

Twinkle drinking water rubal come there. 

Twinkle:Arey rubal you are here do you wanted something.. 

Rubal:yeah woh water she fills water in glass and give to rubal.Keeping leftover food in refrigerator.Rubal keep staring twinkle.Kunj come there and see rubal he closed his fistTwinkle bending down she keeping things in drawers so her neck was deep her cleavage line showing it and rubal eyes freezes on twinkle cleavage to see this kunj blood boiling down. 

Kunj:you are here rubal.. 

Rubal:haa. Woh.. 

Kunj:pa calling you.Rubal went from there kunj see twinkle duppta keeping in side.He take her duppta and closed the

refrigerator door with flick.Twinkle look at 

Kunj face she get scared to see his sudden face expression.He hold her hand tightly which hurting her due to her Chuda. 

Twinkle:kunjjjj.what are you doing it.Kunj boiled in anger like a roasted chicken.Kunj take the duppta and covered twinkle Fully. 

Kunj:see around yourself are you blind haa how many times.she see her dress neck. And understand.She looks down with guilt. 

Twinkle:sorry.I’ll changed it.she about to go big kunj held her hand didn’t let go. She pinned her towards refrigerator Kunj both hands resting on refrigerator door. 

Twinkle hairs strand coming on her face. Kunj tucked her hairs behind her ears.She looking down only Kunj held her chin Make her look at him. Kunj see water in twinkle eyes. 

Kunj:Twinkleee I didn’t tell you anything wrong..

Twinkle: I know. 

Kunj:than why this tears.I’m just saving it’s my duty you are so stubborn don’t know what happening around you.Kunj Caress her cheeks bones twinkle closing her eyes. Kunj smile to see her. Lata come there kunj heard her voice he immediately turned and look at her.. dadii.. twinkle too composed herself. 

Lata:she smiled Arey I come in wrong time. 😛😝..

Kunj:kuch bhi.. Kunj went from there.after sometimes later rubal too went.Elders went in their respective room.Kunj searching something in freeze his eyes went on small tarts he get happy to see. Kunj bring out and see.Aww tarts who made this.He take out side went towards poolside where everyone sitting.rahul see tarts in kunj hands he immediately snatch it. 

Rahul:Arey waha Fruits tarts yumm.. 

Kunj:it’s my I see first. 


Anjali:Arey Rahul his wifey Make for him it’s his only you have your cup cakes.. 

Kunj look at twinkle than tarts it’s looking so delicious even presentation was too beautiful. 

Kunj:ab de very happily you eat your cup cakes because your wifey make it for you now my get it give me kunj and Rahul fighting for tarts.in their car fight om and rudra snatch it and eating topping fruits.. 

Rudra:bhabhi yumm😛😛. 

Om: yes twinkle.. last time your kheer today this very delicious. 

Rudra:mahi too knows this tell O😛.. 

Rahul and Kunj laugh out to see Omkara face expression😂😂.. 

Om: don’t speak too much get it.. 

Kunj: break his teeth’s Omkara.. 

Rudra:Acha rudra hide his face under twinkle Duppta.. my Bhabhi will save me.. bhabhi this Bhaiya didn’t show you his angry side.Twinkle look at Kunj. 

Twinkle:it’s your mistake rudra. I give him Sadu name perfect for him.Ek number ka sadu second second pe showing his eyes. 

Avni and Anjali giggling to see twinkle. 

Kunj:Acha siyappa queen.. 

Anjali:you both just fight even when they are alone.

Rudra:haa Bhaiya learn from G how much he love do and showing 😂😂😂.. 

Rahul:rahul is only one piece 😎.He kissed on Anjali cheeks.twinkle give smile to see this. See I have best wife.. 

Rudra:even we have too haina O.Our

Bhabhi Rudra pulled twinkle cheeks. Bhabhi is so soft aww.Rudra and om kissed on her cheeks.and cuddles her tightly twinkle smiling. 

Rahul:see kunj your both brothers.. 😂. 

What they were doing it that also in front of your eyes. 

Kunj:so what..😂.. let them.. 

Rahul:acha what about rubal ji😝.. twinkle press her laugh.. 

Rudra:that rubal sticking with my bhabhi huhu.. only me and O have rights on our bhabhi no one else haina bhaiya..

Rahul:what are you asking to bhaiya haa. Let kunj do it it’s his right kamino😂.. teach him.. 

Rudra:what we’ll teach him he is married man he knows everything 😛..he pulling twinkle cheeks tightly she closing her eyes. 

Kunj:bas bas.. 

Om:jealous and possessive husband 😂.. 

Kunj having tarts.. 

Rahul:today you didn’t put sugar in this haa.Just because of him why.. 

Kunj:because she made for me not for you get it.. they all chatting with each other’s.

Avni:this rudra and yuvi is totally mad. He is so annoying.

