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Krishna Chali London 21st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Shuklain blames Radhe

Krishna Chali London 21st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Triloki asking for the house division. Shuklain says you have told right, divide the house and then the relations, divide your mother too. She cries. Triloki argues with her. He says if you are getting good thoughts, then advice them, not me, the house will get divided, this courtyard will come on my side. He asks Bela to get belongings. Dadda signs Bela. Shuklain gets dizzy. Krishna and Lali worry for her. Gajanan asks Triloki to leave his anger. Triloki asks where were you yesterday, what is your status in this house, you take your wife’s help to ask for money. Gajanan gets angry.

He asks don’t you see that she is unwell. Triloki says I don’t know about her illness, if its true or not, a peacock danced in the jungle, who has seen it, I didn’t see it.

Gajanan pushes Triloki down. Triloki says I can slap you too. Gajanan says slap me. Radhe stops them and says calm down, have some shame. Triloki says you have shame, you get whatever you want, you are someone who is always behind your wife.

Gajanan gets a stick to beat Triloki. They fight. Shuklain comes in between to stop them. Triloki says I will kill you today. She asks Triloki to stop. She asks have you lost your mind. Dadda enjoys. Krishna asks Bela what is she doing, they should calm down Triloki. Bela says Gajanan is beating Triloki, I can’t bear his insult. Krishna cries. Lali stops Gajanan and cries. Bela gets the red tape. Triloki says lets start measuring from that side. Dadda stops Triloki and asks will you divide Shukla’s house. Triloki asks him to leave his hand. He pushes Dadda. Dadda thinks Triloki is an idiot, he can get easily instigated. Gajanan and Radhe worry for Dadda.

Dadda says you have shown respect for me, you have hit me Triloki, this is how you rewarded me, I have forgiven you. Gajanan beats Triloki further. Shuklain comes in between and stops their fight. She silently goes away. Dadda smiles seeing the house partition. Shuklain cries that her sons are fighting. She sees Shukla’s pic and says the house got partition. She scolds Radhe and asks why did you go to Munim ji, you have already seen what Triloki has done, tell me. Radhe says I just went there to talk, Triloki lost his control. She says I don’t want to listen to you, get out of here. Radhe goes. Krishna looks on.

She says maybe Triloki listens to me, I will talk to him. Gajanan says no, he is stubborn, he won’t understand. Lali says what’s the harm in trying out once. They go. Bela shows the name chits on the grain containers. Krishna and Lali get shocked seeing the chit. Bela shots the partition of vegs as well. Lali says this will fuel the fight more, every house has fights, this doesn’t mean that house gets partition. Bela says I just get cursed in return. Krishna says nobody is happy with partition, we will convince them. Bela says you won’t be staying here, you will leave for London anytime. Bela does a drama. Krishna worries.

Shuklain says I will tell your truth to everyone. Dadda says fine, start with this truth that Radhe is my son, not yours. Radhe comes there. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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