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Friendship is also love – Part 4

hollo guys I know I’m late sorry, for that so let start


recap- Rudy addicted to drugs, Keerthy & Saumya are RJ s

Let u cafe, Bangalore,

Keerthy was sitting in the cafe waiting for Saumya

Saumya- Keerthy

keerthy turns back she ask the same why late

Saumya- sorry yaar traffic that’s why

they are going to start their conversation just then they hear sound a family was talking

father- listen tomorrow is Onam , you all can invite ur friends (to his children).

Small boy- yeah naan ende frnds velikam thank you accha (yes I am going to invite my friends thank you dad)

Big boy – Muthe angana onnum Venda its ok accha Nangal family Oda time spend seiyum ( Muthe it is not needed it’s ok we will spend it with family )

small boy – Jerry I told don’t call me ” Muthe ” call me Krish ok

big boy- sorry Muthe( laughing)

mother – jerry nee mindadhu  irukada ( Jerry shut up ) .

small boy get irritated & says ” accha kando (dad see ) Jerry is teasing me ”

Father – Jerry stop teasing him .

Big boy – common dad it is just for fun . Common Muthe , Muthe, Muthe

small boy – accha!!!( dad!!!) (disgustingly)

keerthy laughed

saumya asked ” what y r u laughing???”

Keerthy – nothing I just remembered my childhood days I teased like that

saumya – u were like him ???

keerthy – yep

saumya – yaar Andha Bali aadu unta matnadhu ??? ( who is that innocent u got caught in your hands )

keerthy – en childhood friend ( my childhood friend)

saumya – idhe maari Dana ???( same like this ??)

Keerthy- exactly , ana naan Mattum illa avonoda brothers um Dan pavam Avan nanga panna alapraila odiyea poitan ( yes but not only me his brother also we made so much to suffer he just ran off to escape from us ) ( by laughing)

saumya – ( by laughing) Adi paavi Avan Peru enna ( o my god what is his name )

keerthy – Rudhra naan short avana Rudy nu kupuduvan , Romba nalla friend ( Rudhra I’ll call him as Rudy a very good friend)

Saumya – touch la irukiya ( r u in touch).

keerthy – yeah 2 moths before I had a little fight with him so now I’m little angry on him

Saumya – kk y do you called me ????

keerthy – I want make u to meet my friend

saumya – who is that ????

Keerthy just then receive a call she attends it and get disappointed .

Keerthy – sorry somu not today  he said he have a meeting so he will not come today

saumya – it’s ok let us enjoy today don’t be upset

Keerthy smiles & they both spend time together

OM Mumbai

Oberoi family gets discharge Rudy from hospital

they decide to treat him by putting him in a rehabilitation centre

Precap – Keerthy receives a call






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