Rudra:he running behind you😂😂.For you he become depression patient😝.. kunj and rudra or omkara hifi.. 

Rahul: shut up. 

Kunj:haa what happened now think about us too. In front of our eyes you were flirting with our sister. 

Avni:kunj bro bas nothing is like that didn’t you think I’ll give him sit.. 

Twinkle: Yuvi is like this everyday his crush and love change like clothes. 

Rahul: even Kunj too same twinkle 😂😂.. 

Twinkle: suspiciously 😒 matlab..??

Rahul: kunj look at your wife expression 😂.After listen about you her face color changed it..😛😝.. you don’t know about him twinkle he is very shy in front of world but hmm very Naughty at 40😂😂.. twinkle started thinking and looking at Kunj with doubt full eyes. 

Kunj:go and sleep rudra and Priyanka you have college.They all went in their respective rooms. Twinkle removing her accessories in front of dressing table and thinking about Rahul. 

Twinkle:see I did so much for kunj but he didn’t give me one look huhu no use of it woh Meri taraf dekhta bhi nahi hai why.. does I didn’t look good. Kunj entered in room. And sit on his side of bed and lay down looking at twinkle.Twinkle too come and down on beside kunj. Aisa kya dekh rahe ho haa?

Kunj:Kyu can’t I see you.. 

Twinkle:nope.. kunj what jiju were saying haa. Kunj smile slightly.

Kunj:he is mad don’t listen him okay.. 

Twinkle:first you tell me.How many girlfriends you have haa. 

Kunj:many okay.. 

Twinkle: acha you still in contact with them.

Kunj:just to teased her yes they messaging. 

Twinkle:sadu you don’t have time for me but you have for them why.kunj you are so boring.I did so much for you. Learn something for jiju how he is. 

Kunj:why I’ll learn I’m happy what I’m.. 

Twinkle:you are so boring others so good. 

You don’t have time for me.Even can’t look at me. 

Kunj:hoo I toh look at you only😛😛.. 

Twinkle: don’t know how you impress your girlfriends huhu. 

Kunj:with my talks😜😜. Praise their beauty. 

Twinkle:tell me too how understand me as your girlfriend even I too wanted to see. 

Kunj:okay if you wanted it.. first side this India and Pakistan boarder 😂😂. 

Twinkle: my teddy bear no.. 

Kunj:no he take teddy bear and kept in side.He take her hand.. both looking each other’s only.. Your soul is like an ocean, it doesn’t matter how deep I dive into your depths, I will never reach the bottom.Both continuously looking at each other’s

without blinking their eyes. In heart you are so most beautiful thing in my eyes everything is less in front of you twinkle.

When I saw you for the first time, I noticed your bright appearance, but then I got to know your beautiful soul, and I understood that you are the one.Sajna ve play in bg❤️. 

Twinkle: very cheesy Kunj 😛. You know how to praise them but you never praise me why. 

Kunj:you Itself praise yourself twinkle 😂. He pulled her cheeks.now let me sleep I have meeting tomorrow wake me early sorry you are late latif heheheh.He closed his eyes and sleep while twinkle looking at him. 

Twinkle:he had girlfriends.Huhu babaji what I’ll do he didn’t interested at me.Kunj mujhe pasand toh karta hai na.she raise slightly and kissed on kunj forehead you are just mine kunj.Love didn’t between us still I didn’t let anyone take you from me.. caress his hairs. They both sleep.. 

Next morning.Kunj wake up and left for jogging while twinkle wake up and she went in washroom and get freshen up even get ready quickly.she wore dress which rubal gifted her normally she like it. 

Quickly get ready she knows about kunj meeting so she get ready his all things.

Than went downstairs see Usha and Avantika preparing for breakfast. Kunj come back from jogging he went in his room take his towel and went in washroom. He taking bath just than shower stop. 

Kunj:what happened why water isn’t coming.Soap on kunj body everywhere his eyes were closed he checking taps no water shit panii.twinkle entered in room. 

What I’ll do now. Twinkleeeeeeee.. twinkle heard his voice she went near washroom door. 

Twinkle: yes. 

Kunj: come inside na she get shocked to listen this. 

Twinkle: what I’ll come inside 😱. 

Kunj: Twinkle pani nahi aaraha hai.. 

Twinkle: what. 

Kunj: yes see na I’m stuck in middle she laughing. 

Twinkle: awesome Kunj karma you teasing me na. 

Kunj:what type of wife you are my eyes were burning yaar.. do something.

Twinkle: you wait I’ll see.. she went downstairs and tell servant for water isnot coming in pipes. She filled water bucket because it’s takes time for water to come. She take water bucket went in her room knock at washroom door. Kunj come. 

Kunj: you come na.. 

Twinkle: how I’ll..

Kunj: should I call someone haa. 

