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Destiny made us together (Ragsan) season 2 promo

Ok guys here iam
I just wanted to ask you about suggestion about a story as “Destiny made us together” is going to end in one part

So I wanted to give u guys season 2

So I will post promo

If you guys like it pls let me know if I get Ur replies I will write

One thing guys I just wanted to say that iam
Not updating the story not bcz I dint reached the votes/likes … Votes/likes AND comments are matter of motivation that’s it
It’s not the main reason of not updating

Some personal issues but I don’t want it to affect on this so iam writing but it didn’t get upto mark so deleting re writing this is what going on…

Writing is passion for me so just writing for my happiness not for votes/likes ✌️


“Will you marry me Ragini?” He asked

Lakshya I need time ” she said

“Ragini, meet sanskar My best friend, My Jaan, My everything”

Sanskar, Nice to meet you” she smiled


” Sanky, she accepted my proposal ” Lakshya said

” He fake his smile” hugging him


” She loves him Tara” he breakdown Infront of his best friend

” Don’t worry sanku , May be you are not destined to be  together ”  

RagSan entered Maheshwari mansion wearing garlands”

Maa,dad she is Ragini …she will be here with us from now as my wife “


” You married your best friend lover(Me) when he went for business work to Australia” she yelled crying

” How can I sacrifice you for my best friend when I love you to core” 
She gave a disgusting look 

Sanskar, I can see love for her in your eyes, but why u did this , When she hates you ” his mom asked

” Mom, she is not gonna be mine forever , if I dint married her now ….she loves my friend laksh and how will I able to digest this “

“She can’t be happy in this relationship sanskar”

” If  she can’t be then I will make her happy but not by letting her go” 

So guys tell me if you like the promo I will write this ff

Or say if you ppl want me to complete my other stories after that I can start then that is also fine

But Ur opinion also matters

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