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It was meant to happen (A Twinj FF) Prologue Part II

Hey guys! Thanks a lot for your lovely comments. I know I’m a bit late, just got caught up with some things. Anyways, I’ve done some changes. So, as you all we’re waiting for me to get started with the episodes and I didn’t want you all to wait any longer, I’m directly starting with the story. The characters will be introduced in this and the THIRD PART of the prologue. After that, I’ll proceed with the main story. Hence, there’ll be 3 parts of the prologue. As a compensation for being late, I’ll post the 3rd part also today only. That’s all. Hope you all will like it and sorry that I couldn’t add the images. Will do in the next part.
Trivisha Chaudhary – Thanks a lot for the suggestions. They helped a lot. Sorry but I couldn’t add them all. Hope you’ll like this cast too.

The sun is shining brightly, enveloping the atmosphere in it’s warm embrace. The white clouds glistening with a golden hue. The birds are singing their own songs, praising the beauty of the nature. The camera focuses on a beach. The to and fro movement of the water, the gentle breeze and the collision of water with rocks. And on this sun-kissed sand, a girl is shown walking quietly. The cool breeze playing with her black hair, which are looking more beautiful due to the sunshine reflecting upon them. Her eyes are closed, and with a small smile, she continues her walk. Her serene state is broken due to a shrill noise, or more like a bark. But, for her, it’s a beautiful melody, the song of the nature. She smiles slightly, before slowly opening her eyes. Brown orbs glint in the sun shine, as she turns around to see a small little puppy coming towards her. Bending down to match his height, she slowly caresses his brown fur, making the little creature wag his tail a little more fastly. A small chuckle escapes her lips, before she picks him up, and walks back towards the roadside. As soon as she reaches the road, her magnificent smile is replaced by an indifferent mask. She looks around, before finally spotting a Black Porsche Convertible. She sits in the car, placing the little puppy on the passenger seat, before zooming off.

A mansion is shown. The same girl is shown entering the house, but that smile on her face is back. She tip-toes towards the stairs, with the little pup in her hands, trying not to be spotted. Guess luck is again not on her side, because as soon as she reaches the staircase, someone places a hand on her shoulder.
‘Here goes nothing.’ She thinks before turning around, her eyes tightly shut.
Finally gaining some courage, after a few minutes, she opens her eyes to come face to face with —-
“Tasha di ?! You scared me!! I thought that she found me again.” The girl sighs as Natasha chuckles, shaking her head at this drama queen.
(Natasha Verma as Erica Fernandez : A smart yet sweet girl. The most positive and kind one. Eldest of the girls’ lot. A writer by profession.)
“Hey, you brought another one ? Aww.. He’s so cute! ” Natasha coos, unaware of the other girl’s smirk. But as she looks up, her expression changed from loving to one of pure horror.
“Wait!! What did you do this time ?!”

“Don’t lie, Twinkle. I know you in and out. That smirk says it all. So tell me now..” Natasha impatiently taps her foot on the floor, waiting for her to spill the beans.
(Twinkle as Jasmin Bhasin : A girl full of emotions, yet emotionless. An animal lover. Has some trust issues, due to some unknown reasons. Is a business woman by profession.)
“Okay fine! So this morning I took Saber (her car!) for a drive to the beach. And, I kind of banged her into the Stephen’s house. When that old hag started shouting, I just reversed the car to leave the place ASAP but, by mistake I splashed some mud on her OH-SO BEAUTIFUL face!! And then.. well.. I got irritated of listening to her rant and, put her garage on fire. But I swear, I didn’t do anything intentionally. And I didn’t hurt her too, neither verbally nor physically. Then I came back!” Twinkle scratched her head, a sheepish smile on her face.
“Wow girl! You sure are something else. I’m sure when God was making you, he was in one of his craziest moods!”
Both look at each other, before bursting out laughing.
“Now let’s get this little one some food. By the way, Johnny is really getting out of hand. You better check on him, before she sends him to the farm.”
“Haww.. My John is not THAT naughty. But yeah, I’ll check on him. Till then you just get something for this cutie.” (Before this John becomes a mystery himself, I’d like to tell you all that he’s just a dog. 😅)

Twinkle nods at Natasha, before handing her the little pup, as both go in the opposite directions.


A guy is shown standing with a girl and flirting with her. But before he can continue, his eyes snap towards another guy, who seems to be glaring at him from a bit far off. Clearly knowing the reason of the glare, he quickly makes his way towards that guy, leaving the girl calling after him, in tears. (What a waste of time! 😒)
As he reaches the guy, he realizes that he has already went ahead. He jogs to catch up to him, huffing, as he calls after him.
“Vihaan.. Stop!!” Vihaan stops and turns around. His glare, though not so intense, still intact.
(Vihaan Raichand as Shaheer Sheikh : The most polite one of the group. An ever smiling kinda person. A business man by profession. The eldest of the lot.)
“See.. (huff) I’m.. (huff) I’m sorry.. I was just having some fun. But leave it. Let’s get going, he must be waiting!” The guy says, as Vihaan continues to stare at him.
“Karan, why ?!” Vihaan pleads, his tone wavering, as Karan’s eyes darken.
(Karan Tacker as Karan Tacker : Hates emotions more than anything. A total player, though respects girls. An untamed fire, all due to his past. An actor by profession. Of the same age as Vihaan.)
“Why what, V ?”

“Don’t play smart with me boy. You know what I mean. Both of us know that that’s not what you really want. Then why ?!! Why are you killing the REAL you ??!!”
“You know the answer to your own question, V. And I don’t find this place appropriate enough to talk about such things. So let’s just drop it. See you there!” Before Vihaan can protest, Karan waves him bye and moves through the crowd.
Vihaan sighs. “Why are you doing this with yourself, Karan ? You and I both know that it wasn’t your fault. It just happened. It’s the past and we can’t change it. Some things are just meant to happen…”

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