Twinkle:no no I’ll come na. She went inside the washroom and look at Kunj towel only tied around his waist standing down on shower fully drenched in soapsuts twinkle see his body wet in water he looking so killer. Kunjj water. 

Kunj:haa come and help me please my eyes.She went near him.Water.she take water and slowly slowly pour kunj on body. 

Kunj open his eyes slightly and look at twinkle.Both look at each other’s.. 

Twinkle:before entering in washroom for bath you should check everything. 

Kunj:I’ll get dreams haa water will go. He take water mug and pour water on himself which splashed on twinkle. 

Twinkle:Kunj you were drenching me as well. Look at your eyes. You take bath I’ll do. She about to her leg slip due to soapsuts she about to falls down but nick of time kunj hold her his hand around her waist while twinkle around his neck both looking at each other’s.Kunj hair water falling on twinkle lips.. she about to moved even Kunj leg to slip down he falls down twinkle at him.. 

Twinkle: kunjjj.. 

Kunj:haa..twinkle hairs covered Kunj face he side her hairs.Rolled down her come top of twinkle. Everywhere siyappa just.

Twinkle: you Call me I didn’t come get it. Now get up from me let me go.My dress spoiled rubal give me.

Kunj:ho so he give you dress too. I don’t know when this will happened. 

Twinkle: not one two two better than you. Get up na..Kunj please anyone will see us what they will think about us.. 

Kunj: let them think na.. 

Twinkle: please you’ll get late. Kunj get up from here she run outside and take her clothes and changed it while kunj come out after bath.He wearing his pant and shirt buttons were opened.Twinkle went towards him and closing his buttons. 

Kunj: even this also that rubal give you haa. 

Twinkle:yes best pretty 🥰. Kunj make faces. 

Kunj:don’t you think so you were Giving him much attention. 

Twinkle:why you thinking this haa it’s matter for you. 

Kunj:lot get it.. many times I told you if you understand in gestures than it’s good for you twinkle.

Twinkle:don’t show this to me.she closed his buttons and she tied his tie.looking good. Okay I’ll get your coffee you will get ready till.. 

Kunj:hmm.. she went down to bring his clothe while kunj getting ready how dare he give gift to my wife and she wearing that clothes which gifted by him let her come she taking me very lightly. Twinkle come with coffee and Kunj medicine she give him medicine. Kunj look at coffee he think something than slightly bumped with twinkle coffee drops falls down on twinkle clothes. Sorry sorry twinkle. 

Twinkle:it’s okay I’ll changed it..you have your breakfast. She went changed again her clothes kunj giving smile to see her.

Kunj:now you looking pretty 😛.. 

Twinkle:acha ji.he lost in twinkle.I adore you,I have never seen more sparkling eyes and more dazzling smile than yours twinkle. 

Kunj: okay bye I’m going.. 

Twinkle:okay bye all the best for your meeting kunj. 

Kunj:thanks.Just than twinkle phone ringing.Twinkle ignore it. She went near kunj and hugged him. Kunj get confused to see her. Kya hua tujhe. 

Twinkle: Kunj I wanted to tell you something you didn’t listen me. 

Kunj:you always choose wrong timing twinkle.What so important you wanted to tell me twinkle phone keep ringing.. first go and see your phone. 

Twinkle:leave this phone.. you listen to me. 

Kunj:kya suna hai tujhe jaldi bol.. she look at him get scared how to tell him. 

Twinkle:kunjjj who kunj read her face expression. 

Kunj:are you okay na cupped her face.I’ll listen you afterwards okay now I’m getting late for my meeting.Okay don’t worry. He kissed on her forehead gently and went from there twinkle went and see her phone.

Twinkle:this kunj didn’t Listening me and this psychopath  didn’t leaving me keep calling him she take the phone listen don’t call me please I’m Loud voice while from other side he laughing loudly.. twinkle think to meet with Chinki and Asha so she complete all house chores and went towards avantika to take her permission. 

Mummy ji I wanted to go to meet with Chinki and Asha so can I go.If you Permit me. 

Avantika: why not I’ll you can go okay She left. Chinki and Asha was waiting for twinkle in cafe. Twinkle reached and went towards them take her seat. 

Chinki: hi Mrs Kunj Sarna. 😛😛hows you. 

Twinkle: you know how I’m. 

Asha: what happened did your shy husband said something to you. 

Twinkle:nope he didn’t said anything to me.Yaar asha And chinki this Chirag is getting on my nerves now he calling me with many numbers. 

Asha: what you blocked him na.

Twinkle:I try again he changed number and call me.Now I’m scared. I try to tell kunj about him before wedding but this chinki stop me.What I’ll do I’m frustrated. 

Chinki:first take a chill pill okay. 

Twinkle: I try to tell kunj about him now too but when I’m going to tell him he get busy. If he get to know from somewhere he’ll get hurt. 

