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Karn Sangini 21st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Duryodhan To Kill Uruvi?

Karn Sangini 21st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Karn confronts Uruvi that his eyes never betrayed him, he trusted someone for the first time in life, but it is not her mistake, it is his eyes’ mistake, she showed dream of equality, but they never can be equal, she is princess and he is sooth putra. She says she did not know what he was feeling, she considers everyone equal and will treat his father. She invites him to lamp festival and says he attends festival, she will consider he forgave her.

Next day, Pandavs return after winning Panchaal. People chant rajkumar Arjun ki Jai… Kauravs fume. Uruvi does Arjun’s aarti and laughs. Karn reminisces Uruvi’s mother’s words that Uruvi wants to treat poor and has developed a new habit. Bhanumati tries to perform Duryodhan’s aarti, but he stops her. Karn

sees Uruvi’s dupatta near lamp, walks towards her silently, and holds dupatta. Uruvi gets impressed and smilingly looks at him. He leaves. Bhism says they will coronate Yudistra tomorrow morning during celebrations. People chant yuvraj Yudhistra ki jai. Duryodhan angrily hits his mace on ground.

Bhanumati cries seeing Yudistra’s anger. Karn consoles her that Yudistra is anger and only she can calm him. Bhanumati asks what she should do to calm down Yudistra. Uruvi enters and says via deep utsav/diwali/lamp festival, which will unite Kauravs and Pandavs.

Uruvi decorates her room with lamp and draws rangoli reminiscing inviting Karn for lamp festival. Maid asks if she is waiting for someone. Uruvi says no and thinks why did not Karn come yet. Karn heads towards Uruvi’s room. Uruvi tries to move disturbing curtain away. Arrow hits curtain. Uruvi excitedly says she knew he would come thinking Karn came, but gets sad seeing Arjun. Arjun asks if she really was waiting for him. Uruvi’s mother says she is from childhood and says she is sure Bhism will gift something special to them. On the other side, Duryodhan sits in dark. Bhanumati enters wearing bridal wear, holding lamp and asks if he will not see his well dressed wife and light lamp. Duryodhan says darkness is part of his life now.

Duryodhan’s coronation ceremony starts. Uruvi’s mother thinks Bhism will announce Uruvi and Arjun’s engagement. Arjun waits for Uruvi and thinks where is she. Uruvi’s mother goes to her room searching her. Maid informs that Uruvi headed towards Kaurav’s side. Uruvi enters Kaurav’s side. Duryodha angrily shouts who dared to enter his space. Uruvi enters holding lamp and says this place needs light. She gives example that mud lamp and cotton wig are different but when they unite, they spread light, similarly Pandavs and Kauravs should unite for better life. Duryodhan angrily pulls his sword and head towards her shouting he will kill her and take revenge from Pandavs. He swifts sword towards her neck when Karn holds it.

Precap: Bhanumati taunts Karn that he wants to befriend Uruvi, but Uruvi and Arjun’s engagement will be announced tomorrow.

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