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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 21st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti in trouble as girls challenge Balvanti

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 21st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Buddhi telling everyone that she won in the debate competition and told that she wants to be brave and courageous like her dadi. Surili says she had mentioned that dadi fought wrestling also. Panjiri asks with whom and asks if she fought with wrestling. Kunti tells that she wrestled with a girl and the girl couldn’t get up till 5 mins. Balvanti’s grand son tells Shakti and others about the same incident and tells that his Dadi had lifted her and threw her on ground. Balvanti’s grand son challenges the girl. Shakti, Chanchal and Dhairya accept the challenge. Kunti tells the story and says that girl’s name was balwanti. Balwanti’s grand sons come to balwanti and tells that they have challenged some girls that their Dadi will fight with their Dadi. Balvanti

asks what is her name? Her grand sons tell that she is 5 grand daughters’ dadi and tells that her name is Kunti Dadi. Kunti lies to her grand daughters about her victory. Balvanti hears her grand sons. Kunti tells that Balwanti fainted for 5 mins and then gained consciousness, and apologized to her. Pratibha asks what did you do? kunti says I made her eat batasa. Balvanti thinks it seems Kunti forgotten my victory in school and sent her grand daughters to challenged me. The girls feel proud of Kunti. Pratibha asks Kunti about the story. Kunti tells that she lied to girls to motivate them, but the story is reverse.

Actually Balvanti defeated her. Pratibha says why did you lie? Kunti scolds them and asks to go. Balvanti tells her grand sons that she will fight and win from Kunti. Shakti, Chanchal and Dhairya come home and tell that they have taken up the challenge. They go to inform the neighbors. Kunti asks Panjiri to check what they are saying. Kunti tries to tear bedsheet, but she couldn’t. Meanwhile Balvanti bends iron stick with her hands. Panjiri comes to Kunti and tells that the girls challenged wrestling competition between you and Montu’s Dadi. Kunti is shocked. She tells that she did wrong. Prarthana says girls got motivated with you and took up the challenge. Kunti says but the story is something else.

Pratibha asks her to try atleast. Prarthana says may be Montu’s dadi is not that brave. Kunti tells that she forgot wrestling since she starts searching bahu for Kanhaiya. Pratibha says if you refuse then what will girls think, as you said that girls learn from what they see. She asks her to fight and says atleast girls will not say that Dadi got scared. Prarthana asks her to fight. Pratap says your grand daughters are boosting about your bravery and now you have to fight. Balvanti tells that she will fight and it will be the best wrestling so far. She tells her grand sons about the dangal thaal and tells about it. She asks Servant to send the boys to English class and tells that she will send Dangal Thaal to Kunti, it is last chance for her to back off. Pratap tells Kunti that if she wins then she will be called brave and if she loses then she will called as martyr.

Prarthana tells that they have taken challenge to eat 101 laddos, but then thought to elope. She says when they went to temple, they found that the laddoo was of grapes size. She says we had eaten 250 laddoos each and since then our name is famous in 11 villages. Pratap says if the woman is fat with whom sasumaa is going to fight. Pratibha says we will check her. Kunti says where we will search her. Pratibha tells that Surili had told her that Montu and his brother used to take tution at Ojha sir’s and used to go with his Dadi. Pratap says Ojha sir’s class is near our shop. He says Khatru will check and will tell.

Servant tells Kunti that the dangal thaali is sent by Balvanti. Balvanti tells that she will break Kunti’s bones just like she is breaking the coconut. Kunti faints.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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