Asha: Arey so twinkle he will understand this normal nowadays. Didn’t you see on my time naman.

Twinkle: your and my situation is totally different and more Kunj and Naman too my husband is very possessive he get angry on small things you people didn’t see him.

Chinki: Kyu kunj isn’t good.. 

Twinkle:not like that he is best chinki but he clearly tell me already what he didn’t like it.On rubal he get angry and become so possessive.Twinkle tell them about morning accident how kunj intentionally falls coffee on her clothes just because she wears that one which rubal give her. 

Asha and Chinki laugh out to listen this. 

Asha: aww jealous kunj I wanted to see him when he get jealous.

Twinkle:everyday when rubal around me😂😂. His way was very sweet and good he get possessive but didn’t behave like others very sweetly show his possessiveness too. 🥰🥰.. and my life become jhand this Lavanya yaar. 

Chinki:yup you should work on her just now leave this Chirag he will not go anything. 

Asha: did you try formula number one and 2.

Twinkle: yes I make food for him even get ready for him. My workaholic husband didn’t give me look and praise me as well 

Asha: what you didn’t get ready in your style. 

Twinkle:Arey more than my Asha but he toh don’t dare he didn’t coming near me. 

After this also. 

Asha: hehe it’s very tough to impress Kunj Sarna what else you’ll do now grain his attention. Asha and Chinki smirked 😜and look at her.

Chinki:twinkle you should planned for kunj erotic nights 😝😛😛. Twinkle look at them her mouth get opened 😱.. 

Twinkle:hatt cheapo.. 

Asha:what cheap in this it’s normal yaar even you both are newly married couples. 

Your and Kunj every nights must be went erotics.Twinkle blushed so hard.. see blushing twinkle hoo. 

Twinkle:shut up nothing is like this between us they both drinking coffee which split out. 

Chinki:what means nothing between you both. 

Asha:haa twinkle. 

Twinkle: yes. 

Asha:means you and Kunj didn’t till now. She nodded her head in yes. Omg twinkle really how you controlled on yourself he is so hot😜😛😛If I would be in your place. 

Twinkle: don’t dare to think about it he is mine. 

Chinki:haww he is mine hmm😂😜. It’s really shocking news for us you still. 

Twinkle:haa so what we didn’t force each other’s for this. 

Asha:okay but now see butterfly flying around your kunj if she get him than. 

Twinkle:I’ll break her mouth. 

Chinki: still twinkle I’ll tell you this do than see twinkle laugh out.. 

Twinkle: really it will look awkward I mean. 

Asha:it will not kunj will loved your this shade 😂😂they tiro talk about here and there than twinkle left.She thought to meet with kunj so she went to his office to give him surprised. 

Office Kunj [email protected] kunj working in his cabin Lavanya come there with flowers. She sit beside kunj. 

Lavanya:hi kunj baby.. 

Kunj:you Hmm. Ignore her. Kunj get up and went towards table and finding files Lavanya went behind him and give him backhugged.Kunj get surprised he turned around her she lock her arms around kunj neck.Twinkle entered in kunj cabin she stop at door only she get shocked to see kunj and Lavanya. 

Lavanya:kunj baby.. leave this work na. 

Kunj: Lavanya let me do my work.. 

Lavanya:moving her finger on his face sensually.I’m more hot than your boring wifey.I know you aren’t interested in her. Twinkle heard this all tears dropping from her eyes she left from there only. Kunj push Lavanya. 

Kunj: Lavanya stop it this I told you na don’t come near to me now toh strictly im someone husband still please away from me my wife didn’t like even me too before her.He went back to his chair and get busy in work.. 

Twinkle reached Sarna Mansion she run in her room and just jumped on bed on her stomach. Sobbing slightly 😭😭😭. 

Twinkle:aha 😭😭.This kunj how could he did this with me. And that Lavanya I’ll not leave her too.She knows he is my husband still he isn’t interested in me but in her haa.She cried lot and while crying she slept.After sometimes later at night twinkle didn’t went down.She just stay in her room.Everyone sit for dinner kunj and Rahul didn’t come still.Priyanka come to call twinkle for dinner but she said she is full.Later twinkle just seeing kunj photo and recalling what she saw in office.. feeling so bad.I can’t lose him.She changed her clothes and lay down on her side of bed.Kunj come and see twinkle he thought she must be slept he take his clothes and went in washroom.Get freshen up he feeling bored he went out of the room see his all siblings sitting together.He too joint them they all doing masti. 

Anjali:where is twinkle??

Kunj:she slept.. 

Avni:so soon she is fine na.. 

Kunj:why something happened haa??

Rudra:she didn’t come for dinner too.   

Kunj:why..maybe she had something that’s why only she can’t sleep without food.😂.. 

