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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha leaves vrindavan.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with radha saying gore, you have made me feel insulted today, till now it was okay. Kanha is sad and says no gopi, it is not that. radha says yes gore, till now I never knew I was devi laxmi, but now I know I was laxmi, I did not understand before so I did not say anything but now that I understand, you did not tell me so many years that I was laxmi even though you knew it! how could you do that to me?! kanha says gopi, the situation before was different and in that situation I couldn’t tell you about your true self. Radha says okay gore, forget about the past but what about today? Kanha says radha, my intention was not to hide the truth then and even now. radha says kanha, you knew you were Vishnu’s avatar but why didn’t I know? Tell me. kanha says when the right

time comes I will tell you the answer to this. Radha says kanha, you don’t have any answer and you wont ever have. Kanha says gopi, what if you may have given me a promise before? Radha says you are fooling me again, I am going to tell everyone who I am. Radha goes. Kanha says wait! Kanha says she wont stop, she will tell everyone.
Narad says prabhu, devi radha is going to tell everyone the truth. Lord Vishnu says devrishi, devi radha has always been soft-hearted and even devi laxmi, but the human world is different.
Bhadraksh says to kansa, bhagwan there is devi radha in vrindavan so that ekanga cannot go there with evil powers. Kansa says bhadraksh, I have fooled that paramavatar, now radha will leave the village and then ekanga will send her evil powers to destroy vrindavan and kill nand and yashoda.
Radha blows a shell in vrindavan and all people gather. Radha says come everyone! Nand and yashoda say what happened radha? Radha says I want to tell you everyone a truth that you haven’t known for years, and when you hear it you all will be very happy. Yashoda says what is it? radha says I am not radha, but actually I am devi laxmi. I have been living in the form of radha and as daughter of brij bhanu and kirti! I am the goddess laxmi and till now you have been living with me here, you can ask anything you want from me. people start laughing. Balram and kanha come. Balram says radha kanha was right, you are saying what he told me before, he told me you would declare yourself as devi laxmi and the same thing is happening. Everyone laugh. Radha says kaki yashoda, I am saying the truth, ask this gora, he knows it. kanha tell everyone. Kanha laughs and then says yes, she is right, radha is the form of devi laxmi everyone! Ask anything you want from her. People laugh. Radha gets angry and says I know it kanha, you planned this all and before I came here you told brother balram that I am lying, everyone is laughing on me because of you. radha gets angry and says I wont stay here now. yashoda says wait radha, radha says no I wont listen to anyone now, I wont stay where no one respects me. radha goes.
Kanha goes behind her and stops her.
There the 3 evil powers of ekanga come and they try to enter vrindavan but are pushed behind by a force field. They say what is stopping us?
Kanha stops radha. Radha says gore, today you insulted me, I was saying the truth but everyone laughed on me. now I shall leave vrindavan and not come back, all gold will go from vrindavan as laxmi has gone from there, there wont be food and milk as well. Radha goes. Kanha says no radha!
As radha goes, the force field is removed, and the 3 evil powers of ekanga enter the village and laugh and say laxmi got scared from us.
In barsana, brij bhanu is worried and says why hasn’t radha come till now? girdhan comes and brij bhanu asks him. girdhan says actually she must be angry, girdhan tells brij bhanu entire story of radha telling people she is devi laxmi. Brij bhanu says radha was saying such a huge thing and all people laughed on her? How could they do this?
There kanha is worried and balram comes and says kanha, whatever you said about radha, she said the exact same things in the village. Kanha says brother, I am worried about radha, she became angry and she has gone now. balram says yes kanha, actually even I am worried about radha, everyone should not have laughed on her, if I knew she would get angry then I would say anything to her. Kanha says where did I know she would be angry? Kanha says I will find radha, you go to mother and father because I sense a danger. Balram says okay and goes.

Precap: In vrindavan, the evil powers enter and say we will destroy food, destroy milk and our powerwill destroy gold. Everything gold, food and milk in vrindavan is gone.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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