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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 21st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Yash goes missing

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 21st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer getting attacked by the dog. He falls under the cliff. Kaal Bhairav goes away with the dog. Archie calls Veer’s friend and asks about him. He says I will go and check, maybe he has fallen asleep. He calls to ask about Veer. He asks what, in which jungle. He goes to find Veer. He goes to the temple. Baba says Kaal Bhairav himself has come here to took him. Veer’s friends rush to the cliff and find him lying down.

They get the ropes to pull him up. Yash swims in the palace. He says Akshay, we should have not called Veer yesterday, he got scared and went from home on his bike, he should have been here, I will be turning 30 years tomorrow, all his fears will subside then, the curse will end and he will come to meet me. Veer gets dream of the night’s

incidents. He wakes up and finds himself in the house. He looks at himself. He thinks my clothes are so clean, does this mean it was just a dream. His friend Kedar comes. He asks what are you doing, your phone was off, Archana wants to talk to you, just talk to her. Archie asks Veer to meet her soon, she wants to give him the reply. Veer thinks what have I done, Archie is going to say yes. She says its special day of your life, dress up smart and come. Kedar leaves. Pandit greets Maharani. He gives Rajguru’s message.

He says Yash will be turning 30 years tomorrow, he will be the first prince to complete 30 years, Rajguru asked him not to go out of the palace. She says I know, so I didn’t let Yash go out of the palace since a year, its good that he will free everyone from this curse. Pandit says Rajguru is doing yagya for Kaal Bhairav, don’t worry, this palace will have celebrations, this news will be announced when Yash turns 30. Veer meets Archie. She says I have thought a lot about your proposal, I was clear till I reached home, we shall marry, I love you. She hugs him and asks him to show his hand. She makes him wear the ring. He starts laughing and says you got serious, I was just kidding. She gets shocked. He says I was playing a prank, come. She stops him and says I know whatever you told wasn’t a joke, there is some reason. He says there is no reason, its my mistake, sorry. She asks what are you hiding, swear on me. He says I don’t love you. She asks what, swear and tell me.

She tells him if he lies, she will die. He slaps her and goes. She says this shows that you love me a lot, I will not lose and find out the reason for denial. He goes home crying. He stands under the shower. He cries seeing the ring. He finds the wound on his back. He recalls the night’s incident and leaves. Kedar follows him. Veer follows the same route and reaches the cliff. He says I have really seen Lord Kaal Bhairav, the curse is true, I have seen Lali’s spirit, it means something is going to happen, someone is going to die, is anything going to happen with Yash. He runs off. Kedar calls someone. He says Veer got to know that his dream was true, he is returning to palace. Veer reaches the palace. He meets his mum. She says you have come back after a year. He asks where is Yash. She says he maybe in his room. Akshay says don’t worry for Yash, he is fine. Veer doesn’t see Yash anywhere. They ask everyone about Veer. Revati says I had seen Yash yesterday. Maharani asks did you see him today. Revati says yes, he was finding Rajmata.

Rajmata says once Yash turns 30, he will free us from the old curse, we will celebrate. Veer comes to meet her. She asks what happened, did you see Kaal Bhairav. She gets worried. He says I have seen like you have told me, I have seen Lali’s spirit and then our ancestors, they were beheaded, and then I have seen Kaal Bhairav. Maharani says it means someone will be dying, this danger is on Yash, find him fast. They find Yash’s clothes lying somewhere. Veer says how can this happen, where did Yash go. Munshi shows something. They see Kaal Bhairav trishul and sign. Veer checks the sketch on the wall.

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