Lavanya: she get tired maybe. ( Lavanya come too because her father and mom or rubal went out of the town)

Twinkle sleeping in room lights were on moon light is coming.Twinkle getting scared in her dream.Lavanya was passing from twinkle and Kunj room she stop to see twinkle sleeping she went near her and moving her finger on her faces.

She keep doing this and off the lights closed the door Went from there.Chirag calling twinkle due to twinkle hand

mistakenly her hand falls on phone and due to this pick up Chirag call.He whistling twinkle heard that whistled.He loudly whistling tume apna bane ki kasam kahi hai.Due to this middle of sleep Twinkle wake up anxiety with sudden jerked she see darkness she screamed so loudly.And that whistle keep on.. she get panic keep screaming. They all laughing suddenly heard screaming voice all get shocked. 

Rudra:what happened yeh chilane ki awaaz.Again screaming voice come.All get up and other family members wake up and come out of their rooms.Kunj rushed toward door twinkle bagging door. 

Twinkle:please open the door. 

Kunj:Twinkle he open the door and see twinkle.Anjali on the lights they see twinkle condition get shocked.Twinkleeee. 

Twinkle:woh whistle 😭😭😭. 

Kunj:what whistle no whistle.

Rahul:take her down they take her down. Kunj make her sit her whole body shaking likes anything even lips horribly tears escaping from her eyes. 

Tej:what happened to her haa.Twinkle beta. 

Kunj:I don’t know pa I was in rudra room she was sleeping. 

Om:due to lights she get scared maybe she had darkness phobia na.Usha and Avantika consoling twinkle. 

Tej:when you know kunj about her why you leave her alone haa. 

Avantika:don’t worry twinkle beta. Kunj don’t leave her alone okay.Lo pani pilo. 

She give water glass to twinkle she can’t hold it properly glass shaking like

anything.About to falls down kunj hold it. 

Kunj:Twinkleeee..what happened why you panic so much haa. 

Prithviraj:take her in room maybe she scared in her dream. 

Usha:yes don’t leave her alone now. Elders went in room.Twinkle clutched her kurta tightly just looking down.Kunj give her side hug.. 

Kunj:don’t cry okay. 

Twinkle:Kunj someone was in our room. 

Kunj:what 😱. In our room haa. 

Twinkle: you never off lights na you know me. 

Kunj:yes but I didn’t off the lights. 

Rudra: even door too. She sobbing. 

Kunj:let it you clam down okay. Let’s go and sleep.Kunj hold her around shoulders. 

She stand up but can’t properly.Her body didn’t support her Kunj lifts her in his arms in bridal style.He take her in room.Place her on bed.Don’t cry now. Kunj about to go twinkle held his hand. 

Twinkle:Kunj please don’t go na. 

Kunj:I’m here only.. don’t worry he went

Closed the door and sit beside her make her drink water with his hands. Kyu itna Dar rahi hai yaar kya hua haa. 

Twinkle:Kunj woh whistle.. 

Kunj:koi whistle nahi hai.He cupped her face and wiped twinkle tears.kissed on her forehead she cuddles him tightly Kunj see her whole body become cold.Kunj touch her. I told you now don’t get panic I’m here I’ll not go anywhere sorry for today okay. 

Twinkle resting her head on his chest kunj patting on forehead.she closed her eyes didn’t leave kunj.After sometimes later kunj see twinkle sleep he place her head on pillow and kissed on her forehead. 

I’ll not leave twinkle who off the lights and door.You are very precious for me.he wiped her tears. And lay down beside her. Twinkle closed her eyes and see kunj she went near him. 

Twinkle:can I sleep here. 

Kunj:come to me. He pulled her closer to him she rest her head on his chest kunj cuddles her tightly his hands around his shoulders.his chin resting on her head. Bas shhhh sleep.They both sleep.Next day in morning kunj wake up and look at

twinkle Kunj kissed on her forehead and caressing her cheeks.Pyaari si jhali Meri.

What whistle she were talking about. Twinkle open her eyes and look at Kunj. Good morning. 

Twinkle: good morning. 

Kunj:how’s you now. 

Twinkle:fine cuddles him more. Kunj moving his finger on her hairs. 

Kunj: now go and get my coffee twinkle ji you take footage lot last night because of you pa scold me.She didn’t said anything just get up and went in washroom get freshen up and even Kunj as well.They all sitting for breakfast Lavanya come take chair beside kunj twinkle see this and gulps tears.She went in kitchen. 

Usha:what happened to her. 

Avantika:let her. Without meeting twinkle Kunj went office she went in room think maybe he was there but she didn’t see him he call him. 

Kunj:haa twinkle.. 

Twinkle:where are you.. 

Kunj: office me twinkle okay I’ll talk to you later he cut the call. Tears coming from her eyes. 

Twinkle:without meeting with me you left for office. 😭😭why I’m thinking about him this haa. Let him do whatever he wanted to do.He just stuck in this marriage..after sometimes later in free time kunj called twinkle. 

Twinkle:haa bolo. 

Kunj:Tu bata keshi hai…. 

Twinkle:achi hu.. in cold voice.. 

Kunj:okay. Aur suna 

twinkle:Tum jao you have work. 

Kunj:I’ll see my work. Hmm twinkle thanks for that tarts you make for me I didn’t thanked you that time toh. 


Kunj: can you make again for me. 

Twinkle:what I’ll make.. 

Kunj:let me think. This time not sweet. 

Twinkle:I don’t know other things. 

Kunj: at least try for me you did 2 times this time I’m saying you na please if you not cook tasty than also I’ll love it smile appears on her face. 

Twinkle:okay tell me.. 

Kunj: this time yours favorite one not mine. 

Twinkle:hehe Meri toh favourite butter chicken hai😛😛. 

Kunj:than awesome chalega😛.. But in my style.

Twinkle: acha ji😛😛. Even i don’t know recipe as well. 

Kunj:I’ll tell you. 

Twinkle:I’ll go in kitchen.She went in kitchen tied her hairs and Kunj telling her all recipe.And twinkle doing what kunj telling her. Ouch. 

Kunj: happened haa?

Twinkle:nothing hot oil drops falls on her hand.. after so much struggles twinkle make butter chicken. Kunj done.

Kunj:great I’m very curious now to have this.

Twinkle:hmm. Okay bye. She end the call. Twinkle went in her room and get freshen up and sit avantika and Usha or lata went out.Kunj complete his all work. 

Kunj:my work almost finished I’ll go and have lunch with twinkle today.Kunj left for Sarna Mansion in the way he stop and went in ice cream.He don’t know what twinkle like so he take all flavors.And he sit in car back.And drop off.Soon he reached Sarna Mansion went inside he didn’t call twinkle he went in kitchen and see butter chicken.Hmm smell yummy.He place food in tray in good way.take and went in room.Twinkle was in washroom Kunj place on table. Twinkle come out of the kitchen and see this and get confused. 

Twinkle:what is this haa.. who did this. Kunj come from back.

Kunj:hoo. She get scared. Kunj see twinkle face expression and laugh out twinkle see him. 

Twinkle:kunjj tum.. she hitting on his chest.Kunj held her hand. 

Kunj: bas siyappa Queen. 

Twinkle:you are here at this time haa. Kunj. 

Kunj:I’m here because I’m hungry so today wanted to have lunch with you.So I come. 

Twinkle:acha ji ☺️☺️. With blushing smile. 

Kunj: yes.. ji. Now let’s have dinner twinkle I’m so hungry. 

Twinkle:you sit and have your lunch I’ll come. 

Kunj:hello madam if I wanted to have alone than I’ll have at office only i wanted with you get it now come he pulled her hand. And take her near couch both sits. 

Kunj served twinkle and himself too. 

Twinkle:let’s have.they both having food offer each other’s and feed each other’s twinkle smiling to see this. 

Kunj:you are not bad twinkle I mean better than my butter chicken yours.. 

Twinkle:glad you like it..Kunj chocked he started coughing twinkle give him water and patting on his back.. araam se mujhe bachi bolte ho.. 

Kunj:hmm.they finished their lunch. I have something for you. 

Twinkle: what.. 

Kunj: wait a second. He went in kitchen and bring it. Put in front of twinkle she open the box and see ice creams.. 

Twinkle:so many ice creams for whom?

Kunj:for Angelina Jolie😏.. twinkle look at him.Obviously twinkle Tere liye hi na.. 

Twinkle:thanks. For this she having ice cream. 

Kunj: you are so bad you didn’t offered me. 

Twinkle:I know I’ll not offered you you eat sweet things now I can’t give you. Even didn’t take your medicine too no times. 

Kunj:badi fhikar ho rahi hai Meri tujhe.. 

Twinkle:tu. Correct it tum na. 

Kunj:when you say tum na I feel so good 😝. 

Twinkle:whatever.After that twinkle take all things in kitchen keep it and come back in room.He see Kunj get busy in calls. She went towards her and Kunj end the calls again his phone it’s Lavanya he take her phone twinkle heard Lavanya name she snatch Kunj phone and cut it. 

Kunj:what the… hell is this twinkle 

Twinkle:when you come back from office for me na so now you can’t busy in this phone.This Lavanya Magnet.Kunj giggles 

Kunj:what magnet???😂.

Twinkle:yes she is magnet only.. servant come with Kunj and twinkle ironed clothes. 

Servant: bhabhi. 

Twinkle: haa. She take the clothes and went towards wardrobe keeping all clothes in the wardrobe. Twinkle phone rings 

Kunj: Tere phone twinkle. 

Twinkle:you see na.Kunj went and take twinkle phone in his names. 

Kunj:yeh unknown number.Twinkle I don’t know. 

Twinkle:you talk who is?? Kunj pick up the calls and see its company number he end the call immediately. 

Kunj:okay twinkle I’m going office back. 

Twinkle:okay. He left for office while twinkle get busy in work Aayat come back from school twinkle changed her clothes and feed her food.whole day went like this. 

Twinkle become little normal.She still thinking about what she saw in office. 

They all have dinner and sitting. Rudra think to go for movie. 

Rudra: let’s go for movie what’s say. 

Omkara: idea was good.. and new movie released romantic. 

Twinkle: haa.. 

Anjali:we all will go.I’ll call others too. Anjali call everyone in their gangs twinkle went in room to get ready Kunj sitting simply. 

Twinkle: Kunj go and get ready na.

Kunj:I’m not going this romantic one.. haa and tum kaha let them go your husband not going. 

Twinkle:I’ll go and you’ll too.she force him he get ready they take permission they all left for movie.soon they all reached movie theatre.Others too reached Yuvi see Avni and went towards her. 

Yuvi: hi😛. She look at him. 

Maya:let’s go we are already late. Kunj went for tickets he take tickets and they all went inside the crowd was so huge people pushing each other’s twinkle was over excited for movie.Man about to push twinkle Kunj held her hand and stand covered her. 

Kunj:siyappa queen wait.They all went inside and take their seats.Rubal and Lavanya was too there they get surprised to see them Kunj make face to see rubal while twinkle to see Lavanya.they all couples sits together. 

Lavanya:Kunj baby come sit. 

Twinkle:Lavanya all partners sit with their partners na so he will too come kunj.She held his hand and went.Kunj and twinkle sit together in side.Twinkle and kunj sit in side all lights went off rudra,priyanka and omkara or mahi and avni or yuvi they all were standing like this while couples togther.

Movie about to starts title come twinkle get so excited to see movie montage.

Twinkle:kunj see they looking so cute.I think movie will be good.. 

Kunj:hmm let starts the movie first. 

Twinkle:huhu sadu.. 

Kunj:same Movie starts they happily watching movie having popcorn Kunj eyes went on side see couple less interested in movie busy in romance. Even twinkle eyes too went she and Kunj look at each other immediately turned their face.

Yuvi:see avni how romantic. 

Avni: haa so what.. 

Some romantic scenes comes it was kissing scene was really romantic.Twinkle looking here and there. 

Kunj: what nonsense is this.

Twinkle: sadu you don’t know romance

Kunj:acha you know very much show me.

Twinkle:is it okay wait 😛😛😝.. they were laughing on funny scene.They all really enjoyed movie after movie get over. 

They all went outside.while twinkle went in washroom. 

Rahul: movie was awesome. 

Kabir: yup. Let’s go. 

Kunj: wait twinkle went in washroom. Twinkle come out of the washroom going suddenly Chirag come and held her hand.

Twinkle get shocked to see him.. 

Chirag:hi baby doll. 

Twinkle:you leave my hand.

Chirag:with whom you come baby.

Caressing her cheeks bones. Twinkle jerk his hand.

Twinkle: leave me chirag I’ll call my husband get it. 

Chirag:acha sure please even I too wanted to see that person who stole your heart. 

Twinkle:Leave me he twist her hand so badly.Twinkle push him and went from there.Twinkle coming while running.

Kunj:oyee what happened in which race you were running. 

Twinkle:kunjjj.she hugged tightly.Everyone see this. 

Rahul:movie ka effects😂😂. 

Kunj:are you okay na.

Twinkle:haa let’s go na from there.. 

Kabir: hoo twinkle hmm😛😛. 

Twinkle: bhai aap bhi na.

Mahi: di you come with us na.Twinkle look at Kunj. 

Rudra: no you go mahi if you wanted than take O😂😂😂.. omkara give him death glares while Rahul and Kunj give him look. 

Anjali: let’s go.They all sit in cars and left for their places. 

Days later.. 

Kunj come back from office he went in his room and sit twinkle come and see him he come back. 

Twinkle: you come. 

Kunj:I’m so tired..she went behind the couch and pressing Kunj shoulders. Thanks twinkle..her eyes went on kunj shirt collar she get shocked to see.. twinkle see lipstick Mark on kunj shirt collar.She understands to see the colour mostly Lavanya applying this time of colours.Tears escaping from her eyes. 

Kunj get up and went in washroom get freshen up.After this twinkle heart break down she didn’t eat anything just be in herself talk very less when it’s needed Kunj get confused to see her this behaviour.Kunj thoughts may be she was sad because Bebe health was not well.

Normal one day Rahul planned for dinner out.He called Anjali and others as well because he giving everyone treat to get new project.Avni and rudra Priyanka Omkara or Anjali they went their aunt place so they left for dinner directly.Rahul and Kunj as well from office.They all reached restaurant and come take their seats.kunj eyes were finding twinkle. 

Kunj:where is twinkle??

Anjali:you should know na..she didn’t come. 

Kunj:what do you mean by this you all come and didn’t take my wife haa.

Anjali:I thought she come with you

because we all come directly from aunt house. 

Yuvi:this is wrong na. Kunj hold his head. 

Lavanya:it’s okay.

Kunj: it’s okay for you not for me. You all carry on I’ll go. 

Rahul:Arey kunj I know it’s feel bad wait I’ll call her.Rahul twinkle she didn’t pick up the call. After so much calls she pick up the calls. 


Rahul:Twinkle where are you.Come at this place fast.. 


Rahul:we all come for dinner.twinkle get sad. 

Twinkle:hoo it’s okay even I had my dinner  what I’ll do you all enjoy don’t worry about me buy she cut the call. 

Rahul:kunj she had her dinner. 

Kunj:you all don’t know her I know na how she is.. 

Kabir:you come do something for her she’ll get happy.They all having food while kunj just thinking about twinkle only.

Twinkle get so sad and feel bad they all went and didn’t take before going even Kunj too she lay down on her and crying thinking about everything that hug in office lipstick Mark on his collar.Now this twinkle check her phone Rahul send her photos twinkle see kunj and Lavanya throw her phone in side. 

Twinkle:I’ll not talk to them now 😭😭.. 

she slept in sitting position.After

sometimes later they come back kunj bring donuts for twinkle so she get happy. He went in his room and see twinkle.He changed his clothes and come lay down beside her.Twinkle back facing to him.She open her eyes kunj was busy in phone she listen everything.She coughed Kunj see her and understand she was wakeup. 

Kunj:hiiii.She didn’t turned.Kunj shaking her with his hand. He understands she ignored her.It’s valuable as well.He went near to her.I know you didn’t sleep.Why you pretending.She closed her eyes.Kunj leave she is in anger right now it’s better to leave her.He too sleep while whole twinkle didn’t sleep. Next morning twinkle wake up and get ready in very simple dress didn’t apply anything.She get ready his all things and went downstairs.Later everyone come for breakfast they had their breakfast while twinkle wasn’t present their because she was in garden. Kunj searching her everywhere.He check her in garden as well.She was not there.

Kunj:where is this girl went. Kunj went inside back and Avantika.mummy did you see twinkle. 

Avantika: yes she is mummy ji room. Kunj went and see twinkle pressing Prithviraj legs. Kunj see this and give smile.

Kunj: this girl didn’t left any single chance to amazed me. He went and sit beside Prithviraj.Twinkle didn’t look at him. 

Twinkle:dadu I’ll come.She went from there. 

Kunj: even I’ll too. He went behind her she went in room. Kunj entered in room and went towards her. Twinkle wait na if you angry with me tell me na. 

Twinkle:why I’ll Haa. 

Kunj: I know swear of god I don’t know about this. 

Twinkle:Kunj leave this and you go office I had work. She said this and left. 

Kunj:she is really angry don’t worry I’m too Kunj Sarna. 

Episode end here only….


I know I’m very late sorry for this guys. 

First episode got deleted I was in tension again write this so please leave this no proof reading just errors and errors. I try this in tension 

If I’ll tell you what happened with us you all will too get Shocked my father brothers cheat us.They all take our all money. Didn’t leave us anything. We trust them so much my father more he give his life for this type of people my brother is alone they all brothers gang up and cheat.Did loss in our business. After this we all three of them shattered down feels bad when you get hurt and betrayed by your love ones.Never ever they need my father stand for them before any problem come on them he take on himself.See what they have been work.Just for money they didn’t think once.Feel bad first world most precious thing my father we lost now this he did so much hard work for this business.They stole my father hard work. 

Many nights he didn’t sleep didn’t celebrate any occasions they did this with us in return.. but they can snatch our money but didn’t snatch our kismat.We’ll again start everything take my father business so high. This money paper more important for them but still they can’t stay in happy in their life chori ka maal ek din toh jayega hi na.even after this we are happy why allah with us. Here I’m eating pokada😂😂😂.I needs your support please pray for us remember me and my family in your prayers karma is a b*t*h they’ll get punished of their sins.their betrayed teach us learn even their real face come in front of us soon. Till now this I saw in movie and tv today this happened with us😭😭😭😭😭😭allah will never ever leave them. Allah ke ghar der hai ander nahi.. we’ll get everything in this world. Now me and Bhai handling father business seeing all accounts and all’s so I didn’t get time to write episode I’ll try my

Level best once this all solved Bhai break down from inside but he didn’t show us and MAA just for us saying leave this all allah hai na money is not important for us than one she already lost.. really in this world just greedy people are.. I’ll try to post soon like kiya🙂🙂🙂.. please pray for me. Bye love you and leave mistakes please.. 

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